The 20 Best Growth Marketing Tools For Improving Your Strategy's Performance

How well is your marketing strategy performing?

To customers, they may see your pretty website and your active social account. But you, you see the numbers.

You can see the conversion rate that refuses to rise, and the bounce rate that won't drop. And part of you is dying to figure out where you can optimize to understand what in your strategy is holding customers back.

What if the only thing slowing you down was the right tools to give you better data, better insights, and better execution. Well, then growth marketing becomes a much easier pursuit. Right?

20 Tools for Your Growth Marketing Stack

With so many tools on the market, no longer are you limited to your content management system's plug-ins and analytics.

Now, in a fraction of the time, we can see what consumers are doing on our site, collect information from them, convert them to leads, and all of it can be automated.

If you can find the right growth marketing tools for your brand, it could make your strategy stronger, and many won't cost you a dime.

The First Tool You Need: Hubspot



Now, take this section with a grain of salt, because we're definitely biased. But, if you're going to do serious marketing, you need serious tools. And, HubSpot is the most effective tool we've ever used. Seriously.

In fact, Hubspot does so many things, it didn't feel right limiting it to a single category. The platform can help increase traffic with ad and social media software, as well as a content management system.

Because the CRM is integrated into every tool offered, you can track specific analytics from your email campaigns, organize meetings on your calendar, and manage your entire sales pipeline.

Hubspot is so valuable, we built Sprocket Rocket to create websites integrated with their CMS, providing our clients with a site that works for them. We've even found all the ways you can save in your first year.

Customer Acquisition

2. Hello Bar


Hello Bar keeps it simple. The tool allows you to stream a CTA button across a bar at the top of your pages.

You can decide on one of three goals for your bar. It can drive traffic, collect emails, or send users to your social profiles.

The bar is fully customizable, letting you change the size and color to stay consistent with branding, and you can decide which pages and when it should display for.

3. BounceEx


BounceEx gives you a last ditch effort to convert users right before they leave your site. The tool uses Exit Intent technology to judge user behavior before initiating.

You can A/B test your CTAs to find the most efficient way to engage your departing audience. And with BounceEx wheeling out new tools for email marketing and visitor identification, it's becoming more useful for marketing stacks.

4. Totango


Totango has multiple tools within it, including a multi-dimensional customer context index. This sounds really fancy because it is. Through the tool's data collection, it can provide you with information on every user, such as their financial history with your company, any customer feedback, demographics, behavioral data, and help desk tickets.

It's loaded with usefulness if you want a better idea of who the consumers visiting your page are and what you can do to help them through the buyer's journey.

5. Unbounce


Unbounce is a landing page builder. It allows marketers to build, publish, and test landing pages without needing additional support from the tech team.

The tool allows for A/B, as well as multivariate testing. You can also establish goals for individual tests and the system will notify you when you've reached specific results.

6. OptimizelyGrowth-Marketing-Tools-Optimizely

Optimizely is a tool for testing everything on your website. Whether that's headlines, images, colors, or CTAs, Optimizely measures responses and breaks them into segments, giving you more information to back your final decision.

The platform uses a visual editor, so there's no coding required to set up your tests. If you do want developers involved, Optimizely can test extensions, APIs, and custom code.


7. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools because it tracks everything the Google search engine cares about. The fact that it's free probably plays into it as well.

Metrics are focused on quality and functionality, presenting data on various dashboards depends on your pre-established goals. Setup only requires a bit of code added to your pages' headers, and then you can track everything you need to optimize your site and strategy.

8. HotJar


HotJar provides valuable insights into consumer behavior through heat maps and anonymous screen recording. It also offers the capability to track feedback through comments, polls, and surveys.

All of this data lets you optimize your site to meet the needs of your users. If customers are getting hung up on a portion of your site, with the screen recording and heatmaps, you can spot the issues and change them for dramatic improvement.

9. Amplitude


Amplitude is a product analytics tool that helps you create better experiences around your offers. Metrics are instant and provide insights into what's working with each product.

This tool monitors user behavior to help you figure out where to optimize for improved conversions. It also includes a method to track what brings customers back to your site, increasing your retention rates.

10. CrazyEgg


CrazyEgg is an outstanding resource for seeing what's working and what needs a fix. The tool cuts down on the amount of A/B testing you need by answering questions based on user behavior.

