Is Hubspot COS the best choice for your business?

Is Hubspot COS the best choice for your business?

Written by Callum Hopkins / October 4, 2013

Callum is full stack developer at Lean Labs, with strong ties to web and graphical based design. He lives in the North East of Scotland and is a huge Football (Soccer) supporter. In his spare time, Callum enjoys reading up on the latest web trends and visiting art museums and galleries.

Just six weeks ago, Hubspot hosted the annual Inbound Conference in Boston. During the 4 day event, Hubspot announced and released it's new "COS" content marketing platform that has been tipped to reshape the inbound marketing world.  We've been using COS since it was in beta and today we'll share how it's measuring up.  

What is Hubspot COS?

Hubspot COS (which is short for Content Optimization System) is Hubspot's interpretation of a Content Management System (CMS) built and tailored specifically for inbound marketing. It is now a far cry from the out of date CMS Hubspot had provided previously to customers. Behind the change is the now infamous Inbound Database that helps to track your leads interactions, readiness or "indication of interest" on your companies web pages and landing pages. In turn, this allows marketers to fully understand the behaviour of the lead and get an in depth and personal knowledge of leads beyond comparison from standard web traffic analytics which only deliver the statistics for page hits and page visit time length. Incorporating this power and insight into their COS has allowed Hubspot to bring a brand new tool to the marketing table, the inbound marketing table to be exact. The ultimate question, is it right for you?

The Personal Touch

Hubspot's marketing campaign is based around the power of personalisation. Personalising content to 1.) target your leads, 2.) appeal to leads as people not numbers or trends, 3.) entice potential customers to purchase new offers, and, 4.) use as a single tool to match the way you do business, not just how everyone should do it. To allow this ethos to filter through into the COS, Hubspot added a powerful piece of functionality to COS that allows you to create SMART content. SMART content allows content to be rendered dynamically depending on customizable criteria which allows you to target specific types of leads and specific leads based on their interaction and interests registered in the Inbound Database. For example, if a lead has been identified with having an interest in Email Marketing, setting up SMART content to dynamically change based on a lead's interests will allow the content to be changed to target a lead's interests. This allows the automatization of content to add that personal touch without having the complication of implementing a complex system to change the content.

As a result of the COS platform's integration with Hubspot's marketing automation tools, you can easily and effectively use lead intelligence to ensure that your web pages are showcasing content which not only is relevant to each of your leads, but also content they will personally find useful and will return back to. In addition to this, Hubspot COS also allows the importing of contacts personal details such as name, address, job role and company name allowing a further level of personal customization to content. The SMART content functionality is one of the reasons which many marketers are extremely excited about and the success of Hubspot's COS may see this ability expanded further and may even see many more companies emulating this sort of personalization into other platforms. This is a game changer for the web industry as a whole, not just for online marketing.

More Than Just a CMS

As well as content management and optimization, Hubspot COS brings all the tools required to manage, edit and develop visually rich web pages with low level learning curve based tools, allowing quick learning but effective mastery. Just like any other traditional CMS, Hubspot COS allows complete customization of your web pages' visuals and encourages responsive design and modern HTML and CSS techniques, allowing Hubspot COS powered website to not only meet the expected level of standard for today's web sites but match some of the best practices out there. Hubspot COS also has ready to use solutions to create responsive design web pages or converting existing web pages to responsive design, allowing a faster delivery of mobile and tablet ready and optimized web pages. In turn, this enhances your business by optimizing your web pages to help capture smartphone based leads.

In addition, Hubspot COS has pre-integrated tools that help increase webpage load time, meaning that less potential leads will not leave your web pages due to slow page loading, as well as having pre-integrated tools for SEO and modern search engines and their searching techniques. As well as In addition to optimizing web pages for mobile and tablet users, you can also optimize web pages and blog posts with your business' social media channels seamlessly. This allows Hubspot users to setup with speed and ease, automated updates to social media platforms and channels when new content is published on Hubspot, as well as offering a painless process for implementing social media widgets and interactions into web pages with any web based technical knowledge.

Bloggers Delight

Hubspot COS' features have also been implemented into the updated Hubspot blog platform, mirroring the COS system. As a result the new and improved blog system allows the exact same level of customization and personalization of content that is offered in the Hubspot COS. With lead analytical data connected to both the COS web page system and the COS blog system, Hubspot users can now get an even better understanding of their leads’ interaction between their web pages and their blog. In addition, the blog is now packed with modern and cutting edge tools and options that allow for complete control over blog posts' creation and publishing.

The Million Dollar Question

Is Hubspot COS perfect for your business?  

We'd say YES, provided you meet the following criteria:

  • Your blog regularly for inbound marketing purposes
  • Your company will release inbound marketing offers for purposes of lead generation
  • You wish to both track and nurture your leads with a simple tool that's really top notch
  • You don't have lots of required plugins or customizations in the platform you'd be leaving
  • You are willing to pay a relative premium for an efficient all in one system over a collection of tools.

Why Hubspot?  Because it combines everything thing your company will need to succeed in online and inbound marketing under one umbrella package rather than having four, five or even six different online programs, applications or platforms which will not share and optimize data and analytics between themselves. With the added bonus of all of Hubspot's platforms and tools integrating data between one and another, companies are able to get a much clearer picture as to how their leads and customers are interacting with their online presence.

Are you also considering WordPress as your CMS? Check out HubSpot vs. WordPress before you make that decision.

PS - In case you were wondering, is running on the new Hubspot COS.

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