How Much Does HubSpot Cost and Is It Worth The Price Tag?

When it comes to your marketing platform, cost plays a vital role.

But how do you know you're actually getting what you pay for? Nothing would be worse than committing to an annual contract and learning that you don't need half the tools you paid for, or that the ones you do need don't work the way you thought.

That would put you back in the search for the platform that meets your needs, but you'd be out of even more cash that could have gone towards your campaigns.

Fortunately, HubSpot is upfront with what you purchase and lets you scale to the specific needs of your organization. All it takes is you deciding what package meets your needs best.

Why Does HubSpot Cost What It Does? 

HubSpot has restructured the way it handles package pricing. Previously, a Basic, Professional, or Enterprise included nearly everything you'd need to run your entire marketing, sales, and service requirements. Unfortunately, this meant customers were also forced to pay for all the tools at once, even if they didn't need them.

So instead of requiring lump purchases, HubSpot made the options much more convenient. Now, you can choose specific tools on the platform based on your company's needs, like the Marketing, Sales, or Service Hubs, or even the Growth Suite.

HubSpot CRM

No matter what Hub you choose, even if you're not a customer, you can access the HubSpot Customer Relationship Manager for free.




This is the baseline tool that integrates your sales, marketing, and service teams, so everyone understands where each lead is in the buyer's journey. Each member can leave notes and updates, so all customer changes are presented in real-time. There's no more guessing if someone from sales ever followed up.

HubSpot CRM lets you maintain up to 1,000,000 contacts, users, and storage. They also won't apply an expiration date, no matter how large your company, so your contact list can grow with you.




You can build deals and pipelines to visually track all your customers, rather than relying on spreadsheets where information can easily be mismanaged.

Additionally, many client updates are logged automatically. If someone interacts with a specific lead magnet or page on your site, it'll track where and when, giving your sales team more information for their chats, and your marketing team a better grasp on what's working.




Finally, the CRM syncs with your Gmail and Google Calendar, as well as Outlook, meaning you can keep the same systems you may already have in place.

Marketing Hub




Marketing Hub is the answer to your marketing problems. The baseline model is free and offers tools like forms, ad management, team email, live chat, and reporting dashboards. While the list appears meager compared to the full spectrum of tools HubSpot can provide, it's a great way to test the platform without a financial contribution.

Marketing Hub Starter - $50/month

The Starter package adds HubSpot's powerful email marketing, lists, and mobile optimization to the mix. This package is best served for developing marketers or teams that want to get started on the right foot.

Marketing Hub Professional - $800/month

Professional meets the needs of more experienced marketers and growing teams. It enables you to launch a full inbound marketing campaign with automations.

This package includes tools for blogging, content creation, SEO, social media, calls-to-action, landing pages, A/B testing, and custom reporting in addition to others. It has everything you need to draw immense traffic and conversions from your inbound campaigns.

Marketing Hub Enterprise - $3,200/month

Though the price looks steep, Enterprise is a powerhouse for your marketing efforts. Advanced marketing teams use it for scaling inbound marketing campaigns with all the analytics you could need for judging your content's performance.

In addition to the Professional package, Enterprise offers custom event reporting and triggers, predictive lead scoring, content partitioning, and YouTube integration.

Sales Hub




Sales Hub is a platform designed to capture and promote deals for your customers. The free version offers tools like task tracking, document storage, email scheduling, deal management, meeting scheduling, and conversational bots. With your entire team being able to log into the dashboards and see what needs to happen and where each client is in the buyer's journey, efficiency skyrockets.

Sales Hub Starter - $50/month

The Starter package introduces a few additional tools to enable your team to increase productivity and shorten your deal cycles while closing more.

With email sequencing, you can create workflows that are triggered by specific events. All HubSpot branding will be removed from tools so you can make a good impression with your logos and designs. And finally, conversational routing is established to send messages to the best party based on the parameters you've established.

Sales Hub Professional - $400/month

Sales Hub Professional is designed for advanced sales teams who need a complete toolkit that features AI, advanced automation, and custom reporting.

Professional allows you to send quotes and add products to your site. Couple that with sales automation, and you can quickly shoot off emails focused on the needs of your lead. Emails can also be delivered using Smart send times, sending at whenever is best based on open rates and time of day.

Sales Hub Enterprise - $1,200/month

This package is for larger sales teams that require more customization options to keep complex deals running smooth.

To make everything easier, HubSpot added call transcription and reporting, so you can provide team members assisting the client with detailed notes from previous engagements. You can also use predictive lead scoring, recurring revenue tracking, and eSignatures on your documents, all leading to a more productive sales pipeline.

Service Hub




Service Hub does exactly what you'd expect: it enables your team to provide premium support to customers and leads without requiring multiple apps from different providers.

The baseline package includes tools for ticketing, live chat, snippets, and reporting dashboards. You're also able to create custom support form fields to get specific answers to help your customers.

Service Hub Starter - $50/month

The Starter package includes email sequencing and conversation routing so you can better send messages to where they need to go. Starter is designed for growing customer service teams. It offers simple tools to increase productivity in the support realm, keeping your customers satisfied.

Service Hub Professional - $400/month

Professional is for advanced customer service teams who need a full software package to blow the minds of their customers. With additional tools for automation, you can exceed customer expectations and set yourself apart with quality service.

With Service Hub's Professional package, you can receive customer feedback and automate some of your interactions. You can also create an extensive knowledge base for customers to find the information they need or let your conversational bots direct them there. The package also offers multiple ticket pipelines, so if a trouble ticket requires attention from a different department or team member, it can shift with little work from your team.

Service Hub Enterprise - $2,200/month

Finally, the Service Hub Enterprise option is designed for more extensive teams that require features like single sign-on, goal setting and tracking, and calculated properties.

The greatest benefit of the Enterprise package is access to playbooks. These can be developed to streamline your team's interactions with customers. Important details and tasks can be listed, so even the most junior members of your team understand how your company manages support.

Growth Suite

HubSpot's Growth Suite is designed to give you all the tools you'll need to build deeper relationships with your contacts, increase leads, and to generate more revenue while supporting your customers.

Ultimately, the Growth Suite was created as a deal. Each package contains the tools of all the other Hubs for that specific level. So the Professional Growth Suite has all of the Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs' tools, but since you're using them all, you get a 25% discount.

The Starter costs $113 a month, with the Professional packager costing $1,200 and Enterprise being $4,200. This package benefits companies that are looking at investing in more than one Hub, as it'll lead to impressive savings.

Determine Your Needs and Scale as You Grow

HubSpot has a lot of tools to offer, but they also make it exceptionally easy to find the right setup for your business. If you can identify what you need now or only later, you'll be able to find the best price for your current situation.

It's a good idea to look at future requirements as well, so you have an idea of what costs may reach as you grow your brand. With HubSpot, you're able to add features as you go, so your company doesn't need to slow its momentum once you take off.

HubSpot's many useful features for digital publishing and marketing are priced to reflect the value that they're designed to deliver. While migrating to a new platform may seem overwhelmingly complex at first glance, when you examine it with your business growth plans in hand, figuring out the subscription that's best for you gets a lot easier.

If you're interested in using HubSpot and want to get the most bang for your buck, we have your answer. The HubSpot Savings Guide will break down each package, complete with videos and explanations of which HubSpot services fit your business best. Request your copy to learn how you can save over 60% on your first year.


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