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The Great Misconception of Inbound Marketing

Written by Kevin Barber / April 28, 2014

is the Founder & Director of Lean Labs. He has over a decade of professional experience in Internet Marketing and his top skill is surrounding himself with passionate designers, developers, and inbound marketers.

Kevin has been married 10 years, the father of 3, and he recently relocated to Costa Rica. He enjoys reading professional development books, cycling and motorcycling. Connect with Kevin on Linked In.

Rand @Moz offers a valuable "reality check" in his most recent whiteboard friday.

Rand Fishkin from (sporting a fantastic mustache by the way) uses this week's whiteboard friday to help companies that may be new to inbound marketing understand the reality of what it takes to adopt inbound marketing and helps break the misconception that blogging instantly turns visitors into customers.



You can check out the original blog post at:

The time it takes to achieve significant results from inbound marketing depends on many factors, including:

  • your current volume and quality of traffic prior to inbound marketing
  • the volume and quality of inbound marketing content you publish
  • your ability to generate conversation around your new content
  • the connection of your content with your customer's buying journey
  • the overall pagerank of your website combined with the seo in your content

If you're new to inbound marketing, we do suggest that you hire an inbound marketing agency to help shorten the learning curve and deliver a higher ROI from your initial inbound marketing efforts.  How long you work with an agency depends on your overall strategy and goals.  It's absolutely crucial to set expecations with the agency or marketers who are helping you so that you don't get frustrated and miss out on inbound marketing.

Growth marketing

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