The Top 3 Most Innovative Web Design Companies

Is your business struggling with ads that aren’t converting?

Is your website traffic trending dismal?

More importantly, is your website seemingly unable to generate qualified leads?

Unfortunately, a pretty website alone isn’t going to get you more customers.

You can build an expensive website — all the bells and whistles — but if your messaging isn’t compelling and clear, your conversion rate will suffer.

If this sounds like the situation you’re currently facing, then you don’t have a website design problem. You have a messaging and conversion problem.

If this is you, click here, to see how easy it is to get both a pretty website and lead generation performance at the same time.

Otherwise, keep reading to see some of our favorite web design companies.

The 3 Most Innovative Web Design Companies

At Lean Labs, we know that not every company is a perfect fit for every client, and we want to ensure that you end up with a company that can give you the assistance you need — even if that means you don’t choose us.

That’s why we created this list of companies who can help you redesign your website when a growth team is more than you need.


1. Impact

Impact is a web development and marketing agency that focuses on growing your business and career through marketing and sales. Impact frequently hosts live events and educational training.


“IMPACT is an unbeatable collection of talented, intelligent, motivated, and dependable individuals who work together as a cohesive team. I've worked with them for two years, and it's been a joy to connect with them, grow with them, and meet each person who contributes to fulfilling client needs. Working with them is fantastic, and the results of that work consistently blow my mind.” - Chris Zook, Content Marketing Manager at Applied Educational Systems
“I've never worked with a group of people who are more dedicated to producing the best work possible and getting results for their clients.” - Justine Timoteo


2. Salted Stone

Salted Stone has been in business for over a decade, and they offer end-to-end digital solutions and consulting services to businesses located all over the world. Some of the services they offer are website design, marketing using inbound strategies, video production, and content creation.


“I cannot begin to describe how great Salted Stone is! I have worked with big and small agencies, developers, designers, you name it....and have never had a better experience than when I worked with Mike, Alex and the team at Salted Stone. Their work is fantastic, their customer service is unparalleled, and they take the time to execute projects flawlessly. When it comes to web design and development, it really doesn't get any better!” - Jenna Beckmann
“Amazing company and culture! Can't beat working with dogs” - Paige Sander


3. Digital Telepathy

Digital Telepathy helps high-growth SaaS startups with UX Design. They offer hands-on team training and workshops to help teach large organizations how to think like designers. Some of their specialties are business discovery and user research, product and marketing UX strategy, and user interface and visual design.


“I’ve known Chuck and his company, digital-telepathy, for many years now. Our company has worked closely with him throughout these years, growing a solid relationship between both organizations. Chuck has great skills to foresee new trends in the internet industry, share ideas and innovate upon them. I am greatly impressed with his successful growth, sharp business sense, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial spirit.” - Alfonso Santiago, Director of Operations for Santex America SA
“Chuck and his work with Digital Telepathy have been nothing less than an enlightening experience. His ability to see the big picture and implement simple yet effective solutions is amazing. He is knowledgeable, imaginative, forward-thinking, efficient, and, most of all...conscious. I have no doubt that Chuck and DT will play a big role in the next stage of the web’s evolution.” - David Pearson, COO/VP Biz Dev for Zaadz, Inc.


Hire a Growth Team and Not Just a Website Designer

Your growth team should analyze all aspects of your website to ensure it’s designed with your target audience in mind. Your website needs to be all about your customers and what they want — not what you like and want to see.

Here at Lean Labs, we help you get what you want out of your website by pleasing your target market and creating conversion paths that maximize your revenue.

Every website we build is designed to be modular and easy to update, so you aren’t beholden to us after launch.

Book a call with one of our growth experts now, and we’ll show you exactly how we can help you generate more qualified leads and boost your revenue with your website.

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