B2B Technology Marketing Agency Review: Top 5 Solutions

From Web3 to the rise of AI, the Tech world continues to move at a frightening pace.

But one thing remains constant: people want to buy from people. Specifically, people they trust. Although, building trust isn’t all about who you know anymore.

Many B2B buyers want to conduct their journey on their terms.

They want to work with companies that are easy to engage with and facilitate their buyer journey. Companies that are purpose-driven, authentic, and diverse.

These are just some of the challenges (or opportunities) B2B technology companies have.

To succeed, your B2B company needs a marketing agency that’s future-facing and ready to bob and weave as necessary.

This is where the top marketing agencies shine. They aren’t afraid to pivot if something isn’t working, and they embrace the challenges marketing tech products and services brings.

This article highlights five top B2B technology marketing agencies so you can make an informed choice and drive growth in your business.


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Which B2B Technology Marketing Agency Should You go With?

Some companies believe that B2B marketing is complex. It requires a deep understanding of your customer’s needs, wants, and pain points. 

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You also need to effectively communicate the value of your product or service to multiple decision-makers.

But that’s not all. According to B2B marketing statistics, here’s what B2B buyers evaluate when deciding between available solutions:

  • Features or functionalities (72%)
  • Pricing (72%)
  • Reviews (59%)
  • Ease of use (56%)
  • The provider’s ability to solve a pain point (47%)

Don’t forget that buyers also want a personalized experience. So how can a marketing agency help?

The best marketing agencies are calm and focused and help you feel the same. They know if the market is changing.

They develop a deep understanding of your company, your industry, where your product or service fits in the market, and how you can best serve your customers.

They then develop a strategy and series of campaigns to bring qualified leads into your sales pipeline.

To take it one step further, top agencies don’t do it for you; they do it with you.


#1. New North

New North describes its marketing as ‘growth-focused.’ Industries they serve include hardware, SaaS, and professional services.

Their core focus is lead generation as opposed to branding.

Using digital and broadcast advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, and account-based marketing, New North aims to be agile.

That is, they balance long-term strategy with short-term opportunities to drive results and generate leads.

They’ve helped Fortune 500 firms and growing tech startups hit growth goals, enter new markets, and get acquired.

What customers say: New North made our site look more professional through their expert advice. We’ve seen an increase in referrals on the website, and we’re expecting to see more leads come through our website. - New North Client

#2: ProperExpression

ProperExpression is a full-stack agency that uses a data-driven approach and revenue marketing to drive profitable growth, ROI, and customer acquisition.

Whether you want to try growth marketing, demand generation, or sales optimization, ProperExpression has the expertise to help.

Their team comprises seasoned marketers with corporate experience who work with B2B and B2C brands.

They pride themselves on taking full responsibility for the user journey, from the first impression to purchase conversion, and help with strategy and execution.

What customers say: They identify opportunities for us to grow the business and optimize our campaign. The team continuously tries to find target audiences for testing so they’re on top of the industry. Also, ProperExpression benchmarks their own growth.” - ProperExpression Client

#3. Walker Sands

Walker Sands was founded in 2001. They’re 10-time Inc. 5000 honorees and pride themselves on being a fast-growing agency that helps clients realize the results they deserve.

Through unique, customized programs, Walker Sands look to challenge the status quo and help companies break out of the mold. They work across various industries.

However, they lean on tried and tested methods to achieve results at scale.

From branding to demand generation and marketing strategy to public relations, their 180-strong team can cover a lot of ground.

What customers say: “They gave us a slick and professional site that is easy to navigate and manage, both from a backend perspective and from a frontend user perspective. They were flexible and made a concerted effort to truly get to know us and our business.” - Walker Sands Client

#4. Disruptive 

Disruptive focuses on paid advertising, lifestyle marketing, and website optimization.

Working across various industries, from healthcare to legal, they see themselves as a partner and aim to build long-term relationships with clients.

They aim to reallocate or save wasted marketing dollars and set a foundation for lasting growth.

Using robust analytics, Disruptive measures how ads are performing, and pivots to ensure you can make the most impact.

They manage hundreds of millions of dollars in digital advertising budgets, and with a team of over 120, they are well-positioned to drive results for B2B technology companies nationwide.

What customers say: “We’ve had great success in our paid marketing channels since Disruptive has been managing our accounts. We continue to see year over year growth in terms of revenue, repeat purchases, and new customers. We’ve also hit new revenue milestones in our annual sales.” - Disruptive Client

#5. Lean Labs

At Lean Labs, we consider ourselves a growth partner. And we only work with B2B Tech and SaaS brands. Our approach is lean, data-oriented, and based on genuine partnership.

When you work with us, you’ll build a scalable growth system.

We’ll help you create a growth engine and reach goals with profitable customer acquisition by starting with a blueprint that replicates the go-to-market strategies of high-growth companies.

What sets us apart is our guarantee that you will grow. We only win if you win. If things aren’t moving in the right direction, we put in extra effort, on our dollar, to get you there.

What customers say: “Working with Lean Labs was a true eye-opener. The team has a proven development process, and they are invested in your success. The Growth Intensive is a well-thought-out program designed to dial in our needs and goals. It forced us to ask good questions and helped us realize that we weren’t asking the right ones. Definitely a paradigm shift.” - Lean Labs Client

The B2B Technology Marketing Agency That’s Right For You

Do you know what you’re looking for in a marketing agency?

You’ll need to narrow that down and think about resources and budget. If you want a full-stack service, you have the option. If you want to focus on paid ads, you can.

But if you want to partner with an agency, we’re ready to help.

Massive growth isn’t achieved through done-for-you engagements. You know your product and customers better than anyone else.

As your outsourced growth team, we work with you to draw out what you need to 10X your growth and develop a system for continued success.

Want to know exactly how we drive revenue and a 22% quarterly growth rate? Book a Growth Mapping Session today, and we’ll show you how you can do the same.

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