How to Create the Perfect Welcome Email

Someone subscribed to your list. Congrats!

What next?

Don't even consider making them wait until the next monthly email to hear from you. They're interested! Keep them engaged.


By sending them the perfect automated Welcome Email Letter. Let's talk about the ideal welcome letter and what should be included and avoided to keep new subscribers engaged and delighted!

Welcome Email Best Practices

You've managed to get them to sign up. Now, let's keep the momentum going.

Here are 7 things you should always consider including in your automated welcome email:

1. A Friendly Hello

Offer your new subscriber a warm welcome and tell them what you are all about.

Be enthusiastic, but not overwhelming.

The welcome email is a great time to communicate your brand promise and tone of voice, but hold back from including a hard sell or a bullet-pointed list of your products services.

If your email is coming from a specific person in your company, introduce them with a short bio and personal message.

2. Explain Benefits

The Welcome Email is a great time to explain the benefits of membership.

This can be communicated in a short bullet point list, or a sentence or two. Simply reiterate the perks and advantages to receiving your emails.

Make sure you let them know that each time they open and read your emails, something exciting will be inside.

Give them a taste of what's to come with:

3. A Super Sweet Deal or Helpful Offer

Remember, the Welcome Email is not a great time to push for a hard sell. But it is an ideal time to strengthen the new relationship by offering them value before the sale.

This can be in the form of helpful content, a freebie of some sort they weren't expecting, or a first-time buyer coupon.

Anything that will make the new contact feel like "wow, this is unexpetedly awesome," is a great way to welcome new customers that may not be prepared to make a purchase today.

4. Keep it Personal

Since they've taken action and signed up for your emails, they are already curious about what you have to offer. Keep them interested by including a Call to Action that is tailored to their needs.

If possible, rely on information you already know to create SMART content.

The quicker you can learn where they are in the buyers journey, and how to help them navigate forward, the better. Additionally, tailoring content increases their interest in you and the relationship you're creating.

5. Ask them to Share the Wealth

Hey, they've discovered you and think what you have to offer is appealing. Odds are someone they know would feel the same way.

Always include social share links and "Forward to a Friend" buttons. This is a great way to grow your email list, increase brand awareness and attract more prospects to your site.

6. An Opportunity for Growth

By including links to your social sites and your website, subscribers have the opportunity to learn more about your business. They've already indicated an interest in your business by signing up for email, now show them where they can learn more and increase the personal relationship with your brand.

The Welcome Email is a great tool to encourage engagement with your brand.

7. A Sneak Peak

And of course, a peek at those fabulous products/services is always a good idea. Include a great image that conveys the beauty of your products and services, with links back to your online store.

Don't jam the email with tons of images, the Welcome Email is more about the content. But images speak a thousand words, so give them a glimpse of your amazing products and what you have to offer.

Now, in creating the perfect Welcome Email, there are also some items to avoid.

What Not To Do

1. The Hard Sell - Really, Don't Do It!

Using Inbound Marketing means making a commitment to listening and easing customers through a buyers journey.

The Welcome Email is no place for a hard sell.

Save the talking points of why your product is better than the competition for another time. And this isn't the place or time to list all the reasons your product is just what they need.

Remember, keep things personal, helpful, and interesting and avoid the hard sell.

2. Too Many Images of the Wrong Thing

Images are great when used correctly.

The Welcome Email is not a catalog or an online store. Users want to get to know you and the best way to do that is through your voice. Rely on great content in the Welcome Email and only include 1-2 well designed images that reinforce your brand.

3. Mispleled Werds

It happens to the best of us but...ouch. Proof, proof, proof. Remember, you never get a second chance at a first impression.


Your Welcome Email is important. 

It's well worth the time to make sure it does its job: Encourage new subscribers to open the next one. And the one after that.

Use the Welcome Email as a tool that outlines the future of your amazing relationship. Make your new prospect excited about what's to come.

Get in their inbox, and get noticed.

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