Web Design vs. Marketing: Which Should Be First Priority?

Answer yourself this question, “If I came to my site, would I be inclined to buy from me?” 

You have just answered the question of priority. Web design and marketing are extremely valuable to a successful company. Both are needed to improve your company's brand and visibility, which creates a great customer experience; bringing additional growth to your business. 

Your website reflects you as a company. It is the medium in which your marketing flows. 

Web Design vs. Marketing: Which Comes First?

You may have a marketing guru blazing the trail for your company, but if you have a poor web design you will only be hurting your future success. 

A poorly designed website affords a couple questions:

  • First, with a mediocre or sub-par design, the question no doubt would be, “If this is their site what is the actual product like?” 
  • Second, “If there was so little consideration placed on the presentation of this product what else was not considered?”

There is no doubt that success requires both a rock solid web design and an impeccable marketing strategySo have a plan and be intentional. Be intentional by evaluating the overall aspirations of your company and your product. 

In doing this, you’ll position your company in the right direction to build a solid web design and marketing strategy to give you customers a great experience that meets their needs. In meeting their needs, they’ll address the needs of your company.

Finding the Right Balance Between Website and Marketing Spend

You Don’t Need a $250,000 Class Leading Website to Start Marketing. Here’s what you need to make it count:

1. Focus on a Growth Driven Design

Your website can launch quickly or be altered to a satisfactory level with blueprints to grow when you arrive at the next phase.

2. Keep it FRESH

Web design is always adapting to new consumer trends. Keep up with the current industry standards. You very well may not need an entirely new website, just an exceptional revamp. Change isn’t a bad thing, one of its definitions is to arrive at a fresh phase; become new.

3. Start marketing as soon as possible. 

Get the inferno blazing and start adding fuel to the fire.

4. Remember your plan.

Finding the right design for your budget will require you focusing on your goals in mind.

Not sure where to start or what phase you’re in? You can always consult with someone who has expertise in this area.

Where are you currently?

What is your current web design? Is it non-existent or stagnant? Are you starting from scratch or revamping?

If you’re a highly established brand that generates an enormous amount of traffic and leads, it will make little to no sense to retrogress to a primitive web design. Your design may already be graded at an 8.5 or 9 out of 10. 

Consider adding to what you have and repurpose your design to keep up with trending consumer demand.

If you’re under 7.5, consider a revamp or redesign. 

Generate some momentum and let the snowball effect do the work. That may require you, however, doing some self-evaluation and determining where your web design is lacking currently. Are you under what is deemed acceptable for your industry?

Why is knowing where I am even important? If you don’t know where you are it will be tough to know where you’re going. Attempt to look at your design from the perspective of an individual that is completely ignorant of your company. From that perspective, you can generate where you are so you can set the coordinates for where you want to go.

Remember Your Priorities.

What is the grand design for your website? Is it to generate leads and offer your customers world-class content and product or just simply exist?

If you want to generate leads and give your customers quality content, consider starting with a 7.5/10 website so you can focus your budget and attention on marketing. 7.5 will get the job done. 

Ship It, And Start Marketing

Remember, Growth Driven Design. You’ll get to a 10 in due time. But, absolutely do not wait until you reach 10 before you start marketing. 

If you do, you’ll lose valuable time and potential customers.

Simply put, your website and web design are vital. Again, it's the agency that you use to raise your visibility and awareness for your brand that in turn translates into a greater customer experience.

Don’t feel overwhelmed that you haven't paid an extreme amount of money for your website. Make sure it's fresh up-to-date with current standards. Evaluate where you are and keep YOUR priorities at the top of the list. In doing this, you're setting yourself up for success.

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