The Best B2B Marketing Videos of All Time: Do You Recognize Them?

Video is projected to represent more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

With that said, the majority of today's businesses have yet to experiment with the medium. Considering the technical nature of their products and services, one might assume B2B industries have been the slowest of all to embrace the change.

Surprisingly, that couldn't be further from the truth.

In recent years, organizations of varying sizes have flocked to the medium with amazing results. Reportedly, businesses using video grow revenue 49% faster than those who don't.

The recipe for B2B video marketing success seems to be a combination of good storytelling, professional editing, and relevance. As Sarah Gitersonke of Explore Media told the American Marketing Association:

“The videos that work, work because there was strategy behind them and they have a purpose. There is a call to action or something that is leaving the viewer with a feeling... There are so many different ways that you can get to that point. But I think that point is what matters.”

The Best B2B Marketing Videos of All Time

We've rounded up a cohort of companies who are effectively increasing both leads and revenue using video.

The companies who created these videos had three basic goals:

  1. They wanted viewers to watch their video, (that meant creating a compelling thumbnail, headline, and description);
  2. They wanted them to immediately become engaged and stay engaged (that meant creating an intriguing story line, focusing on benefits over features)
  3. They wanted them to take a specific action after watching (that required creating a Call to Action).

As you will see, the paths taken to achieve these goals vary. In all honesty, mastering video marketing requires a fair amount of experimentation.

1. VeriSign



VeriSign provides companies with the technology to facilitate secure customer transactions online. Entertainment isn't a word that comes to mind when you think of online shopping carts.

VeriSign managed to make their video entertaining - and it just works.

Based on the fictional character Liberty Fillmore, the video chronicles his mission to round up all of the world's abandoned shopping carts (literally). It's surely one of the more entertaining videos on our list.

2. HubSpot



HubSpot happens to be Lean Labs' automated marketing software of choice. However, this video isn't about the software itself; it's about the product team behind it. It serves as both a recruiting video and a marketing video, providing an inside glimpse into the values of the HubSpot team.

The background music, lighting, and candid interviews all work together to create an intimate experience. Here HubSpot shows just how effective employee testimonials can be.

3. Deloitte



Deloitte is a brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals, in independent firms throughout the world, collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and related services to clients (you can tell that description was taken from their website).

In this video, Deloitte also showcases the exceptional work environment they have created. In it, we hear from some of Deloitte's upper-management, discussing the importance of developing an environment for success. Additionally, employees discuss some unusual career opportunities they have experienced while working for the company.

Despite being simply produced, the video's down-to-earth approach creates an element of trust.

4. Oracle Eloqua



Oracle Eloqua is a marketing automation system for mid-to-large-sized businesses.

In "The Journey to Modern Marketing," Oracle chronicles the story of Modern Mark; the man on a mission to change the face of marketing for the better.

Admittedly, this one was a bit cheesy for my taste. However, Oracle seems to have had much success with the video's suspenseful music and hero-themed approach.

5. Method CRM



Method CRM is a software provider for small businesses. In this example, the company created an animated Explainer Video, detailing how a customer might use their services. The video depicts a mock case study that clearly outlines the benefits received from using Method CRM.

Th video clearly explains what to expect and the benefits that will be received. What could have been an extremely boring list of steps is instead told in an engaging story.

6. Taulia



Taulia is one of those B2B industries where boring marketing could easily put someone to sleep (had they approached it the wrong way). As a supply chain management services company, Taulia had quite a challenge when creating their video marketing concept.

However, the company managed to keep things light, humorous, and entertaining. This video humanized the company, making them more relatable to consumers.

7. Intel



While Intel undoubtedly has many different buyer personas, this case study focuses on game designers. Here the company succinctly addresses why they offer the right solution to the designer's problems.

Intel uses real-life interviews to enhance credibility and illustrate their products in action.

8. Schneider Electric



In this video, Schneider Electric shows how a boring ole' facility manager sent a llama around the world, making a certain little girl very happy. Instead of focusing on the technical aspects of what their products accomplish, the company creatively illustrates the company's mission in an enjoyable format.

9. Virgin Media Group & HootSuite



How does HootSuite help Virgin Media more effectively serve its customers? This video is a great example of what can happen when organizations with similar missions come together. Despite the fact that Virgin Media is promoting HootSuite's products, their mission is front and center.

10. Slack



It's no secret that we couldn't get anything done around here without Slack. The enterprise messaging app allows our team to communicate quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

This video illustrates exactly that in a humorous example that applies to real life. Again, it all goes back to storytelling.




Workfront sells collaborative project management software. Proving once again that B2B doesn't have to be boring, Workfront created a video depicting a common office situation: The dreaded aspects of email.

This is the type of video colleagues want to share with peers who "get it."

12. Volvo Trucks



This video has generated more than 86 million views.

How? It features Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two impressively sized vehicles.

Considering the video was released by Volvo, the production quality here is no less than the top-of-the-line. This one's all about creating a surprising, awe-inspiring impression. According to Ad Week, the video directly impacted the brand and sales.

13. ZenDesk



ZenDesk provides customer service software. In this video, an older couple is shown bickering with one another. Despite the misunderstanding, the viewer is lead to believe the couple indeed loves one another. This is similar to the sort of interaction that customer service reps often face when fielding complaints.

In this video, the ZenDesk is not selling software - they are selling "better communication between people."

14. Sprint



In this video, Sprint takes viewers through the narrative of someone setting up a new office in a new city. The video details all the challenges, annoyance and pitfalls that can be experienced in such a situation. Eventually, the video introduces Sprint Business' communication service as the solution. Clearly, Sprint understands what problems their product is seeking to solve.

15. Risual



This one's a bit unusual; instead of introducing customers to the problem they solve, or wowing them with impressive feats, Risual has a good time making fun of themselves. The company is counting on prospects wanting to do business with other likable human beings instead of faceless drones.

What do you think?

Did they pull it off?

16. Practicus



Practicus is a consulting firm; visit their Website, and you won't immediately understand what they do (they could improve upon that, in my opinion). However, the firm did a fantastic job of explaining a complex topic with this animated video.

Explainer animations are effective at translating challenging topics into visual metaphors to speed up comprehension.

17. Freshbooks



In this video, Sarah, a Freshbooks customer, gives her testimonial of how the company's services have helped her in a significant way.

The two-camera setup adds richness to what could otherwise be a boring, one-camera interview. When you do great work, and have raving fans as customers, the best videos you can make might just be of them. 




This is my favorite video on the list. It simultaneously illustrates exactly what to do and what not to do.

Winner of the 2015 Shorty Award for Best in B2B, the video takes a comical look at everything wrong with commercials today.

Agency Dissolve, originally written by Kendra Eash for McSweeney's Internet Tendency, paired the content with stock footage to illustrate their core message: "Don't make another crappy marketing video; call us instead."

The Best B2B Marketing Videos of All Time

What did all of these videos have in common?

  1. They all held a clear point of view.
  2. They wasted no time grabbing the attention of their target audiences.
  3. They all looked and sounded professional (even with varying budgets).
  4. They were all kept relatively brief.

We hope you have found some inspiration from our list of "The best B2B marketing videos of all time."

Got an idea for your company's next video? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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