How a Rebrand and New Website Increased Conversion Rates 212%

How a Rebrand and New Website Increased Conversion Rates 212%

What do you do when you're an older, established company who hasn’t kept their brand current and evolving with market trends? That was the case a few months ago when The Predictive Index, then called PI Worldwide, approached us to help them rebrand and create a new website.

The Predictive Index offers a simple methodology that allows businesses to understand what drives the behaviors of their workforce through scientifically validated assessments, workforce assessment software, and management training workshops.

They help business leaders select, hire, and successfully onboard the best-fitting employees, manage and develop people better, and ultimately allow teams to work better together through self-awareness and an appreciation for workplace diversity. They pride themselves on a simple to use, and easy to understand assessment administration and taking process.

Over 2.5 million people take their assessments and over 7,000 people are trained in their workshops annually.

The Problem

The Predictive Index is a 60-year old company, and although they made a few attempts throughout their life to remain current, their brand and website presence had become somewhat dated. The look and feel of the website was cold and generic. Also, their messaging was by and large still aligned to outdated best practices. The company changed ownership towards the end of 2014. The new management team immediately starting making significant investments to enhance the product line and revitalize the brand, messaging, and market positioning. The new brand identity had to convey the fresh and modern approach the company was taking while considering the well-established brand and products that its 8,000+ clients know and love.

They changed their name from PI Worldwide, which didn't really communicate anything, to The Predictive Index, which is a clearer label of what they are.

They wanted a website that focused less on who they were and what made them great to how their products and services can help their customers achieve maximum velocity toward their business initiatives. They are a company that is dedicated to helping businesses decode the human element of their organization. Simply put, they are a brand that is all about people.

People are complex.

People are different.

The Predictive Index helps businesses achieve their business dreams through the lens of people, and their website had to convey that.

That's where Lean Labs comes in. Our job was to help with the rebranding effort, to refresh the brand essence, style, character, message, and visuals, to allow The Predictive Index to bring color, energy, and diversity to the workforce assessment space through its brand.

The Project

For this project, we focused on standard engagement metrics. We wanted to both understand how people were using the site and engaging with the content. This ultimately leads, of course, to lead generation metrics to understand how your message is connecting and converting leads.

If the new website could significantly increase standard user engagement, and ultimately lead generation, we would consider the rebranding a success.

The Process

We wanted to move from a brochure-style corporate website with many unnecessary, thin pages with dead ends, to a more modern inbound site with a crafted site flow and buyers journey. This new website would take users on a logical progression, giving them the information they need when they need it, routing them by design to conversion opportunities.

To accomplish this, we worked with the same process we always do, gathering information and identifying key message points. However, with The Predictive Index, we were working with a team of very good marketers.

They already had detailed buyer personas, information about buying stages, and the needs and triggers of their target customers. The challenge was that we had pages upon pages of customer data, and only one homepage.

We always start with creating the buyer's journey, which starts with personas and the value proposition map. This helps us match their customers' needs, wants, feelings and fears to features, benefits, feelings after using, and answering the fears and objections. We use this to craft the site message, flow, and structure - putting in place a buying journey that funneled visitors to logical conversion points across the website.

The Predictive Index carried a good part of the load too. They wrote all the messaging for the site and supplied fantastic graphics for placement throughout the website. A lot of the "pop" you see in the website is due to the high attention to messsaging and graphical emphasis.

Once the site had been crafted, we implemented it onto the HubSpot platform, for easier management of landing pages, more attractive forms, and more effective pages for the site.


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The Results

The Predictive Index's new website launched two months ago, and the results have been pretty impressive. Comparing the 2 months since launch to the previous two months, we have seen exciting results:

  • Page Views Per Session Increased 15%
  • Bounce Rate is Down 5%
  • Total Page Views Increased 16%

These are all positive engagement metrics, but the ultimate test comes from the lead generation results:

  • Since launch, conversion rates have increased 212%
  • In the 2 months leading up to launch, they had generated 520 inbound leads through their website. In the 2 months since launching the new website, they have generated 1,456 inbound leads. An increase of 179% in just 60 days.

Keeping the Momentum

The team at The Predictive Index understand marketing and have determined not to rest on the hypothesis of ideas we launched. Even though their website is experiencing impressive growth, there is an incredible opportunity to keep improving user experience and conversion flow.

Phase one of their new site launched in less than 10 weeks. Several additions have been made in the weeks since launch. In 2016, The Predictive Index is going to keep working with Lean Labs on a Growth Driven Design basis, testing new ideas and continuously reviewing, refreshing and revising their site to optimize results long-term.

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