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How we build brands that deserve growth

To accelerate growth and dominate your market, your brand must become the leader in perceived value to your market.

That cannot be achieved overnight. We take our clients through a three-phased approach to deserving growth: engage, convert, & scale.


Concerned about cost?

We get it! You want to unlock the next levels of growth as fast as possible, but you don’t want to go bankrupt in the process.

We work with tech, SaaS, & select brands of all sizes and budgets.


Seed stage startups $0-1m

For brand new startups looking to get early traction, we can work with you through our DIY Playbook. We’ll help you identify the strategies that will drive the Six Levers of Growth for your brand, and put you on the right track to getting it done.


Growing startups $1-10m

We help startups up to $10 Million in revenue to identify the areas that are holding them back from dominating their market. Most of our clients at this scale work with us in a Done with you engagement.

We want to become a member of your team and work with you to accelerate growth.


Scaling startups $10-100m

For startups that are looking to scale, most have a marketing team in place. We don’t want to replace them. We want to work with you to fill your talent gaps.

We do that by becoming your outsourced growth team, bringing our processes and strategies to the table to give your company a model of long-term, scalable growth.


The flexibility you need

No two businesses are alike, and every brand has its own unique challenges, starting points, and budgets. And, we are flexible enough to work with you on one of our three types of engagements.



We have a small monthly fee for our conversion optimization work, plus a percentage of the revenue directly attributed to our work. In other words, the results we deliver pays for itself.



This isn’t the most common, but if you’re a brand that needs to hire us for a specific project, we can accommodate you. Most of the customers that have hired us for a project-based engagement actually end up working with us on-going after the project.



If you’re on a strict budget and can’t invest in everything that we can provide, we can work with you on the limited budget. We view these kinds of engagements as investments. As we show you a strong ROI with the small budget, the results will eventually allow you to increase our engagement.


Be more concerned about results

A lot of startups need a mind shift. When you’re too cost-conscious, you go bargain shopping. Instead, be more concerned about results.

The fact is, when you’re getting great results, it will be expensive.


“You can’t scale mediocre”


When done right, growth pays for itself

If you can identify the highest impact items and knock them down, they will knock down the following dominoes. In short, success pays for future success.

The majority of other brands are paying low prices for poor results.

But, hey...  they are getting a great deal, right?


“If you think great marketing is expensive, you should see the cost of bad marketing.”

We share the risk with our clients

One of our core values is “value before profit.” And, at Lean Labs, our mantra is “no one-sided wins.” 

We have seen too many agencies cash a paycheck and deliver content or paid ads. Sure, they brag when they hit a home run. But, when they don’t, they cash the check and move on.

That’s a one-sided win, and we hate them.

As your growth partner, we typically work on a performance basis. We win together, or Lean Labs doesn’t win at all.

What does this mean?

It means that when we fall behind our goals, we will add up to 2X the project scope to ensure we hit our numbers. 

We know how to grow brands, but we’re not always in control of the timetable it takes. So our philosophy is, when it’s taking longer than anticipated, we step in and do whatever we can to influence the curve.

Here’s an example:


iPad Growth Graphic


After six months of work, we pulled in a little over 3500 organic/direct* sessions per month. Our goal was to get to 10,000 per month. We were falling behind, and the trend wasn’t looking great.

In one of our weekly meetings, we asked if we could double the amount of content we were publishing without increasing the cost. Of course, they agreed. Why wouldn’t they?

We began doubling our content production, which allowed us to publish twice as much content. And, four months later, we hit the goal, two months ahead of schedule.


How can we help you accelerate growth?

  • Competitors outperforming you?
  • Website is not converting well?
  • Not delivering quality leads to sales?
  • Target market can’t find you?
  • Buyer journey is too complicated?
  • Sales system is too complicated?
  • Not sure what you need?
#1 resource

Download our Growth Playbook

The playbook will give you insights into how you can plan, budget, and accelerate growth using a tested and proven process. This is the process we use for ourselves and all our clients.

Download playbook

When you get in touch

When you talk to us , we’re going to deliver as much value to you as we possibly can. Yes, our goal is not to sell you. We want to provide enough value that you have to work with us.

On our call, we will work on three things:

  1. Discuss your goals
  2. Identify your gaps
  3. Create a gameplan

If we’re successful, we’re going to help you get:

  • The right people
  • Working on the right problems
  • In the right priority
  • With the right plan
  • With a proven process
  • That delivers a difficult-to-match performance

But, if either of us thinks we’re not a great fit to work together, you still get all our insights and suggestions with no bill, no B.S., and no pressure.

What’s the best next step?


Step 1
Learn exactly what’s holding you back

Download our Growth Grader, so you know your score. Use that score to identify what you need to work on so you can focus, execute, and win.


Step 2
Get our playbook for accelerating growth

Download our Growth Playbook to get insights into how we choose short-term, high-impact strategies that drive a high ROI, and how to use the gains to fund the next milestones for growth, on your way to 10xing your growth.


Step 3
Get in touch

Let's talk and put together a game plan for 2022. In this conversation, we can show you our insights and the path we would take to grow your brand. Then, you can take action… or not. There is really no pressure.

Get growth

Use these lean growth resources to create a plan that fits your goals. Our outsourced growth team is ready to help. 

Growth playbook
Growth playbook
Get in touch
Get in touch
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Free growth tools