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7 Website Branding Examples That Brought Brands to Life

Written by Ryan Scott / April 28, 2020

is the Head of Marketing at Lean Labs. His experience ranges from higher education to SMBs and tech startups. When not doing digital marketing, he's sure to be enjoying some kind of nerdy pastime.

More than likely, you been to at least one website that made you think, "wow, this is awesome!"

But you've also been to a lot more that were just frustrating.

You see, website branding is about a lot more than logos and colors. Branding is more than aesthetics, and the same is true for your website.

Think about your favorite brands; their colors and logo are why you recognize them.

But that's not why you like them!

Think about your favorite websites: not the ones you've looked at for design inspiration for your brand. That's not a fair comparison. When most people are looking for websites they "like," it's almost always graphical.

I'm talking about websites you love to use!

For example, have you ever tried to navigate Apple TV app? Compare that with Netflix, and it's not even close. The Apple app is too confusing to find anything, while Netflix is, well, easy.

That's why "it just works," was one of Steve Job's best quotes - because that's how Apple felt compared to a PC. 

How does your website feel to your customers?

It may be beautiful. But how does it feel?

Your website must be more than aesthetically pleasing. It must radiate your brand. It must feel like a natural extension of the DNA of your brand. 

If it doesn't, it will always feel like an afterthought to the worst possible crowd: your customers.

Let's look at some examples that got it right!

Great Website Branding Examples

Branding is the characteristics that give your company a personality, a voice, and unique attributes that set you apart from other companies. As it pertains to website design, great branding will effectively master a look, feel, aesthetic, and messaging that tells your customer who you are and why you deserve to work with them.

The companies that build these types of websites don’t always need a massive budget because of two reasons: they know who their customer is and they want to help them solve their problems.

Here are a few of my favorite website branding and design examples from companies who do this exceptionally well.

Website Redesign Meeting


Sleek and bold, give the customer exactly what they want

Reebok_branding and website design
Reebook_branding and website design

Reebok has an awesome UX with messaging and imagery that conveys two things:

  1. They’re a fresh, trendy company
  2. They want to help you be trendy, too

Their customer is someone with one goal: to feel good about themselves. They’re trying to do this by wearing awesome sneakers, whether to look more fashionable or to look more fashionable while participating in a sport. It’s about status. And Reebok understands that, so they have a website that leverages bold website content and intriguing video and images.


Tells you who we are and weeds out unqualified leads

SprocketRocket_branding and website design
branding and website design

Sometimes, it’s so difficult to know whether or not a product, service, or platform is the right fit for you. For example, there are a lot of people who want to build a new website, fast. That’s why a big part of our branding for SprocketRocket is about working with HubSpot and our beliefs in buyer journey websites.

We want to attract someone who will purchase HubSpot (non-negotiable) and wants to increase or improve their lead generation efforts. To avoid attracting the wrong customer, we use specific messaging to explain what we are and what we’re not. We also ask qualifying questions upfront. And instead of having the visitor fill out a form with a ton of personal information, we use a series of yes or no pop-ups.


Clean and straight-forward with no fluff

Paypal_branding and website design
PayPal_branding and website design

PayPal has a ton of competition now, from apps like Venmo and Zelle to the ability to pay using Apple Pay and Facebook. However, a lot of these sites focus on the social aspect of paying for things, which PayPal doesn’t do. In contrast, the PayPal site is lean and easy to use.

It’s a simple experience that personally, saves me a ton of time. I hop on, I log in, I deposit funds from my Etsy store, or I send money to one of my writers, and I’m done. I’m PayPal’s target customer because I don’t care about a NewsFeed that shows payments going back and forth between users (Venmo) or paying from my iPhone (Apple Pay). I want to get stuff done.

That’s why on PayPal’s site, there’s no fluff, no unnecessary bells, and whistles. It’s just a simple and straightforward experience. In my opinion, this is an excellent way for PayPal to express that they’re a secure, reliable solution without unnecessary frills.


Trust and authority without bragging

TryBaker_branding and website design
Baker_branding and website design

There isn’t a single potential customer that doesn’t ask, as soon as they learn about your offer: How do I know this will work for me?

Baker, the leading CRM for the cannabis industry, answers that question with a lot of social proof and strong statistics. The show the revenue people earn using Baker, the average conversion rates customers can expect, as well as how their average order size can increase. They also share various dispensaries that use Baker and personal testimonials from some of those current customers.

As a result, any potential customer will believe that Baker is an authority in the cannabis industry that they can trust.


An engaging story with messaging and fun imagery

Klientboost_branding and website design
Klientboost_branding and website design

You’ve probably been to a few websites that use fun and colorful iconography and illustrations. It’s a popular tactic in website design to make sites more engaging. But if you want to use this approach to introduce your customer to your brand, you also need to tell them a story. You can’t just throw some fun imagery up there and call it a day. You need substance, which is why I love the Klientboost website.

It’s easy to understand, very quickly, what Klientboost does (improve PPC performance) expertly aligning effective copy and vibrant images to tell their brand story. I want to work with them after coming to their website because I have a strong sense of who they are and what they’re going to help me accomplish.


Focuses on the customer’s pain points

Qualio_branding and website design
Qualio_branding and website design

At the beginning of any buyer journey, a potential customer is looking to solve a problem. They’re not ready to buy, which is why companies that are aggressive about the sale and use brand-centric language alienate their target audience. They don’t care that you’re the #1 in your industry and they’re not going to respond to fluffy or vague language about what you do.

Customers don’t care. They want to know that you can help them. And Qualio, a quality management software, earns the trust of prospective customers with messaging that reflects their challenges. Since their target customer is people in quality assurance roles, they address issues such as preparing for audits and improving the quality of medical devices.

Because when one of these professionals first seek a QMS, these are the problems they’re looking to solve. By focusing on this, Qualio positions itself as a trusted brand with a lot of expertise, instead of a company trying to sell you a platform.

Detailed use cases for every industry

Monday.com_branding and website design
monday_branding and website design

“This is an ad for a project management tool called…”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that ad on YouTube. But after our team started using, I got the first-hand experience at how capable this platform is to help organize projects and track tasks. And their website demonstrates this as well, with a lot of incredibly useful content, such as a ton of use cases for every industry and department that will benefit from using Monday.

I used to be a project manager, and I’ve had to assess every platform from Asana to Wrike. is the only site that provides content like this, that explains how an agency can use its platform versus a sales team or an HR department. And the tips are really good, which encourages customers that they’ll get value from the platform.


Know your customer. It’s common advice that I guarantee you’ve heard. You’re thinking that’s great, Melissa, but how does that turn into a high-converting website?

In my experience, it’s with an in-depth website strategy and a strong investment in website content. You need to fall in love with your customer’s problem and identify when they buy, why they buy, and why they won’t buy from you. You need to tap into their fears and motivations.

We use our Strategy Kit to help answer these questions. The kit helps us dig into a target customer and craft a highly compelling buyer journey, develop stronger content, and build a more intuitive, natural site flow. You can access the templates we use by downloading The Strategy Kit here, for free.
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