I am a motivated, competitive, athletic, passionate, goal-oriented, hard-working, inspired, cross cultured, reliable, relentless, compassionate, creative, tech-savvy individual. I love spending my free time with those I love and the rest kicking butt with Lean Labs.

Where you live? I currently live in Georgetown Texas, which is located just outside the Austin Texas area.

What you love doing (when not at work)? Traveling for my other job (professional runner for Adidas & Nigeria), Tinkering with electronics, drones, mobile devices and producing music.

What you do (professionally)? A little bit of everything. Daily I dive into various task at Lean Labs. From design, development and customer relations. However, if I were to sum it up in a few words I’m “Head of Delivery”.

What makes you good at it (background / skills / traits)? I graduated in 2014 from the University of Nebraska with a degree in advertising with a focus in Web Design.  I was then selected into the AAF’s 2015 class of Most promising multicultural students (Featured in USA Today & Advertising Age). During my time at UNL I won the NCAA Championship in the 400 Hurdles and was awarded All-American 4 times.

Why you do it for lean labs? Lean Labs gives me the unique structure and flexibility to pursue two of my passions, Web Design / Development and Track & Field.

HubSpot Design Certification
HubSpot Growth Driven Design Certification
Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification
Conversion Funnel Mastery Certification
Optimization & Testing Mastery Certification
Analytics and Data Mastery Certification
Search Marketing Mastery Certification
Content Marketing Mastery Certification
Conversion Funnel Mastery Certification
Paid Traffic Mastery Certification

Influential books
Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
The Shallows - Nicholas G. Carr
Antifragile - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion - Robert B Cialdini
Mindset - The New psychology of Success - Carol S. Dweck
The Checklist Manifesto - Atul Gawande
Deep Work - Cal Newport
Dotcom Secrets - Russel Brunson