5 Lethal Problems that Kill Most Growth Marketing Strategies

Everyone is doing the same things to grow their business and generate new leads. We all know about SEM, SEO, PPC, CAC — and all the other alphabet acronyms involved in most growth marketing strategies.

Everyone is using the same tools — everyone can write blog posts, make YouTube videos, or record Podcasts.

So, if you’re using all the same tactics and tools, why are you not getting the same results?

In most cases, the companies who aren’t seeing results are the ones that aren’t focusing on the areas of their business and marketing strategies that are critical to their business.

But, how do you know what your key focus areas are? Keep reading to find out.

5 Lethal Problems that Kill Most Growth Marketing Strategies

Your growth marketing strategies may not be the real problem that’s holding your company back from reaching its maximum revenue potential.

Tony Robbins talks about the three things that impact our lives the most:

  1. Our Strategies
  2. Our Stories
  3. Our State

Everyone thinks the strategy is the secret, but it rarely is.

For example, when we want to lose weight, there's no shortage of strategies to choose from that will work. People have been losing weight successfully for centuries.

There are tons of strategies, the most simple being to eat healthy, work out, burn more calories than you consume, etc.

But, the stories that people tell themselves — ”working out doesn't work for me” — cause them to not buy into the strategy. Therefore, their state, even if they try to implement the strategy, convinces them to give up almost before they start.

Then, they go in search of a different strategy.

This is why weight loss "programs" are BIG MONEY items.

It's a strategy, and it's always marketed as a NEW WAY, so people buy it, and still don't lose weight. Then, they move on and buy another one.

It was never the strategy; It was the story that they told themselves.

In marketing, it's the same. Except it's not strategy, story, state; it's tactics, strategy, and people.

Most people think tactics are the same as strategy. They're not.

The problem is, everyone is trying the same tactics. Content marketing, for example, works for a lot of people. Then, there are some who swear it just doesn't work anymore.

Who's right?

Why do some tactics work for some people and not others?

If your strategy is the problem, our new Growth Playbook is the perfect solution. Download your copy of our free Growth Playbook now, or keep reading to learn the 5 lethal problems that kill most growth marketing strategies.

1. You Have Critical Talent Gaps

No matter how great your strategy is, if your talent is lacking, your execution will likely miss the mark. Being able to implement a successful growth marketing plan relies on:

  • Your ability to write compelling and persuasive copy.
  • Your skills in creating aesthetically pleasing graphics.
  • How accurately you monitor and track the right metrics.

You can attempt to do all the work yourself, but wouldn’t you feel a lot less overwhelmed if you have a team to assist you with your more problematic tasks?

Hiring a marketing agency or a website designer to redesign your site might help, but you’re much more likely to waste a lot of time and money and still not get the results you want.

Your best solution when you are facing critical talent gaps is to hire a growth team.

A growth team won’t try to sell you on buying more ads or creating more content just because it’s what they do. We’ll be honest with you about how your business needs to grow, and we’ll help you make it happen.

2. You Can’t Measure Success, Failure, or Status

Random acts of marketing that aren’t being tracked and measured are a waste of everyone’s time. When you aren’t monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns, you’re doing yourself and your company a huge disservice.

You need to have a clear idea of what success looks like for your business, and that starts with an actionable plan that details how you’re going to achieve your goals.

Vanity metrics are what most marketers pay attention to and use to measure and track success. However, having an abundance of website visitors or clicks means nothing if it doesn't directly increase your revenue.

At Lean Labs, conversion rate optimization and a customer-centric approach is a top priority. Because, let’s be honest, if you’re not giving your customers what they want when they come to your website or view your ad, you’re not going to be successful.

3. Analysis Paralyzes You

We see a lot of people that have high goals, and they have the tools and talent in place, but they run in circles because they don't know how to just "Get started."

They spend countless hours, days, or even months researching and tweaking or adjusting their ideas and strategies without ever putting them into play.

They are always in search of the latest and greatest idea, and that changes so frequently, they find themselves in a never-ending loop of research and work that never produces any results.

Don’t spend all your time chasing the next greatest thing without ever putting any of your work out there where it can bring you a profit and grow your business.

4. Perfection Paralyzes You

Perfection is subjective. The never-ending pursuit of "on-brand" usually is one part some sort of attempt to emulate the mythical steve jobs, and one part scared to death of criticism from people that would never be an ideal customer anyway.

We've seen so many websites, blog posts, and videos held up in endless reviews and revisions that they never see the light of day.

Not because they wouldn't have worked, but because people were so obsessed with reaching an arbitrary goal of "perfect" that they never did anything.

What's perfect for you doesn't matter to your customer. They aren't going to choose a competitor because you had a typo! Get over it, and publish it! Today!

5. You Don’t Believe in the Strategy

Whoever your stakeholders may be, they have to buy-in to the plan — that includes you!

If there's no consensus and commitment to your strategy, any delay in results (especially if there are unrealistic expectations) will make you throw in the towel and abandon your strategy before it’s even had time to work.

Everyone must be on-board, and if any stakeholder isn’t, stop now and get them on board!

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