Are you Lean Labs Material?

We're always on the lookout for top talent in several areas of expertise. We may not be able to hire everyone we want all the time or even full-time, but we are always building our network of talented people we can "call up" when the need arises.

But we've already gotten ahead of ourselves. Let us introduce our company and this opportunity:

Lean Labs is a web solutions agency that creates engaging, responsive web solutions for deserving brands. Our small team is distributed across multiple states and 4 countries. Started in 2002, we’re 2 years into a re-brand/reboot that is designed to help us take our game to the next level.

Required Skills:

  • Mojo. We completely thrive on it. You’ll need to bring quite a bit to fit in.

  • It's really important to bring a positive, professional, can do attitude to our organization. We highly prioritize enjoying our day and the team we work with. We pass the ball alot during a project, from strategy to UX to copy to design to lean validation to development to marketing. You’ll interact with everyone on our team and in order to fit in, you’ll need to match our quality, productivity, and naturally echo a can do vibe to fit our culture.

  • Online portfolio to show your awesomeness! If you don’t have one, stop here.

Here's what we bring to the table:

  • Founded in 2002. Not one layoff.

  • Proven track record of satisfied clients.

  • Proven track record of positive work environment.

  • Strict adherence to core principles.

  • Flexible work environment.

  • Diversity of Clients and Projects.

  • A fantastic team of talented professionals

  • Competitive Wages with perks for great performance.

What's our Secret Sauce? Well it's a combination of flavors really.

Our team members enjoy:

  • Telecommute from your home office, or that local coffee shop!

  • Design your Schedule. Change it as needed. Flexibility!

  • Agile Methodology.  Short sprints of focused work for great results!

  • Minimal Meetings.  Minimal Wasted Effort.  Minimal BS.

  • Mojo driven workflow.  We'll let you get in that groove and eliminate distractions!

  • Potential for Paid Time Off & Paid Professional Development.

Bottom Line: Lean Labs is a place where you can (correction: are expected to) deliver your very best work on a consistent basis. Very little “monkey” work here. We’re the place where talented folks can feel unleashed to create top level deliverables.

Ready to talk? We are. Be sure to send us a link to your online portfolio!