Similar to HotJar, Crazy Egg offers heatmaps that show you where your customers are clicking the most. This offers insights into how to restructure your page improve the chances of your audience engaging.


11. Drip


Drip is an e-commerce CRM build to tailor experiences to your customers. The tool logs what users are interested in based on their behavior. It'll then give the consumer a lead score with a simple write up including everything you know about them.

Drip identifies where the customer is in their journey and gives you insights to best nurture them through it. You can tag every action, so nothing happens on your site without tracking the potential of each consumer.

12. Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is an all-in-one CRM solution and automation platform designed for small businesses. This tool helps you manage your email and social marketing, letting you follow up with leads automatically, including notification when customers become sales qualified.

Infusionsoft also cuts down on the number of tools you need with analytics integrated into the CRM and other software.

13. Zapier


With Zapier, any tedious task you manage through a web app can turn into an automation. The tool connects with over 1,000 apps to improve your efficiency with those menial, time-consuming tasks.

You can use Zapier to create notifications when you get a marketing qualified lead, or just posting your recent blog articles to social media. If you can spend a bit of time upfront to set up the tasks, Zapier will make you significantly more productive.


14. Pay With a Tweet


Pay With a Tweet is a tool that allows you to "charge" users a tweet about your content to access something. It's useful for getting your content shared, especially in the early stages of your brand.

This tools should be used sparingly as it can quickly become annoying if all your content is gated, even if it's simple to access. Additionally, you should only use it on the content you truly want to promote. If users tweet your content but don't find value in the information, that'll put a bad taste in their mouths that'll surely last.

15. Click to Tweet 


Click to Tweet isn't as demanding as the previous tool, but it also has the opportunity to be passed over faster. This tool allows you to establish text on your website, in emails, social posts, and landing pages that can be quickly copied into a tweet through an API.

Because it makes it more convenient to share content, users will be more likely to tweet it. This tool has more effect if you're already established in your industry, as people will be more likely to support you.

You should use the best quotes from your content to make a bigger splash. To help you figure out which content is favored by your audience, the analytics portion of the tool will tell you how often each link has been clicked.

16. Unbox Social


Unbox Social is an analytics tool for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. While it could have fit in with the analytics section, it's way more useful to your specific social strategy not to mention it here.

This tool generates custom reports for all analytics that you can share with your clients. Because reports can be pre-scheduled or generated at specific periods, you don't have to run individual tests to decide if your strategy is working. Instead, you can monitor and make changes based on the information provided.

17. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a chatbot tool that integrates with your social media Direct Message boxes on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more. Using MobileMonkey, you can use consistent chatbot prompts across all your social media chat platforms, and you can view all your customer communications across channels in one inbox.

This tool could also have fit into the "automation" section of this article, but the benefits of this tool extend beyond the benefits of a simple automated chatbot. You can also use this tool to message customers and leads on a one-to-one basis. MobileMonkey lets you reach your customers on whatever chat application they're comfortable using, while you control all your social chat channels from one common dashboard. 

Customer Service

18. Mopinion


Mopinion is your platform for collecting feedback from websites and your mobile apps. This data provided gives useful insights, straight from your customers, that lets you strategize your marketing.

Feedback can be targeted to specific segments of your audience with event-driven initiators. Then, everything is displayed on customizable dashboards where you can view the analytics that matter most to you.

19. Olark


Olark is a chat application for communicating with visitors on your site. When someone enters the chat, Olark will tell you their location, what they were looking at, what other pages they've visited, and how long they've been on your site.

This information goes a long way in improving your customer service and with customizable options, you can ensure the chat windows style matches your branding.

20. Crowdsignal 


Crowdsignal is a tool that lets you create surveys fast. You can template different question types, add quizzes, polls, and imagery, or use HTML to personalize it.

The system provides results in real time, allowing you to export to your viewing platform of choice. And as an added bonus, you can embed polls and surveys into sites like Facebook and WordPress to get user opinions when you want them.

Using Technology to Your Advantage

With so many tools on the market, there's no reason you can't find one to meet your specific growth marketing needs. The ones on this list can go a long way into increasing your metrics.

Most offer free trials, but be sure to actually test out the system. Many companies start a trial but never fully implement the tool, meaning they don't actually know if it's the right fit for them. Don't be like them. Find the tools that make your brand remarkable. 

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