3 Benefits of HubSpot Sequences for Sales Teams

Where should you put the blame when sales are low? 

Before shifting your thoughts to your sales staff, the answer may be your sales process. If your sales team is not using the right software and sales processes to run efficiently and effectively, they will end up chasing down leads that turn out to be unqualified.

To ease the friction of a new sale, keep your sales staff on target, and meet deadlines with time to spare, you need efficiency embedded into your sales process. In this article, you will learn three incredible benefits of using our pick for the best sequence software around, HubSpot.

HubSpot Sequences: 3 Benefits for Sales Productivity

What if there was a way to automate some of the routine tasks that slow down your sales pipeline? How much would it boost productivity?

Our team has tested out software after software to find the best one that helps increase sales staff productivity, convert more online and offline leads, and offer extensive training. Our pick is HubSpot, hands down.

HubSpot offers an excellent toolset that specializes in improving sales conversion in coordination with your marketing team, making your process streamlined and seamless.

These tools are what HubSpot calls sequences within their HubSpot Sales software. Sequences are essentially automation tools that can help your sales team cut down sales cycle time and increase close rates using hands-off technology. 

1. Save Time with Automated Follow-Ups

A common problem sales teams face is being overburdened with lead communication. Keeping up with who opened which emails, which leads responded, and what services to offer them is hard enough, but when the data isn't centralized and automated, it creates inefficiencies.

HubSpot's sequences can help your team set up automated follow-up responses within your HubSpot dashboard. The manual work can be done ahead of time where you pick which contacts' journey you would like to be automated, which path you would like to lead them down, and how you would like to personalize your messages. The rest is done by the HubSpot Sales software automatically.

So, how will your sales staff stay on top of the sales process? Once your contacts have been enrolled into a sequence, HubSpot automatically will notify you when an action or response has been made. Those responses will also be tracked within HubSpot, allowing your sales team to follow where each contact is in the sales process.

2. Improve Conversions with Data Tracking

Once you have automated your email sequences, how do you analyze if it's working? Within HubSpot, you can track the data of top-performing emails and also analyze opportunities where you can improve. This will allow you to make adjustments to each sequence for better conversion results. 

The data tracked can also provide insight for your sales staff to get very specific with their messaging. With increased context about when and how leads respond to your emails, your team can send tailored and targeted messaging backed by data; rather than guessing what will work.

The most beneficial part of using analytics to improve your conversion rates is that your team can spend their time closing deals and nurturing new leads rather than chasing after unqualified ones. Without this data, scaling personalized and contextualized content would be incredibly difficult and time-consuming for the average sales team.

3. Sync Your Existing Software With HubSpot Integrations

Team members may feel reluctant to adopt new tools for many reasons, but HubSpot makes it easy to integrate their software into already existing workflows. Whether you’re using GSuite, Outlook, Office365, or regular Gmail, HubSpot’s Sales integration processes are seamless.

By HubSpot having automated connections with those software companies, this helps you skip over the manual integration work and gets your staff adjusting quickly on HubSpot.

Each sales rep can also customize their sequence from the team’s templates to better fit their own sales style. This way, team members can add their own personal touch while not straying too far from the pack.

Improving Sales Productivity with HubSpot's Sequences Tool

If you are noticing that there is a bottleneck within your companies’ sales process but can’t seem to pinpoint the problem, try to look at the sales process in its entirety. Chances are, it’s not a motivation problem but instead an optimization problem. 

HubSpot’s sequences might just be that silver bullet for your company to break through that threshold. By helping your sales staff automate the tasks that would take an incredible amount of time to do manually, it’ll free up more time for them to close sales. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to optimize your sales processes with HubSpot, check out our free HubSpot Savings Guide to help you save 60% off of your first year.

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