Is A HubSpot Certification Worth It? A Real-User Review

While continuing education is important in any field, it's especially relevant in digital marketing. Keep your head down too long, and you will be left behind.

The good news? There is no shortage of both free and paid training online.

HubSpot provides certifications in a variety of areas, including: Content Marketing, Inbound Sales, Sales Enablement, Email Marketing and Growth-Driven Design. The organization also offers training on using their respective automated sales and marketing platforms.

If you have been considering taking a Hubspot Certification program, this article is for you. Here I will break down the primary benefits and practicalities of getting certified.


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A Review of My HubSpot Certification Experience

A HubSpot Certification is a free and valuable tool for building your knowledge base, demonstrating your capacity for different tasks, and advancing in your career. The HubSpot Academy offers 15 certification tracks, including Inbound Marketing, Growth Driven Design, Frictionless Sales, Email Marketing, and more.

My initial reason for taking HubSpot's Inbound Certification program was because a previous supervisor recommended it. Though I had already been working as a copywriter for several years, I was just beginning to work with clients who were executing serious inbound campaigns. 

Just what is a serious campaign?

The kind of campaign that creates unique content for each stage of the Buyer's Journey and nurtures leads through the help of automated marketing software. While it's not uncommon for the average company to experiment with some form of content marketing, very few are actually practicing methodical inbound campaigns. My supervisor said this program would provide a good overview of what that looks like.

The entire program took around 4 hours to complete and was broken down into several short videos organized into topical sections. I was able to stop, save my work and come back later. Each section wrapped up with a quick quiz, and the course culminated in a multiple-choice-style final exam. I also had the option of downloading slides, charts and other useful resources.

Most HubSpot certifications follow a similar format.

Becoming HubSpot certified also provided me with exclusive access to the job board. The site is a trustworthy watering hole for high-caliber inbound agencies, marketing professionals, and content writers.

The only downside? The certification is good for just one year.

The Benefits of Being HubSpot Certified

Here's a breakdown of the benefits provided by HubSpot's three types of training programs:

HubSpot Software Certifications

This one is a no-brainer; anyone who uses Hubspot's marketing or CMS platforms can benefit from these training programs. HubSpot is a powerful tool that comes with a ton of automated lead nurturing capabilities. In fact, the Lean Labs team still learning about "new" features after having used the software for more than seven years. The companies who don't experience success with HubSpot generally aren't using the program to its full capacity.

HubSpot Marketing Certifications

If you are new to inbound marketing, these certifications provide a fantastic overview of what it entails. We actually recommend these programs to our clients who want to take a more active role in their online marketing campaigns. Seasoned online marketers may not learn anything new, however, the credential is valuable for establishing trust.

HubSpot Design Certifications

These programs focus on understanding how design and coding fits into the HubSpot framework. As any coder will tell you, there are usually several ways to achieve the same desired outcome in the coding world. The design certifications are valuable for developers who want to optimize their code for better results with HubSpot.

Is A HubSpot Certification Worth It?

I almost forgot to mention: Most HubSpot certifications are free!

While free is sometimes synonymous with junk, that is fortunately not the case here. HubSpot's videos are well-produced, the content is high-quality, and the programs are easy to navigate.

And the numbers speak for themselves: hundreds of thousands of individuals have gone through HubSpot Academy to date.

Ready to get off the fence and get certified? Simply, visit the Academy and choose your course!

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