The 13 Best Marketing YouTube Channels To Follow In 2024

If you're like me, now and then you need a shot in the arm; something that restores your energy and excitement for marketing.

This is why I'm excited always excited about marketing conferences like Inbound and Traffic and Conversion Summit. But when you can't jet away to some conference, there's still YouTube!

I love YouTube, and when I need to generate some new excitement about marketing, I have a few go-to channels that always give me value. If you're a marketer, I would say these channels are must-follow.

The Top YouTube Channels To Follow For Marketing Insights

Some of these channels aren't considered 'marketing advice' channels. But they all have close ties to marketing, and they are all inspiring, educational, and helpful.

1. Dan Martell

Dan Martell's mission is to help SaaS founders scale quickly, and he has the content to fulfill that promise. Dan has helped over 600 SaaS founders through his coaching including ClickFunnels, Proposify, and Carrot. Dan's channel is the go-to resource for SaaS and startup branding, marketing, project management, and market research.

On Dan's channel, you can find interviews with other professionals on his Escape Velocity video podcast, keynote speeches, along with plenty of videos for startups that his 67k+ subscribers enjoy.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

What would a YouTube list be without Gary Vee? If you're not watching Gary's channel you're missing out. Gary Vee has over 3 million subscribers on his channel where he discusses marketing, business, and self-development topics.

Gary is known for his outrageous personality, while also being a down-to-earth mentor to his subscribers. Although his content centers around motivation and development, his marketing videos and NY Times bestselling marketing books are full of valuable insights. If you're looking for up-to-minute content it's worth giving Gary a follow on social media. If there is something new going on in marketing, Gary Vee is talking about it.

3. HubSpot

With over 150k subscribers, HubSpot's YouTube videos are a must-have for your Watch Later playlist. Yes, this channel is full of HubSpot marketing messages. But they also post keynotes from the Inbound Conference, so this is a must-follow. Plus, if you're an inbound marketer who isn't a HubSpot fan... don't you know who wrote the book on Inbound Marketing? :)

4. Marie TV

Marie Forleo is one of the top entrepreneurs in the YouTube space, even recommended by Oprah Winfrey herself. Marie's specialty is self-improvement and business strategies, along with hosting killer interviews with top leaders such as Tony Robbins and Seth Godin.

Specifically, Marie's YouTube playlist of Marketing Strategies For Your Business delivers valuable videos and interviews discussing marketing strategies with real-life application and personal examples. Marie is also sensationally funny and is known for her down-to-earth personality, so watching her videos makes you feel like you're chatting with a friend.

5. Adam Erhart

Adam Erhart is a marketing strategist with over 75k subscribers, who delivers videos backed by research and years of marketing experience. His most popular playlists cover social media marketing strategies, business strategies, marketing strategies, digital marketing skills, and much more.

Adam's content isn't the only reason he has one of the best marketing YouTube channels - he brings a burst of energy in every video that wakes you up and gets you excited about marketing. With all of his free content on his YouTube channel and on his website, you can learn essential skills to help grow your business the DIY way.

6. Behind The Brand

Honestly, I found this channel by searching for Seth Godin. But the idea of getting a behind-the-scenes look at some of the top brands sounds incredible. On this channel, Bryan Elliott chats with top entrepreneurs like Seth Godin, Mel Robbins, and Gary Vaynerchuk. In his interviews, he discusses what makes their marketing and businesses successful.

Although Bryan is switching up his content nowadays, his Seth Godin playlist is a must-see for any marketer.

7. LYFE Marketing

The team at LYFE Marketing creates tons of videos covering the basic principles of traditional and digital marketing, marketing strategy, marketing tips, and more. Along with helpful tips, they've been landed on the Inc 5000 list twice and won awards from publications like Clutch and Manifest. Out of all the best marketing YouTube channels on this list, LYFE Marketing awesome content is best suited for marketing agencies and digital marketers.

8. Vanessa Lau

If you're marketing anything on social media, Vanessa Lau's channel is a go-to resource for you. Vanessa gives social media marketing advice for platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Vanessa has a compelling story of quitting her corporate job and now scaling her own social media marketing business from $0 to $100k monthly in under a year.

On Vanessa's channel, you will find other valuable videos including videos about business strategies, email marketing, podcasting, and productivity tools. Head to her channel to catch up on her insanely profitable social media marketing strategies.

9. Michael Hyatt

Michael is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He started a blog many years ago, grew a huge audience, has launched an online membership site, and written a bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

Michael isn't some marketing guru that learned his craft from the startup world. But he's a brilliant guy and simply does things, and gives advice that works. His YouTube channel is also heavy on leadership and motivational content. So even if he isn't talking about marketing specifically, it will help you grow to watch his content.

10. Rick Kettner 

If you're an avid reader and you haven't come across Rick's channel yet, I'd be shocked. On his YouTube channel, Rick Kettner recommends the top business and marketing books and reviews how they can impact your business. The downside of watching his channel is that you may not return for a while because you'll be busy reading new books.

11. Entrepreneur Online

Entrepreneur Online's YouTube channel is a great resource for motivation rather than just marketing insights. Their YouTube channel has excellent videos from the top marketing minds in the world. Every marketer has an entrepreneur inside of them, and this channel speaks to that spark inside.

If you're feeling unmotivated, just jump on and browse this channel.

12. Moz

Moz's YouTube channel wins the award for the most underrated channel on this list. With all of Moz's insights and expertise on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), their videos deserve much more attention. Two of the many things that Moz's YouTube channel delivers are the simplification of complex SEO topics and up-to-date information on the everchanging world of SEO.

13. Elif Hiz

When it comes to your marketing career and productivity, Elif Hiz has the tools and knowledge to improve both. On her YouTube channel, Elif answers your burning marketing career questions, gives out free resources, and reviews the best tools all marketers should be using. 


What Channels are Must Follows For You?

One of the great things about YouTube is that there are always more channels. What channels do you think should have made this list? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me a link!

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