4 Influencers Crushing Video Marketing on LinkedIn

Let’s admit it. The LinkedIn news feed hasn’t always been a happening place. However, in the past few years, that’s changed completely. LinkedIn is now a fantastic resource to publish and share original content, especially videos. In fact, in one year, LinkedIn video posts can generate more than 300 million impressions on the platform.

For companies using video, but still not incorporating LinkedIn into their content marketing strategy, there’s a tremendous opportunity for engagement. You just need to understand what style of content will perform with your audience, and how LinkedIn videos should fit into your marketing strategy.

Video Marketing On LinkedIn: Why You Should Use It

Aside from the potential impressions, LinkedIn video has a lot of other advantages, such as:

  • LinkedIn native videos are five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among LinkedIn members (LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn videos earn an average of three times the engagement of text posts (Business Insider)
  • LinkedIn has a half-billion users, with 260 million LinkedIn users logging in each month. (Foundation, Inc.)

For you, a content strategy for LinkedIn video could be the perfect way to gain awareness, reach new potential customers, and share your subject matter expertise. Here are four influencers already benefiting from using video marketing on LinkedIn and what's so special and unique about what they do. 

Neil Patel


When people think about SEO, Neil Patel usually comes to mind. Patel is one of the most successful bloggers and marketers out there. And when it comes to sharing effective thought-leadership pieces, LinkedIn is no exception for Patel. He uses his expertise to share tips about ranking content sooner, gaining a competitive advantage, and getting started with video.

The most useful aspect of Patel’s videos is that he focuses on specific problems and challenges his audience faces, such as not getting enough organic traffic or having difficulty seeing timely results from digital marketing efforts. His approach works because he’s providing guidance in key areas and tapping into the pain points of his target audience.

He drives additional engagement by asking questions throughout the videos and asking the watcher to comment with their responses.

Marcus Sheridan


Marcus Sheridan, author, and keynote speaker runs workshops all over the world. He’s an articulate, compelling speaker, which makes him great at LinkedIn video as well. Sheridan brings the same energy from his speeches and workshops and condenses them into concise, thoughtful videos that cover an array of topics.

What works about Sheridan’s approach is that his videos all have catchy headlines, such as “5 Really Dumb Things Businesses Do With Email Subject Lines.” Sheridan clearly explains what the five things are, why they’re not the best move, and tips for improving your email subject lines. The tips are easy enough to put into practice right away.

Goldie Chan


Goldie Chan, social media strategist, and personal branding expert is a breath of fresh air on LinkedIn, with a fun personality and candid videos. Chan produces a series of videos on LinkedIn called the #DailyGoldie, which is the longest-running original daily video channel on the platform. Chan’s approach works well on LinkedIn because it leverages her own eccentric, quirky personal brand to give her video content a lot of personality.

Chan shares some of her personal branding tips on LinkedIn in a Forbes post, where she encourages people to focus on their unique differences, embrace imperfection, and to “never forget your target audience.” 

Nicholas Thompson


Nicholas Thompson, the Editor-in-Chief at Wired, publishes a different style of video for his target audience. His content doesn’t share tips or tricks, but instead, talks about tech news and breaking stories. Thompson provides his take and thoughts about stories such as whether or not the President should have spoken about tech more in the last State of The Union (SOTU), or whether regulations to the amount of data Facebook can collect is good or bad for users.

The videos are useful because they offer Thompson’s perspective on the critical issues that his target audience has an interest in. The topics are also usually trending, which help attract new viewers. These types of videos are great for starting a dialogue with your LinkedIn followers, who can provide their thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Getting Started With LinkedIn Video

If you're starting with LinkedIn video, you want to focus on creating useful, interesting assets for your key audience. Similar to influencers like Nicholas Thompson, Goldie Chan, Marcus Sheridan, and Neil Patel, you want to find a creative angle that inspires genuine, engaging content.

It requires an understanding of your ideal viewer and where LinkedIn video fits into your inbound marketing strategy. If you create video assets that line up with your inbound initiatives and help you reach your marketing goals, you can drive engagement and get tremendous ROI from your efforts.

To learn more about creating a cohesive inbound marketing strategy, check out the Conquering the Inbound Marketing Mountain.

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