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Mastering Metrics: Chris DuBois Turns Goodhart's Law into Marketing Gold

Chris DuBois and I were talking this morning about ...
Most if not ALL marketing is data driven now (we definitely focus on metrics, a LOT)...

There's a Risk:

❌ - It's not that hard for a marketer to have an over-emphasis on hitting a target and actually miss the bigger picture of becoming a great marketer by always doing great marketing.

🤯 - Crazy to think, having metrics can create failure, if you apply them wrong!

Chris brought up Goodhart's Law.

It states,  "When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure."

I was like... 🤨🤔❓

In truth, I didn't really understand what Chris is saying here.

I was like, damn, Chris is talking on another level of playing field I haven't graduated to. (nice!)

So i played it cool... and afterwards.. I did what I've done a lot lately.
I asked ChatGPT.

The results are JUST TOO AWESOME not to share.

Thanks Chris DuBois 💪
Thanks ChatGPT 🦾

Enjoy the thread:

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