B2B Video Marketing: 9 Videos Every Company Should Create

Video content is a critical part of your marketing growth strategy.

You probably know that already, but you might not have pulled the trigger on creating video content. Would the following statistics convince you?

  • In 2020, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption, and
  • In 2022, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be made up of online videos–15 times higher than in 2017

We know there’s so much content you’re already producing, and you might think video is too expensive and time-consuming. But the benefits of video outweigh the costs.

Video offers your brand numerous avenues to explore, and the magic is in the endless possibilities that match your brand, values, and mission. You can create compelling content that your customers will want to watch and share by using video.

If all of this sounds overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start, don’t panic. This article will highlight the ten videos you should create for your B2B business. Once you’ve made them, you’ll be on a roll.


Why B2B Video Marketing is a Great Play

Video marketing allows you to engage your ideal audience effectively. You’re more likely to catch the attention of potential customers with excellent video content. Much like written content, you’ll need to have a video marketing strategy focused on education, engagement, and ultimately, telling people about your product or service.

For consumers, the benefits are clear. Video is a multi-sensory experience. Video is faster and easier to consume for people who don’t like reading long-form articles. It leaves a lasting impression, and customers get to know the person behind the content and brand. 

They’re more likely to align with your company if they see your human side and values (with the bonus of awesome products and services).

For small businesses, video allows you to reach and engage with your customers. Video shows up on the front page of Google more. It helps reduce the bounce rate on your website, landing pages, and social media feeds. YouTube videos rank higher on search pages.

Lastly, crush lead generation by using video to attract your ideal clients, engage with them by sharing valuable and relevant content, and delight them so that they share it with their network.

1. Video in the Attract Phase

When you’re trying to attract your ideal customer, your initial aim is to get their attention. Your ideal customers know something in their business process isn’t working, and they are trying to label their problem. 

By sharing relevant and engaging content that empathizes with their situation, you begin to build trust. You also drive organic search traffic to your website.

Here are three videos to expand your reach and educate your audience.


Explainer Videos

To attract ideal customers at this stage, consider awareness. You want to show how you can help consumers overcome their challenges with a solution that speaks to their worldview.

Essentially, explainer videos introduce a problem and explain how your product solves it. The trick is to talk about the problem and how your solution solves it without mentioning your product too much. Sounds counterproductive, right?

At this point, you’re not trying to sell your product. Your audience is only beginning to realize and understand their problem, so they want to explore the different solutions.

Types of videos that work well here are whiteboard animation and traditional animation. Consumers like animation because they’re an attractive and engaging way to communicate. You can break down complex ideas into simple steps. It’s also easier to guide a customer on a journey and direct them to essential information.

94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service.


Brand Films

Brand films showcase your company’s values and mission. If a prospect lands on your page after researching their symptoms and problems, they want to know who you are. They might believe that you could solve their problem and want to know more about you.

Brand videos allow you to show your human side. Are you friendly? Confident? Empathetic? You’d be surprised what consumers discover about you from a short video. Let your personality shine through.

Another upside is that your video showcases the core differences your company brings to the marketplace.

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How-to Videos

How-to videos are similar to explainer videos, but they showcase your solution from a high level without mentioning your brand too much. Instead, you’ll teach something new, educate your audience, and provide relevant tips for solving pain points.

How-to videos are also great for in-house onboarding! Employees can watch videos that explain crucial processes, which is especially important for remote working. Lean Labs uses Vidyard to create short videos where we share our screen and record a walkthrough of specific tasks.

Pro tip: In the attract phase, try not to talk about yourself too much! Try to make an excellent first impression by being empathetic and eager to help. Earn attention, don’t steal it.


2. Video in the Engage Phase

Now that you have an active audience, your next goal is to turn those visitors into leads. You want your audience to imagine themselves using your product and how they’ll feel once they’re successful.

At this stage, your audience is considering possible solutions to their problem. You can get ahead by creating content that further engages consumers and shows them exactly how your product or service works.


Product Demo

A product demo video is a how-to video in greater detail. Rather than showcasing your solution from a high level, you want to tell your audience and the problem it solves:

“Use this feature to get this result, so you can ____.”

Are there any particular features that help your product stand out? Do they solve specific problems? Here, a great play is to showcase your product or service in action and display the results.


Case Studies

Case studies are powerful. You get to tell a story of your service in use by an actual customer. This allows potential customers to see themselves in a current or former customer’s shoes.

The video needs to be powerful and concise. Take the viewer on a journey. Highlight every aspect of the buyer journey, from your customer discovering their problem to how you guided their growth and the eventual transformation.

You can show how your product or service solved the same problem for someone else. This type of video might be enough to convert a prospect if you use a compelling CTA and the right offer.


Landing Page Promotional Video

Traditionally, text or compelling copy is used on a landing page. And, of course, text is still important. But you could also try video. High converting landing pages are impactful and display the value of your offer quickly.

You might further illustrate the value of or walk a prospect through using your product or service. You can illustrate the benefits of using your product more engagingly. You might entertain them or play to their emotions.  

The video might also function as a way to present your offer in a way that makes it irresistible. A great way to get people to watch your video is to tease what’s in the video or presentation. Once they’ve watched it, a compelling CTA is a good play.


Video in the Delight Phase

You want your potential and current customers to share your videos with their networks and encourage customers to engage with your brand.

If you continue to educate your audience, highlight new products that enhance their experience, and go above and beyond expectations, you won’t just have customers; you’ll have fans.



Testimonials are like case studies but in short form. Get your customers to describe their problems, how they felt, and how your product or service solved their problems. More importantly, get them to explain how much they enjoy your product, how good your customer service is, and how easy it is to work with you.

They should talk about you more than your product or service.

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Educational Library

This is more than one video. You can see it as a collection or miniseries. A sure-fire way to keep your audience and customers engaged is to continually educate them. 

Build a library of product videos, how-tos, top tips, and trends. Become a leader in your market. Educational videos and new ways of thinking create shareable content. You can break down longer videos into snippets to distribute on social media and YouTube.

Your library will evolve, and as you add new services and features, you might include new product videos here. A powerful way to delight your customers is to personalize videos: “We just created this new product. What do you think?”


Live Streaming

Live video is gaining momentum, and audience engagement is 6x higher with live streaming.

Going live with your current audience offers a level of intimacy. Social media opens a window into our lives, and businesses can do the same.

You might go behind the scenes to show how you work, host live events, and film podcasts with thought leaders or current customers. An active audience opens the door to Q&As.

Live streaming provides a personal touch, and the more people see your face and interact with you, the more they’ll like and trust you.


B2B Video Marketing: Not as Scary as you Think

Like written content, video content takes time, effort, and investment. But the return on investment is worth the initial outlay.

You want the right people to consume your content, and creating videos for different stages on the buyer journey is a great place to start your B2B video marketing efforts.

Video is one part of your overall marketing strategy, and at Lean Labs, we’re all about the customer journey and how you can leverage it to reach the right people at the right time. Download our Growth Marketing Strategy Kit to learn more.

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