Why Is HubSpot So Expensive? And Other Questions to Ask

What's the price of being a butt pimple on the internet?

I'll answer that in a moment, but first a word about HubSpot pricing. HubSpot is one of the most popular, and effective marketing and sales platforms out there.

But, it’s not cheap.

HubSpot is our marketing tool of choice. In fact, we rarely work with a client if they aren't willing to buy (or already have) HubSpot. However, the price tag can be a roadblock for some marketers.

The initial investment shouldn't be the focus. Teams that find solutions that are initially cheaper aren't always effective in the long-term. The cost of not using a tool like HubSpot is much more significant.

Why Is HubSpot So Expensive?

Just because you do marketing, doesn't mean HubSpot is the right fit. Most of HubSpot's customers are companies with 10-to-50 employees. The company tends to target organizations up to 2,000 employees. If you fall into that range, the platform is worth investigating.

For companies that HubSpot is a fit for, focusing solely on the upfront costs is a mistake. To properly assess fit, evaluate how the platform can fit into your processes, your team, and support your overall marketing goals and objectives. That's where the value is.

Without using a tool like HubSpot, teams look to solutions that require multiple platforms. Finding a solution that requires less of an upfront investment still requires time, energy, and resources. But with HubSpot, the effort spent researching various tools, installing plugins, custom coding forms to make them work correctly, etc., is reallocated to getting marketing and sales initiatives up and running.

For what you don’t understand, there are the invaluable resources of HubSpot Academy. For what breaks or doesn’t work, there’s HubSpot Support. From the start, HubSpot has your back, and that reliability and peace of mind feed into the price.

So the reasoning behind the price is the wrong question, and in this article, we'll go more into depth about why.

Why Does it Cost So Much?

With or without a tool like HubSpot, goals still need to be met. Everyone on your team needs to be held accountable to meet or even exceed those goals. To properly evaluate performance, progress requires consistent, accurate tracking.

Even without using the platform, your team will still require the capabilities something like HubSpot features. As a result, you’ll need to tape together other solutions. It will include tools to manage social media, a dynamic CRM, and plugins to tackle SEO, intuitive forms, and more.

Then, good luck at getting all those plugins and tools to work together.

Once all of those tools are set up, you will still need to bridge gaps. Processes will have to be established and communicated to the team. Reporting and tracking will need to be monitored closely, to ensure your platforms are passing data correctly.

So without investing in HubSpot, your team will be responsible for running, managing, maintaining, as well as reporting on the performance and effectiveness of the independently functioning platforms. This is why HubSpot is so valuable.

HubSpot does all of this work for you. That's why we like it, we work on marketing, not on the tools.

What is the Expense Of Inefficiency?

Anyone can set a goal, but without a consistent way to measure and execute that particular goal, you will not meet it. One of the reasons HubSpot is so expensive is the vast efficiency of the tool. Aside from just how quickly assets can be created and launched, having the tools, resources, training, and information all in one place drastically cuts back on your team’s time.

But without a solution like HubSpot, teams will need to invest time into learning how to use the tools you’re using instead. When something doesn’t work, they’ll have to figure it out. Cut to your team members combing through Google or Quora to frantically get answers before a deadline.

Over time, less robust solutions will likely be much more expensive. The return won’t nearly be as high. In the meantime, your team will be forced to pick up the slack, making them far less productive and very likely, not as fulfilled.

Using HubSpot helps teams move faster because the tool does the hard work.

What is the Value Of Productivity?

When teams are spread too thin or have too many tools to work with, they’re less productive. While multitasking seems efficient, in reality, it reduces productivity by nearly 40%. This is why multiple platforms and tools complicate strategies and processes.

HubSpot, on the other hand, helps teams focus and track the effectiveness of their strategies. Everything is all in one place. The powerful features of HubSpot make a good marketing strategy great in execution.

For businesses that understand the importance of marketing, and the satisfaction of their team understands having integrated tools holds a ton of value.

What is the Price of Being A Butt Pimple?

HubSpot is expensive because it works. We've used it to take brands with little or no online presence to being a leader in their space, all by utilizing the tools of HubSpot (and only the tools of HubSpot). HubSpot not only provides everything you need to execute better campaigns and acquire customers, it provides the constant updates and upgrades needed to remain successful and competitive.

In fact, one of our clients said we took them from

"being a pimple on the butt of the internet, to being a main player."

We do that using HubSpot.

We believe in HubSpot, but we're not blind to the costs.

We understand that it can be a difficult expense to add into your budget. However, by investing in HubSpot, you’re putting a more fruitful investment in your goals, your team, and your customers.

Getting to a positive ROI is key - and it's difficult to do that in the first year, especially if you have little web performance to start with. After helping a lot of our clients get started with HubSpot, and seeing their results, we know it’s worth it.

We’re so convinced, we actually put together a HubSpot savings strategy. In our guide, you’ll learn how you can save up to 60% in your first year of using HubSpot.

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