Simon Sinek Video: Start With Why

Written by Jason Thomas / December 15, 2014

Jason Thomas has been helping launch and develop start ups for 10 years. Jason's passion is working with motivated entrepreneurs to validate and implement ideas that grow their business.

Jason is a husband, father, and homesteader in training. In his spare time he's generally outside working with his hands and getting dirty.

Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright Brothers all had a special ability to understand and answer the most important question of all: "why?" 

In this video, Simon Sinek discusses how those few, fortunate companies who have the ability to connect through all three stages of why make the most lasting impact on our lives. Sinek calls it the Golden Circle and it includes these three stages:

1. What

Everyone can understand and communicate the what.

2. How

Some people have the uncanny ability to communicate the how.

3. Why

Few people have a solid grip, or even know the answer to this question.

In a world that's driven by fast-paced business, our performance in our work determines the effectiveness of our companies. Our performance is tied to our behavior which is directly influenced by our emotions. And our emotions are driven by the why that's behind what we do and how we view our responsibilities.

In marketing, it's extremely important to connect with and be able to communicate the why. As Simon says, "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." (TWEET THIS)


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