Get Smart With Video Marketing For Efficient Lead Generation

Videos make up a huge part of the content we consume. You might see a social media post talking about the latest product from a brand. Maybe you’ll find a trailer to a video collaboration for an upcoming business conference? Either way, they are everywhere.

The important thing to know is that they work wonders for marketing.

As these top lead generation statistics tell us, video marketing campaigns are a different way to generate leads. Not only do they build trust, but they also provide visitors with valuable information. That’s why over 90% of customers say videos help them make their decision. So why aren’t more businesses using them?

Businesses don’t always see the link between video marketing and lead generation. When you use a video in the right way, you can generate strong leads and get an impressive return on investment. It’s the ideal marketing tool to improve leads and build relationships with your customers!

Smart Video Marketing for Efficient Lead Generation

The beauty of video marketing is that it is diverse. You have so much potential when it comes to the content you create, but here are some suggestions to help you generate leads through video marketing.

Create a Brand or Introduction Video

We already know that having a solid brand identity can be the groundwork for developing customer loyalty, increasing client retention, and generating leads. Take a moment to think about how you currently communicate your brand to the customer.

An effective way to do this is with a brand or introduction video. Successful businesses will have a video right on their homepage. As soon as a potential client visits their website, they’ll get everything they need to make a decision. They’ll learn what the business is about, what services you provide, and discover your brand identity…all in the space of a few minutes.

Brand and introduction videos are teaser trailers for your business. They provide your clients with the information they need without overloading them. It’s a bite-sized introduction to your products and it works! According to Wyzowl, 94% of marketers said that their video marketing had led to a greater understanding of their products or services.

Using a brief introduction video on your homepage is going to help your potential customers and earn you business.

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Record Videos for Customer Needs

The needs of customers should be at the center of your business. More and more businesses are moving to an omnichannel retail strategy for that reason. It gives them a clearer understanding of client needs and helps them to meet those needs.

So what are your clients’ needs? What do they need help with?

They’ll find the answers to their questions in things like FAQs, but when it comes to looking at a video or reading text, most will opt to watch a video. Take the content from your FAQs and turn it into an informative video to help answer their questions. You can even add timestamps to the video to help your customers find the answers they need.

Such informative video content also provides your clients with a friendly face and will build on their relationship with your customer support team. You can head off any of the big queries they have ahead of time, provide them with the tools they need, and even make a sale. It will increase marketing team efficiency in your business with targeted content designed to meet the needs of your client base.

Personalize Follow-Up Emails with Videos

The sales function within any business is an important one. By blending your marketing and sales approach, you can achieve more effective and profitable customer interactions. Some businesses have opted to use sales enablement to achieve this. These processes combine sales and marketing functions with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to deliver exceptional customer service.

When you combine sales enablement with sales productivity tools, you have a winning formula. But how can you build on sales productivity and lead generation with video marketing? By turning to your sales team.

Your sales team spends a lot of time in contact with your customers. They understand their needs best of all, and they will have built up trust with them. They may know about their concerns and be able to address them, too. Further that relationship with a video. 

Your sales team can either use a webcam or a smartphone to create a video to send to clients as part of their follow-up. It is personalized to their needs, making future interactions worth it. After all, you’ve taken the time to create a personal video for them, so they are more likely to get back in contact with you.


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Gate Your Video Content

When you “gate” your content, the customer must take specific steps to unlock it. This could be through providing specific information to tailor the content to their needs or contact information so that the content goes straight to their email address. You’ve likely had some experience of this as a customer.

Used effectively, gated content helps businesses gain your interest before asking you to open the gate. Providing the details they ask for shows that you are ready to engage with them, making you a promising lead.

What about using gates in business? When you put a turnstile in the right place in your video marketing, you will find that your lead generation and conversion rate increases. It’s all about where you put it.

Did you know that waiting until the very end of the video means that you aren’t as likely to convert? According to Ted Vrountas, the best place is either 20-30 percent or 60-70 percent of the way through.

At these points, you’ll have given the customer vital information but not so much that they have lost interest. They’ll want to know more, which is why gating your content can help lead generation.

Another key takeaway from this research is that requiring people to complete the information leads to greater success. When presented with the option of giving that information or leaving the website, most will fill in a form at 25 percent or 65 percent of the way through the video. They want to finish the video and so they will tell you what it is that you want to know.

Use Video Testimonials

When businesses receive great feedback, it usually makes its way onto their website and social media platforms. The problem is that you will usually see either a direct quote or an image incorporating the customer’s words. That’s a good way to show off the feedback that you’ve received, but it could be better.

Why not try video testimonials?

Video testimonials are an excellent tool to use. When you create a compelling video with an emotional charge, it helps drive conversions. Had a client voiced their frustrations over previous experiences before they came to you? Use that to your advantage. 

Chances are there are many others in your customer base with similar experiences. By showing you have the skills to help meet their needs, you are more likely to generate leads and convert.

You could even host a mini-conference to discuss positive feedback and collaborate with your clients on testimonials. It will make getting their amazing feedback and turning it into valuable content even easier.

Not convinced that video testimonials are right for your business? Look at the return on investment for them. The chances are that you are already using marketing software to keep track of your ROI and conversion rates, but this is the chance to see your marketing team and the content they create shine. 

In a study by VocalVideo, most enterprises and large organizations saw 100 percent or more return on investment from video testimonials. The numbers are impressive, and when you get the formula right, you’ll find that adding testimonials to your video marketing strategy is the way to go for improving lead generation. 


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Video Marketing and Lead Generation

The advantages of video marketing for lead generation are many. For a start, people are more likely to watch and engage with video content. Long blocks of text can be challenging to read, while a video is easier to keep up with. Videos can also boost your SEO rankings and help to build brand awareness amongst your potential client base.

The world has changed a lot over the last few years, and video marketing is on the rise!

One of the big benefits we have seen through changing technology is that creating the right video marketing content is now much easier. Cloud computing means that your marketing team will find it easier than ever to collaborate on projects. Whether they are in the office or working remotely, they can work on the same project in real-time. 

Help your team make the most of the greater ease of creating truly impactful video content. Follow our tips above, and you’ll soon see just how much effective video marketing can help your lead generation.

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