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Growth Driven Design

Growth Driven Design

From first concept to conquering the competition, Lean Labs helps deserving brands plan, build, launch and performance-tune top-shelf websites.


Remarkable Websites Are No Longer Optional

Customers have high expectations for their experience with your brand. If you want to earn their attention, trust, and business, so should you.

The Growth Driven Design


Prioritized Goals & Objectives

We begin by creating a game plan. What are your organizations goals, and do they align with our strengths? If yes, let's get specific about defining what success looks like and exactly how we'll achieve it.


Customer Development

If we give customers the buyer journey they want, it enables you to achieve everything you want. Far more than 'personas,' Lean Labs digs deep into understanding your customers in a way that positions us to create the right entrance paths to your site and the right next steps. Through this clear user path, we achieve engagement and conversion.


Content, Flow & Wireframes

Content is the critical component of a new website. It must be clear and compelling to properly construct the optimal buyer journey.

Each page needs to flow with elements like:

  • The New Opportunity (what you offer)
  • The Cause (the reason you care about this)
  • The 1 Thing (if they believe this, they'll buy)
  • The Benefits (how it helps them)
  • The Steps (how to get started)
  • What's at Stake (the pain of inaction)
  • The Next Step (compelling action step)

Every key page of your website should have an engaging, wireframed prototype before design even begins.


Design First Look & Feedback

The design phase unveils the mistakes made in both strategy and content creation to this point.

If your content isn't right, there are no amount of design tweaks that will fix it. When the content is great, design properly emphasizes key elements of the page to create an engaging presentation.

With the right content in place and the right talent on the project, the design phase is as simple as as: seeing a strong first look, meeting with stakeholders to gather all feedback, then, creating a launch-ready final design.


Quality Control, SEO & Launch

Once the design elements exist, our design team will begin development in your CMS.

Quality Control Checks Include:

  • Optimize for load time
  • Refine page for SEO
  • Final check for copy and links
  • Tested in popular browsers/devices

Finally, launch your page and schedule a review task for heatmaps and screen recordings so you can understand how users are interacting with each page.

Don’t Just Launch It & Leave It

Achieve peak performance with prioritized improvements.

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10 Steps To Lean Launch


Growth Driven Design Is About More Than Good Looks

We focus on objectives that drive growth.

Traffic Growth
12mo: Feb 2016 - Jan 2017

“We could not have asked for a better partner than Lean Labs. They have tremendous energy and knowledge, and have really propelled Atlantech Online's marketing efforts.”

Ed Fineran
Owner, Atlantech Online, Inc.
Case Study
Organic Growth
14mo: Feb 2016 - April 2017

“Choosing to work with Lean Labs has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Working with Lean Labs has been a dream. Kevin and his team are smart, extremely capable, and a joy with whom to work.”

Dr. Larry Fan
Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon
Case Study
Conversion Rate Increase
2015 - 2016

I wouldn't change a thing about the process. Lean Labs is incredibly competent. The experience has been incredible.”

Drew Fortin
Vice President of Marketing
Case Study

Think Great Design Is Expensive?
Consider The Cost Of Bad Design

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‘No Yay No Pay’ Guarantee

Value over profit (our #1 core value) means, if in any month of working with our Growth Team you feel we haven’t delivered delightful service in line with every word on this page, it’s free until it’s fixed.

We balance this with, if you’re clearly taking advantage of this core value, we reserve the right to exit the relationship. Every Lean Labs customer is a volunteer with no contract term. We both have to do our part to create transformational results.

PS - working with Lean Labs requires 1-4 hours per week. (10h per week in the strategy phase)

Growth Teams For Startups & Enterprises

We’re flexible to fit the unique needs of different organizations.

Experts for Enterprise

We can pair you with our in-house team to fill the gaps in talent ,or bandwidth, to deliver top-shelf design. Projects typicaly launch in 3-4 months. We’ll transition post-launch updates to your team. References available upon request.

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We Bring 'Lean' to Startups

We know how to start small and focus on traction and growth. If you're seeking product-market fit or you're crossing the chasm towards scaling enterprise, we can help you get there. Sites launched in 60-90 days. The Lean Labs growth team executes at a fraction of the cost of a FT in-house team.

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Gaps For Growing SMB's 

Not sure what the future holds? No problem. You can start with us now and figure out whether you want to grow with us (or outgrow us) later. Experts in creating the buyer journey, customer-centric marketing, and designing websites customers love. 

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If You Don't Care About Delivering A Remarkable Brand Experience... Why Should Your Customers Care About You?

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You’ve got questions… We’ve got answers.

There’s only so much we can tell you on our website without first having the context of your business goals and challenges. You’re invited to schedule a chat about your goals and how we might help achieve them.

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