Lean Labs is Hiring Writers

We're always on the lookout for top talent in several areas of expertise. We may not be able to hire everyone we want all the time or even full-time, but we are always building our network of talented people we can "call up" when the need arises. Well, that need has arrived and we are on the lookout for talented writers. 

As an inbound marketing agency, we not only have the need to produce constant quality content on our own site, we have the pleasure of producing top notch content for our clients. Our clients span a range of different industries so we have a need for writers with different industry experience and knowledge.

Do you have what it takes?

As you can imagine, we have certain level of expertise that we need to uphold, which means we can only work with the best. If you are interested in writing for us and our clients, here's some things we will look for:

  • Mojo. We completely thrive on it. You’ll need to bring quite a bit to fit in. A sense of purpose & passion and being a generally cool person are musts for us.
  • It's really important to bring a positive, professional, can do attitude to our organization. We highly prioritize enjoying our day and the team we work with. 
  • Links to sample work. If you don’t have any, stop here.

Why work with Lean Labs?

Ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves. You might not even be interested in working with us. Of course, if that were true why are you still reading this post? Anyway, here's the top 3 reasons our players love being on the team.

  • Diversity of Clients and Projects
  • A fantastic team of talented professionals
  • Flexible schedule

Bottom Line

Lean Labs is a place where you can (correction: are expected to) deliver your very best work on a consistent basis. We’re the place where talented folks can feel unleashed to create top level deliverables.

Ready to talk? We are.

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