6 Content Marketing Podcasts Every Entrepreneur and Marketer Should Subscribe to Right Now

There is no better growth-oriented resource for aspiring entrepreneurs than podcasts. With seemingly endless access to valuable information and expert insights, podcasts help entrepreneurs to tackle industry roadblocks, unlock new growth strategies, and more.

Most entrepreneurs are incredibly busy. You don't need to waste your time downloading and listening to podcasts that deliver little to no value. In this article, we’ll share the five best content marketing podcasts for entrepreneurs. Prioritize these value-driven podcasts in your quest towards becoming a marketing superstar.

6 Best Content Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

The best content marketing podcasts are packed with valuable information, led by industry thought leaders, and expertly produced. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs listen to the following content marketing podcasts to refine their craft:

  1. The DigitalMarketer Podcast
  2. The GaryVee Audio Experience
  3. Copyblogger FM
  4. Marketing School
  5. The Social Media Examiner Show
  6. The Marketing Secrets Show

1. The DigitalMarketer Podcast

The DigitalMarketer Podcast is a weekly show produced by DigitalMarketer and hosted by Garrett Holmes and Jenna Snavely. DigitalMarketer is a comprehensive online community, training program, and resource for digital marketing experts. The DigitalMarketing Podcast takes listeners on a journey through the world of digital marketing. With access to key players in the digital marketing industry, the podcast offers real-world insight and examples to help you understand, implement, and master digital marketing strategies and tactics.

“With this podcast, our goal is to make you the smartest person in the room through incredible interviews with entrepreneurs and thought leaders spanning across all facets of the digital marketing world,” says Garrett Holmes, DigitalMarketer’s Director of Content.

Our favorite episodes include:

Listen to The Digital Marketer Podcast on iTunes.

2. The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience is hosted by CEO, entrepreneur, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. From keynote speeches on marketing and business to interviews and fireside chat, Vaynerchuk gives listeners everything they need to become expert digital marketing powerhouses.

“The future is audio and voice,” says Vaynerchuk. The same way I felt about social media in 2006/7/8, I feel about podcasting, audio, and voice today.”

Our favorite episodes include:

Listen to The GaryVee Audio Experience on iTunes

3. Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM is a weekly, short-form broadcast hosted by Sonia Simone. Each week, Simone and a cast of rotating experts offer insights on content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization and more. More than a podcast, Copyblogger is a digital resource for industry-leading marketers.

Our favorite episodes include:

Listen to Copyblogger FM on iTunes.

4. Marketing School

The Marketing Schools brings listeners 10 minutes of actionable marketing advice every single day. Hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu, the marketing industry’s brightest innovators, Marketing School offers expert insights and insider knowledge related to content marketing, customer acquisition, search engine optimization, and more.

Our favorite episodes include:

Listen to Marketing School on iTunes.

5. The Social Media Examiner Show

The Social Media Examiner Show offers quick tips to boost your social media efforts. Additionally, listeners have access to a weekly video show, two weekly audio podcasts, and a weekly live video talk show.

“Whether you’re hungry for in-depth expert advice or want to keep up with the social media news of the week, you’ll discover knowledge you need to make your business grow,” says Social Media Examiner.

Our favorite episodes include:

Listen to The Social Media Examiner Show on iTunes.

6. The Marketing Secrets Show

The Marketing Secrets Show is rated the best business podcast on iTunes. Hosted by Russell Brunson, a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and co-founder of ClickFunnels. Brunson offers the very latest information on marketing techniques, success secrets, growth, and income. Moreover, entrepreneurs can learn from Brunson’s own personal journey and secrets to growing a $100,000,000 business in just three years.

Our favorite episodes include:

Listen to The Marketing Secrets Show on iTunes.

Become a Content Marketing Superstar

The best content marketers commit to ongoing learning. Podcasts make it easy for listeners to learn on-the-go. Moreover, podcasts compartmentalize large topics into one bite-sized half-hour or hour-long episode. With podcasts, it’s never been easier to learn about something new, take on an alternative viewpoint or learn from one of the industry’s greatest. Are you ready to kick your content marketing mastery up a notch?

Consider downloading the Digital Marketing Mastery Course! Learn how to achieve content marketing greatness in this step-by-step and comprehensive digital guide. In this guide, we share key insights on eight digital marketing disciplines including:

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Conversion Funnels & Value Optimization
  • Social & Community Management
  • Paid Traffic & Customer Acquisition
  • Marketing Analytics & Data Science
  • Testing and Conversion Science

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