The 7 Best Inbound Marketing Agencies for Scaling Growth

If you're looking to hire an inbound marketing agency for your business, you're probably looking for the best inbound agency. Most entrepreneurs who decide to hire agencies don't want to waste time doing business with anyone but the best. They want the best results, so they want the best company to deliver them.

This article is going one step beyond that mentality because, best is a relative term. There are a ton of great marketing agencies out there, a few of them specializing in inbound. But the best B2B inbound marketing agency for one company, may be totally the wrong fit for the next company. It's subjective depending on where your company is right now, what traction you already have, if any, and what you want to accomplish by hiring an agency.


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Reviews of the Best Inbound Marketing Agencies

There's simply no way to say, "this company is the clear-cut best." However, we have found some agencies differentiate themselves from the crowd by consistently delivering impressive results. If you're in the market for an inbound agency, these five companies would be a great place to start.

At Lean Labs, we provide the same inbound marketing services as most of these companies. You may be confused as to why we're talking about our competitors. That's an easy answer.

Less than half of the people that come to us are a good fit to do business with us, and that's okay. Even if your company isn't a good fit for Lean Labs, we want you to be successful. So we've provided this list of 6 inbound marketing agencies so you can fully evaluate each company to see which one best fits your needs.


The Top 7 Inbound Marketing Agencies

  1. ImpactBND
  2. PR 20/20
  3. Media Junction
  4. Kuno Creative
  5. Element Three
  6. Smart Bug Media
  7. Lean Labs

Remember, every client isn't a good fit for every one of these companies either. In order to get the best results, you need to evaluate them all and make your decision based on which company you trust most. Don't just take our word for it. Do your homework and fully vet each company. Doing so will ensure you do business with a company that can deliver the results you need.

1. ImpactBND

Joe Pulizzi made a statement in his book, Epic Content Marketing, that every company had to become a publishing company. Bob Ruffalo and Marcus Sheridan have turned Impact from just another "marketing agency," into an industry-leading publishing company.

Their website features some of the best marketing content on the internet. Make no mistake, they are still an agency - and they still offer agency services. But, they produce an impressive line of marketing podcasts, and host an exciting new yearly event called Impact Live.

They are leading the charge for all agencies in terms of going all-in on content marketing and thought leadership. 

2. PR 20/20

PR 20/20 creates marketing strategies that merge inbound methodology with sound science. 

Rather than shove unwanted 'salesy" marketing messages down your throat, PR 20/20 focuses on creating a powerful online presence that works like a magnet to pull a more targeted audience toward their clients' company, product or service.

Their game plan consists of three phases: Evaluate, Establish and Execute. It’s designed to build core strength, connect actions to outcomes, and allocate resources based on performance. Take it from one of their own customers who says, "... the proof is in the results."

3. Media Junction

Media Junction has been a Diamond-level HubSpot partner since 2015, and has a growing list of awards and accolades from their great work for HubSpot customers. But, don't consider them a website design shop only. They offer a large selection of services, from website design to inbound marketing, and even inbound sales alignment.

While their own website design has so many bells and whistles that it's off-putting (to me), their track record of success speaks for itself. Every sales page of their website shows a relevant case study of their clients' success stories.

You can view their work portfolio to see all their expertise on display.


Kuno Creative provides content marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing and marketing automation services to deliver more qualified leads to its clients' sales teams, reduce confusion and increase customer lifetime value. They supply access to talented content writers to increase leads and conversions to customers via inbound marketing.


Element Three is, in a word, BOLD. Founded by a financial analyst, they leave egos and internal politics at the door. Their mascot is an elephant, which stands for the elephant in the room. That elephant is normally cold, hard data, and Element Three is never afraid to address it.

They offer traditional marketing agency services, such as website design and digital marketing, and even photo and video production as well. To view their growing portfolio of creative work, click here.

6. Smart Bug Media/h3>

Smart Bug Media is similar to Lean Labs in that they don't outsource to freelancers, they don't pawn off their clients on junior-level employees, and they don't assign you to an overworked non-expert account manager. This has led them to become the highest rated HubSpot Agency, and a winner of 142 awards, and growing.

Read their case studies here.

How to Find the Best Inbound Agency for You

All six of these companies are excellent, and we know they will treat you right and deliver great results. I'm a little biased, because Lean Labs is also an inbound marketing agency - but I thought I would leave ourselves out so not to come off as too biased.

My recommendation is to look at each of these 6 (seven, counting us) and pick the top 2-3 you think are a good fit. Then, talk to them and see how they measure up to your preferences.

A lot of people don't want to talk to an agency because they are worried about getting into a horrible sales cycle, and getting bugged with tons of emails, phone calls, etc.. If you evaluate an agency that is high pressure like that, you probably don't want to do business with them anyway.

Look on the bright side - if that happens, you can narrow down your search really easy!

You can talk to us by submitting this form. 


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