HubSpot Website Redesign: What You Need to Know to Do It Right

Inbound marketing is one of the most successful ways to generate leads. But what happens when inbound marketing doesn't work for you?

Believe it or not, the success of your inbound marketing initiatives is contingent on one significant component. If your website isn't set up to match the preferences, expectations, and needs of your ideal customer, it can't support inbound. You'll only invest more time and budget into fixing a marketing strategy that can't deliver what you need.

However, with a website that supports the buyer journey and operates using a COS or Content Optimization System like HubSpot, you can build the site that your customers and your team deserve. With a website that serves as a member of your team, you can work non-stop to engage, nurture, and collect high-quality leads.

Thanks to approaches like Growth Driven Design and the lean methodology, all it takes to get that kind of site is the right process.

How To Approach A HubSpot Website Redesign

The first step to your new website is choosing your COS. However, HubSpot is known for being expensive, which deter a lot of people from using the platform. But what you may not know is that HubSpot is sometimes unnecessarily expensive because of one simple reason.

People don't know how to use it. There's a cost to the learning curve and additionally, the time and energy spent looking for plug-ins, integrations, and custom coding solutions to do what HubSpot already does costs you even more in the long-run.

And in the short-term, you'll burn through your budget trying to generate results from less productive, costlier tactics. Instead, you can adopt HubSpot and follow a Growth Driven Design methodology. With that in mind, you can rock a HubSpot website redesign, cut down on the costs, and end up with an exceptional website.

#1. Get The Right Subscription at the Right Time

There are costs for onboarding and building your website on HubSpot. But you don't need to pay for these right away. Because when you're first working on a website redesign, you need time to perfect your website strategy, outline your sitemap and website pages, and write your copy. None of that requires the use of HubSpot. If you wait and focus on your strategy and content first, you can save a few hundred dollars and only start using the platform when you need to start uploading pages.

#2. Hire An Expert Partner

With so many day-to-day responsibilities, it can be difficult to gain traction with a website redesign. You can't do everything yourself and get the site you deserve. That's why so many companies partner with an agency. If you choose an agency that's also a HubSpot partner, you get even more benefits. It decreases your learning curve and increases the chances that you will be successful with your inbound efforts.

We help you come up with an excellent strategy, do the keyword research, help set up the workflows and nurturing and other initiatives that will help you reach of your goals. The best part is that some (including us) can even help you save money on onboarding and training with HubSpot, and have done redesigns hundreds of times. You'll pay for that convenience upfront, but you can trust that you have someone by your side that knows what they're doing.

#3. Keep A Laser Focus On Your Customer

Before planning out anything for your website, go back to your buyer personas and buyer journey. You need to make sure you have the most accurate and correct information about your audience before investing too much time and energy into your site strategy. If you haven't updated those in a while, you want to take care of that before moving forward.

Otherwise, you're going to operate off inaccurate and outdated insights, which will trickle down and impact ALL of your sales and marketing efforts. Website aside, those incorrect assumptions will result in marketing and sales campaigns that won't work as well, setting your team up to fail. You can use our one-page buyer persona and buyer journey documents to refresh (both available in our strategy kit.)

#4. Match Website Content To The Buyer Journey

Once you have the right buyer journey, you can start to strategize how you will create content to support every stage. You can build website pages, landing pages, offers, and messaging to move the customer from stage to stage. All you need to do is figure out how those materials will translate into website and landing pages that facilitate the needs of your customer.

After deciding which website and landing pages you need for each stage, you can draft a sitemap to establish your entire site architecture. You can use the sitemap to plan out how pages will connect to each other, which pages need call-to-action, where those CTAs will go, etc. Using all of this, you can outline the structure of each page, determining the flow of messaging on every page.

#5. Substantial Time For Messaging

When you're done planning your pages and the structure of each, you can start writing website content. You want to craft the kind of message that addresses the primary objections and challenges of your customer, so this should take a healthy amount of time. Because although it's called a website redesign, when you update your website, it's more of a website re-messaging.

You want the site to look nice, but what you need is a website that speaks to your customer. You need to tell them a story about who they are, and how you can elevate them and make them a hero. You want to convince them that you will help them overcome their challenges. And that kind of message only comes through with using excellent copy.

Pulling Off A Flawless Redesign

Ironically, a redesign is less about aesthetics and more about your customer. You need to stay abreast of the trends and expectations in your industry, what your competitors are doing, and how you can provide the best support and guidance. Otherwise, you will struggle to bring in leads or make inbound marketing work.

With HubSpot, building this kind of website and deploying successful inbound initiatives is within reach. All you need is to get into the head of your customer and create the type of website they find engaging. To learn more about we create the kinds of website strategies that build better sites, check out our SprocketRocket Strategy Kit. There is every template you need to plan a site redesign, with or without HubSpot, and it's free to download. 

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