I am a Web Developer. Growing up I always had a knack for computers, this turned into a passion for coding. Now I am driven to make quality websites with Lean Labs everyday.

Where I live:

Ontario, Canada.

What I love doing (when not at work):

I know, I’m from Canada so I must love hockey right? Well, I do. You’ll find me at the ice rink Wednesday evenings. I also enjoy biking, skiing, and camping with my wife.

What I do (professionally):

I am part of the development team at Lean Labs. I write code that translates into websites.

What makes me good at it:

I am a fast learner and problem solver. I utilize these skills every day to be as efficient as I can.

Why I do it for Lean Labs?

I appreciate the core values and commitment to quality work that Lean Labs has. Also, the flexibility and being able to make my own schedule.


Hubspot Design Certification
Hubspot Growth Driven Design Certification
Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

Influential Books

The Good Life - Trip Lee