Build A HubSpot Website For Startups In Under 100 Days

Let's get one thing straight: launching a crap website won't be a benefit, even if you launch it in under 10 days.

Launching a website is not about speed alone. And a website is much more than information and graphics. A startup website is graded on its performance, and while it's good to launch fast, it's important to launch the right thing.

A top-notch website design can cost between $25-$75k, and take up to 3-6 months. So, if you don't have that kind of money or time, what's the best option?

In this article, we'll review the process and critical components of a winning website to help you build an engaging site and stronger buyer journey for your startup in under 100 days.

Build A HubSpot Website For Startups In Under 100 Days

When your team needs a new website, fast, it’s tempting to take shortcuts. Using Wordpress templates, or patching together marketing Franken-systems, may seem cheaper and easier to start. However, these systems are inflexible, buggy, and don't address the core issues of your site.

Most teams can't monitor and manage that kind of DIY website project. In the long-run, it costs more to constantly de-bug, reiterate, etc. Using our recommended HubSpot website build process and stages, you'll invest more upfront, but have the tools needed to construct a data-driven, high performing website.

Stage #1. Strategy

In the strategy stage, teams establish a foundation to start a web design or redesign.

  • Game Plan (Less Than 1 Week): Growth starts with strategy. From day one, there need to be specific website objectives that will result in growth. Have a pow-wow and figure out your SMART goals, then prioritize them. Assess your strengths and weaknesses. Get specific about what success looks like for your brand, as well as what it will take to achieve that success.
  • The Buyer Journey (1-2 Weeks): Use what you know about your customers to put together the buyer journey. In the buyer journey, you'll map out the framework to guide customers through your website from the first touch, to their first conversion.

Stage #2. Messaging

Messaging is one of the most important components of a website build. Taking knowledge acquired through the strategy stage, teams can set a tone that matches the intent of their customers.

  • Content Creation (1-2 Weeks): When customers have a website that supports and informs throughout the buyer journey, they convert. Dig into your customers wants and desires to create the right entrance paths, the right next steps, and the right messaging that helps guide them through. The goal of your content and messaging needs to be engagement and conversion. Prioritize the most important pages, such as the home page, product/core offer pages, buyer-journey pages, legal needs first, then focus on the remaining ones.

Stage 3: Design + Develop

The design and development stage is mostly tactical, especially when you use SprocketRocket. There's still a need for collaboration, as the entire site will need to be reviewed and finalized by key team members.

  • Design (2-3 Weeks): With SprocketRocket, you can rapidly wireframe and prototype using the hundreds of wire-framing modules in HubSpot portal. Follow the same model as content creation, focusing on the most important pages first.
  • Build + Develop (1 Month): Create page layouts or use HubSpot's customizable templates or template builder, proven to help convert. Add in your copy, insert CTAs and forms, etc. Pages are already responsive in HubSpot, so they'll be ready to go on mobile.
  • Review (2-3 Weeks): Meet with stakeholders to gather feedback, then make final edits and create a launch-ready final design. HubSpot's content staging tools enable your not yet to be launched website to be in a preview, so you don't have to worry about customers seeing it.
  • Design Iteration (1 Month): Use strategy and content creation mistakes discovered in the first look to iterate.

Stage 4: Launch

When launching a site, teams should work together to QC and optimize the site. As the final stage of the build, this is where final tweaks and adjustments will be made.

  • Quality Control (Less Than 1 Week): Check for quality errors, optimize for load time, and run a final check for copy and links. Make sure to test site pages in popular browsers and devices.
  • SEO (Less Than 1 Week): Refine pages for SEO, to ensure higher conversion rates and higher quality in visitors. Focus on the most critical parts of your website first.
  • Launch (Less Than 1 Week): Don't forget to schedule a review task for heat maps and screen recordings.

Stage 5: Iterate + Optimize

When you build a site and launch it, you're still not done. The best sites are continuously optimized over time. Don’t just launch it & leave It.

  • Optimize (Ongoing): The best thing about using HubSpot for your website is the reporting. Over time, you can use HubSpot’s integrated analytics to monitor the performance of your website. Tweak pages that aren't performing well, and over time, your site continues to convert.

Build A HubSpot Website - Fast

When it comes to building or redesigning a site, don't reinvent the wheel. HubSpot is the key factor to websites that perform and deliver ROI. With HubSpot, you can build a website in under 100 days, but you can also help educate and train your team on more effective lead nurturing and engagement strategies.

If you want the benefits of a quick website build, with additional support, we build sites in under 75 days. You'll get our HubSpot and GDD (Growth Driven Design) expertise and support of our team to ensure you build a beautiful website.

One of the biggest challenges of a HubSpot implementation is also the price tag. Since we use HubSpot religiously, and recommend it to all of our clients, we created a pricing guide to help new users get started. Check out how you can save up to 60% on HubSpot with our savings guide. 

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