7 Powerful HubSpot Tools That Will Take Your Marketing and Sales to the Next Level

A surprisingly large number of HubSpot users don't realize the true power of the tools they have access to.

We're talking customer service tools, marketing channels, sales pipelines, and more. They're powerful because these tools let you execute and optimize your strategy instead of working on the vehicle the whole time.

To make it easier for you to see what's available, we've built a list of the seven tools that can give your business a noticeable boost in performance. And, if you make full use of them, you may find an exponential difference in the ROI.

7 HubSpot Tools You Need for Maximizing Your Marketing and Sales

To best optimize your marketing and sales, you should make use of everything HubSpot offers. The platform provides you with the tools to streamline your processes and makes them intuitive to use.

Part of HubSpot's subscription process includes onboarding. This will bring your entire team up to speed on the full suite of tools they can integrate into their work. But if you're interested in skipping the fee that's tied to the onboarding process, you should check out our HubSpot Savings Guide, where we can save you nearly 70% on your first year. We've even thrown in some bonuses to help you get started faster.

1. Automated Workflows


HubSpot's automations enable marketers to visualize, customize, and personalize their workflows. This means you can send triggered emails to provide the right content to your audience at the right time for them.

Additionally, you can establish triggered internal notifications that are linked to the CRM. Without requiring code, you can automate contact updates as they interact with your content.

For example, leads can be scored based on conditions or actions. If a user converts on an offer, it may move them into the marketing qualified lead status without needing manual input. This makes the handoff from marketing to sales that much easier.

2. Blog Optimization


Most companies have taken the dive into content marketing, but not all are optimizing their content for the search engines. With HubSpot's blog optimization tools, you'll never wonder if you've met all the requirements for your content to climb the SERPs.

The blog optimization tool stops you from overlooking simple requirements of SEO. This gives every piece of content a better chance at success. From "as-you-type" keyword suggestions to on-page SEO advice, the tool provides everything you need to outrank the competition.

3. Campaigns


Many platforms will track analytics, but many don't break down the metrics for specific campaigns. With HubSpot's Campaign management tool, you can decide which marketing assets to collect under one focus, and see the results.

This means all content that's aligned to a specific goal can be viewed together, including articles, emails, CTAs, and more. It lets you see how your efforts are coming together at each stage of the buyer's journey. You can also compare content to see what's engaging your audience best.

Campaigns allow you to set a budget and goals so that you can track progress towards your requirements in real-time. This makes it incredibly easy to validate your strategies and adjust your marketing approach.

4. Smart CTAs


Nearly every page on your site has a CTA. But what happens when they've already converted on the offer? Will they be bombarded with the same CTA on different pages?

Smart CTAs conquer this problem by identifying whether a user has converted on the offer already and then presenting the logical next step in the buyer's journey. This is a simple way to offer something that guides the individual at their own pace.

Depending on the nature of your offers, you could essentially optimize your entire site with these CTAs. Never again would you miss a chance to convert a user because they see a CTA they've already downloaded.

5. Topic Cluster Tool


The topic cluster tool is a way to verify your content marketing efforts are working. Because search engines will promote the topic you're focused on, as well as the keywords, it's essential to make sure everything is linked and lined up.

The tool works by letting you assign a pillar page you can then plan your content around. When deciding on your keywords, the tool will offer recommendations based on previous content you've written, keyword difficulty, and search volume.

If using the Content Performance view, you can link up to 100 subtopic keywords. With the graphical view, you can link up to twenty different subtopics that fall within the same scope. When established, the lines that connect each node will turn green if they're linked to the pillar.

The topic cluster tool is extremely useful for building your website's authority and deliberately providing users with valuable internal links.

6. Analytics


While Google Analytics is useful, it's not nearly as intuitive as HubSpot's native platform.

HubSpot Analytics enables you to measure the whole marketing funnel., meaning the entire customer lifecycle can be tracked as a user turns into a customer. Reports can be broken down by an extensive range of conditions and contact properties, giving you more insights with less effort.

Your website's performance, traffic, and campaigns can be measured by both the quantity and quality of your marketing efforts. You can analyze pages based on the marketing channels or specific asset that drew in traffic.

HubSpot's Analytics tool is designed with growth in mind, providing you the data for making decision in your marketing and sales strategies.

7. Deals

HubSpot's Deals tool enables you to set up pipelines to predict revenue. It also allows you to identify roadblocks in the selling process by showing where customers are getting hung up.

The entire process is graphically displayed in sales stages, so your entire sales team can see where customers are in the pipeline. This provides them with valuable information they can use to engage leads as they move towards closing.

Deals pipelines and stages can be customized to fit the specific needs of your team. By using the Workflows tool, you can even automate the process of moving a contact into different stages based on their actions, making the entire process seamless.

Using HubSpot to Grow Your Brand

HubSpot is a valuable resource, but it requires some implementation to discover everything it's capable of offering. If you can incorporate these tools into your marketing and sales systems, you'll find benefits to your process that set you up for success.

While HubSpot will onboard your team to bring you up to speed fast, we've found that organizations can benefit from additional help. That's why we created our savings guide. It'll show you where you can save massive amounts on your first year, and points out what package is best for your business.

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