HootSuite vs. HubSpot: Which Tool is Best for Running Social Media?

Every brand uses social platforms to increase visibility and brand awareness. As a result, brands invest in tools like HubSpot to give them tools and visibility throughout the entire buyer journey. Brands turn to HootSuite when they want to crush social media marketing and management.

But, HubSpot has social media management functionality as well.

If you currently use (or are considering) HubSpot, do you need HootSuite as well? Or, does the HubSpot social tool give you the same functionality and social power?



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Let's look at how both tools stack up against each other.

HootSuite vs. HubSpot

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that includes features for social media monitoring, promotion, and engagement. HubSpot is a robust Inbound Marketing software that includes not only those social media management tools, but fully-functioning CMS, CRM, and lead nurturing features.

Since both tools have similar features for social media, some marketers choose to keep their social management inside their all-in-one tool. Others choose to combine HootSuite and HubSpot to get "the most" out of each. And then there are those who use HubSpot but turn to HootSuite to manage all their social media.

Which of these three choices makes the most sense for you?

Let's catch up on the functionalities of both platforms. By the end of this article, we'll show how you can determine the better choice to execute your social strategy.


HootSuite’s Social Features

HootSuite_Social_Media (1)


HootSuite is one of the most powerful social marketing platforms out there. It's arguably the most recognizable name in social media management, especially for larger brands.

Here are the features that have users going back to it again and again.

  • Social media project management. Within HootSuite, you can delegate following up to mentions or responses to other members of your team, making it easy for marketing teams to share the load.

  • Schedule posts from all accounts. Keep your social publishing going on every platform, including Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Google+ pages and profiles, LinkedIn profiles and companies, and YouTube channels. Free users can start posting for up to five profiles, ideal for most beginners. See a post online that you can't wait to share? There's even a Chrome plug-in that lets you schedule posts instantly from outside the platform.
  • Channel streams. Users can add tabs for social media channels to their dashboard. In each tab, you can see a stream of previously published posts, posts from your subscribers or followers, messages you've received, what you've shared, etc. You should create one tab per social media profile. This is great for tracking engagement.
  • Advanced keyword tracking. With HootSuite, you can conduct social listening to track keywords. This kind of intelligence goes above mere metrics. The functionality tracks your most competitive keywords, uncovering discussions ideal customers have about challenges, pain points, etc.
  • RSS Feeds. Set up an RSS feed to help push out your content. As a result, you can promote content published by influencers you follow instantly and vice versa. Brand awareness for the win.
  • Social reports. HootSuite upgraded their social reporting, making it easier to track posts, followers, engagement, and traffic coming from posts published with HS, or Ow.ly traffic. They also offer an upgrade for reporting, a feature called "boards." This is essentially a dashboard and report-building tool that gives deeper insights on your followers.
  • Affordable monthly subscription. You can use HootSuite for free at first, and publish as many posts as you want, then pay a monthly fee. There are various add-on features you can purchase, such as a custom vanity URL, or additional user accounts.

HootSuite helps social marketers have complete focus, management, and visibility on all their social media accounts. Newer features such as content curation help teams queue up and organize assets to schedule later.

HubSpot's Social Features

HubSpot_Social_Media (1)

With HubSpot, teams can master marketing using automation. But HubSpot is not solely a social marketing platform, like HootSuite. HubSpot is a full-service, integrated platform. Many teams invest in HubSpot initially for all of its marketing and sales capabilities.

When aligning their strategies to those features, many also utilize its social tools to get the most out of the platform. With HubSpot's social management platform, teams monitor how social supports or detracts various aspects of the overall customer experience.

Companies that use HubSpot for social media can take advantage of:

  • Social media management. Similar to HootSuite, you can schedule posts with HubSpot, and gain visibility where customers are engaging.
  • Post from all accounts. Schedule out and auto-publish blog posts, which is especially helpful if your blog was built on HubSpot. Similar to HootSuite, you can track engagement for every social profile you connect. HubSpot has the same Chrome plug-in functionality as well, to schedule the articles and content you find when you're outside of the platform.
  • Inbox streams. HubSpot also has streams, but they're a little different. Inbox streams put all of your engagement happening on your channels in the same place. There's also a separate Twitter stream that helps marketers see the activity on that channel separately.
  • RSS Feeds. You can set up an RSS feed using HubSpot, too. The "Follow Me" module can help you bring in new visitors from your various social platforms.
  • Comprehensive reports. Get an overview of all of your digital marketing efforts, and assess where social performance has made the most impact. This information digs deeper than HootSuite and makes it easier to update buyer personas, etc. See how individual social posts did, such as how many visitors clicked a URL, went to a landing page, etc.

With HubSpot, you can track the entire lifecycle of a lead from their first social engagement. It's the ultimate customer relationship manager. The social media capabilities help brands connect the dots between all of their marketing initiatives with enhanced reporting and tracking.

HubSpot Social Tool vs. HootSuite: Who Wins?

Back in 2012, nearly 20% of top brands were using HootSuite for social media management. Today, it has over 15 million users.

When it comes to Hootsuite, the platform outperforms HubSpot with:

  • Unique dashboards. HubSpot and HootSuite both have streams, but HootSuite lets users focus on individual social channels with their own dashboard.
  • A focus on social. Some brands rely on their social media marketing. With a greater focus on social media marketing period, HootSuite is a better match for brands that drive a lot of their brand attention through social media.

Compared to HootSuite, here’s where HubSpot shines:

  • HubSpot helps you see how social media fits with the other pieces of your marketing strategy, not just social media in isolation. Much of the interaction you track will seamlessly fit into your analytics and contact database. Being able to easily track the performance of your social media campaigns across all website interactions and nurturing activities is a huge advantage.
  • Gain a better understanding of your customer. With the ability to add and filter by buyer persona, and see every interaction a tracked lead has made, you get more information about your customers faster.

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