5 Ways to Relaunch an Old Content Offer and Generate New Leads

So here you are, a seasoned professional busting your buns trying to come out with new content every single day.

Isn’t that what we’ve been told? To blast our readers with helpful, creative, new information as often as reasonably possible?

“We are in the midst of a marketing arms race, and content is the ammunition of choice,” says TrackMaven “Marketers often adopt a ‘more is better’ approach, blasting more content across multiple channels, hoping for more impact.”

Well, arms races aren't cheap, and constantly creating new content not only takes time and money, but it can put a strain on both of those finite resources. 

What’s a guy or gal to do? 

You know the competition is working hard, as well. They are looking to beat you at every turn!

So how do you produce more great content when your time/budget is limited?

What if we told you that you may already be sitting on that content?

Generate New Leads By Relaunching Old Content

Relaunching old content offers is simply taking your existing content and reworking it to fit different learning styles and alternative channels. It supports the offer and often serves to drive traffic to it.

When you have a piece of content that previously performed well, why not reuse it and capitalize again (and again) on a surefire win?

Benefits to Relaunching Content:

  • Reach new leads through different mediums and channels.
  • Grab the low-hanging fruit with content you’re familiar with and where you already understand the demand.
  • Maximize your efforts by working smarter, not harder.

If you haven’t been repurposing old content offerings, we have good news! You probably have some golden nuggets just waiting to be transformed and published in a new way.

This content is called evergreen content.

Like a fine wine, these topics stand the test of time and don’t quickly or easily go out of style.

Confused on which content you should be repurposing? Finding out is pretty simple.

Pull conversion metrics on your offers and select the ones that historically were high performers. Once you have made the choice to maximize your resources, you are ready to begin reworking your content in order to generate more leads for the initial offer.

If you follow these easy steps, we guarantee you’ll be a pro at navigating offer relaunch.

Steps to Relaunching an Old Content Offer

1. Choose a Popular, Evergreen Piece of Content

Select the topic that has been successful in the past, yet still has some life to it. If your content is outdated, it's going to need some work before you repurpose os relaunch it.

If the content you choose is evergreen and is still accurate you can get it relaunched a lot faster. 

2. Determine Your Repurposing Method

A Series of Blog Posts

Working through an existing blog post can give you ideas for a series, which is ideal because you know the topic has already been proven. Series posts are also helpful for smoothly moving your audience through the funnel. Channels such as Pinterest ensure that if your reader pins one post in the series, the rest are linked and/or suggested.

Smaller, Bite-Sized eBooks

Using existing content shortens the turnaround time for e-books, which have recently increased in demand due to the use of tablets and smartphones. Re-purposing the content into smaller eBooks turns the blog post into a lead generator tool. In turn, the offer easily ties in as a call to action for your blog.

Social Media Posts

With social media posts, be purposeful and consider your audience. The typical LinkedIn user is not the same as the typical Twitter user. Adjust your topic to fit the intended audience and their respective learning styles.

Infographics and Custom Images

Infographics and custom images turn blog posts into visual content, an invaluable tool in today’s market. Many people identify as visual learners, making infographics especially useful to post to social media. Hire a skilled graphic designer to bring your basic sketches and layouts to life. Make sure your designer understands your particular brand so they can adjust their style accordingly.


SlideShare commands more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. Amazing, right? Never cram all of your content in word-for-word. Make use of white space and create slides that are pleasing to the eye. As you can imagine, short slides with lots of visual content are the way to go for attracting viewers. SlideShare is a brilliantly effective, yet user-friendly and simple content marketing strategy.

Podcasts and Webinars

Folks love a good podcast, and if you can manage to rework your information in an interesting way, you’ll strike gold. Who knows, it might even turn into a regular series. On a similar note, webinars are especially helpful as instructional tools and for building credibility. Both of these options will help you funnel your leads smoothly as you repurpose your offers.

Whitepapers/Case Studies

Whitepapers and case studies come across as more authoritative and trustworthy than blogs because they employ statistics, facts, and figures. If you choose this route, you should not try to influence readers or sell your product. Select one of the other avenues we have discussed to deal specifically with your offer.

3. Relaunch in a Relevant Promotion Channel

Now that you have the content repurposed or repackaged, it's time to give it a fresh launch. 

There are a lot of ways to "launch" a new or repurposed offer.

Consider doing some of the following:

  • Write 3-6 blog articles relevant to the topic of the offer and promote them on social and paid channels.
  • Create a remarketing ad to everyone who is on your list that never downloaded the old offer.
  • Create new CTA's with the new, refurbished offer and place them in conspicuous places on your website.
  • Contact an influencer and partner with them to promote the offer to their list.
  • Interview an influencer on the topic, and work their insights into the old offer - and relaunch with their support.
  • Send out an egagement email series to your list, promoting the 'new offer.'

5. Start Quora Conversations

You’ve probably heard of a little old website called Quora — its forum layout is a valuable marketing tool. You can also use it to —you guessed it—repurpose your content. Try visiting threads where the topic of your blog content is being discussed. Next, contribute to the discussion by adding some of your tried-and-true information. Finally, point to your recycled content.

Do you see the value and marketing possibilities?

Moving On From Here

So now that you have a few new tricks up your sleeve for promoting old content offers, you can begin to repurpose your best offers with confidence, saving your valuable time and money. Remember, content for the sake of content is useless, your readers aren’t stupid and can tell the difference between quantity and quality. That’s why relaunching successful content in creative ways is such a valuable skill. Make it great!

Did we miss anything? Do you have any content tips for reworking offers? We would love to hear from you!


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