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How To Launch A Website That Converts

  • Hosted by Kevin Barber
  • Calendar-neutral-50Wednesdays at 3PM EST
  • People-neutral-506 seats max.
  • zoomZoom
  • checkmark-blackTurn web pages into magnets for ideal customers
  • checkmark-blackOptimize for mobile
  • checkmark-blackSpeak directly to your target customers

Learn actionable website design tips that help improve conversions.

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Thurs, Mar 21 @ 11:00 AM EST|By Kevin Barber, Head of Growth @ Lean Labs

How To Out-Convert the Competition.

Learn how to set up profitable growth loops and walk away with a short term game plan. We'll discuss where you're at and suggest next steps for your go-to-market success.

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marketing wins with ai

Wed, Apr 10 @ 2:00 PM EST|By Kevin Barber, Head of Growth @ Lean Labs

How To Get More Marketing Wins With AI: A Show-and-Tell Bonus Event.

ChatGPT, Claude, and countless other tools have opened our eyes to both the potential of AI and its limits. In this session, we’ll share how Lean Labs uses AI to get results and open up the floor for other marketers (you included!) to share their experiences with AI.

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magnetic messaging

Thurs, May 16 @ 11:00 AM EST|By Kevin Barber, Head of Growth @ Lean Labs

Magnetic Messaging for High-Traction Campaigns.

Most brands focus their messaging more on what they sell rather than who buys it. Learn how shifting to a customer-centric approach will help you create high-traction campaigns. We’ll share proven frameworks for developing differentiated messaging that drives growth.

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