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Growth marketing

Drive meaningful growth, not vanity metrics

Marketing without a meaningful ROI is stupid. You don't have to do it that way. Get the growth marketing strategy kit and drive meaningful growth.


Random acts of marketing will never deliver the ROI you want

Neither will chasing marketing trends.


Because everyone is running the same marketing plays. Following the pack will only get you poor results: low website traffic, few high-quality leads, and missed revenue goals.

Where traditional marketing fails

Every marketing agency promises a full-funnel approach. But in our experience, it's less about what they say and more about what they do, their process, strategy, and end results.

From what we've seen, all the talk about flywheels and full-funnel falls flat.

At the end of the day, most agencies pat themselves on the back for the quantity of traffic and leads they bring in (whether it generates sales or not) and collect their retainer.

Additionally, the tactics traditional marketing agencies lean on are saturated because they and every other agency are running the same B2B marketing playbook. 

This leads to three critical problems:

  1. Marketing doesn’t generate enough legitimate leads.
  2. Leads aren’t high enough quality for sales to close.
  3. As a result, growth stagnates.

How growth marketing is different

Growth marketing is all about driving meaningful growth.

From what we've seen, especially in the old "one-sided wins" marketing agency business model, is the PROMISE of full funnel, but then doing little more than cheering on high traffic and lead generation numbers, even when no sales come in.

Growth marketing is doesn't merely talk about a full-funnel approach, but executes on it.

The difference is that "growth" is our North Star metric, and we're prepared to play in whatever parts of the funnel are required to drive growth.


But's it not just all tactics.

Being strategic and growth-driven is about more than cheering on traffic and lead metrics. It's about knowing what metrics are the true drivers of growth, building a strategy around them, and implementing it in a continuous "execute-measure-adjust" cycle.


Lean Labs’ growth marketing framework: The 6 Levers of Growth


6 levers of growth@2x



How many people are visiting your website? Organic and direct website traffic is the standard for measuring awareness.  However, our goal isn't just more people coming to your website, but more of the right kind of people. We target your ideal customer to enhance the performance of the other five levers.


If Awareness works to get the right people to your website, Acquisition is all about turning that traffic into leads. We accomplish this through handcrafted messaging, strategically placed calls-to-action (CTAs), and lead magnets offering valuable information relevant to what you offer and what website visitors are looking for.


Once we've acquired leads, we help guide them to where they're ready to make a purchase. Activation also helps qualify your leads so your sales team knows which leads they should focus on. Activation is all about getting leads to "raise their hand" and request a demo, a quote, or schedule a meeting.  


This is where quality in Awareness, Acquisition, and Activation pay off. It's time to convert a qualified lead into a paying customer.  If you aren't bringing the right people to the website and don't qualify them as actual buyers, sales cycles will be long and Revenue will be a sticking point in your growth engine.


What are you doing to retain the customers you put all that effort into converting? Retention activities keep your churn rate low and are key in maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV). Whatever it is that makes customers want to stay can inform your Revenue messaging and tactics, too. 


A Referral engine can be a powerful, positive influence on the rest of the levers. Using case studies, testimonials, and other client-generated assets can help activate and convert more customers. Whatever makes your customers stay with and promote you can also be used in your Retention strategy and tactics.

The extra horsepower you need to start building your growth engine

As an outsourced growth team, we aim to fill your internal team's skill and knowledge gaps. We aren't here to replace your team but to enhance their capabilities and level up output needed to start pursuing growth now.  

We bring our processes and strategies to the table to give your company a model of long-term, scalable growth.

You benefit from our experience testing and continually improving our processes combined with a strategy designed just for you, not recycled from another client. 

  • No one-sided wins.
  • Avoid one-and-done tactics.
  • Pursue strategies that can compound and scale over time.
  • Everything must work toward growth or it becomes a vanity metric.
  • Build the right thing, build the thing right, and build it in sprints.


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Your next step: The Growth Marketing Strategy Kit

It includes a growth marketing fundamentals micro-course as well as a number of other resources to build your growth engine. 


GMSK v1@2x

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