Top 10 B2B Marketing Services with Killer Case Studies

B2B buyers are typically 57% of the way toward a decision before engaging with your sales team.

Effective B2B marketing services help business owners develop a marketing strategy, attract visitors to their site, and craft digital experiences that convert visitors into qualified leads to fill your pipeline. However, with thousands of marketing services in the market, it can feel overwhelming to find the right solution for you.

The answer? Look for results. This article reviews ten marketing services that have a track record of delivering results for B2B businesses, with killer case studies to prove it. 

What to Look for in a B2B Marketing Service 

Hiring the right B2B marketing service can put your business on the fast track to explosive growth. On the other hand, choosing an underperforming agency can cost you months in terms of wasted budget and time. So it’s pretty important to choose a growth partner than can actually deliver for your business.
But how do tell which agency will waste your growth investment, and which will pay for themselves many times over? 

The key is to look for results. B2B marketing services that can deliver results are not afraid to back up their claims with real testimonials, case studies, and client reviews. Look for reviews from companies similar to yours, and be sure they have a least a few solid case studies from B2B companies. 

Marketing for B2B companies is not the same as selling low-ticket consumer offers. B2B marketers need to understand how business buyers think, and know how to set up your sales team with qualified, eager-to-buy prospects. It’s not enough to fill a database with “leads”: successful B2B marketing campaigns fill the sales pipeline with qualified buyers.

B2B marketing is not about selling a product: it’s about selling a meeting. The best B2B agencies understand that their job is to communicate the value of meeting with your sales team so that the right prospects raise their hands and are excited about the opportunity to meet with your salespeople.

It can take days to sort through the hundreds of self-proclaimed B2B marketing agencies. But you don’t have days, or even hours, which is why we’ve done the research for you. We evaluated dozens of marketing services, and scoured websites and review sites, to track down proven agencies that met two important criteria: 1.) They work with B2B companies 2.) They publish compelling case studies that prove they can actually deliver for B2B clients. From the extensive list that met these criteria, we chose the best 12 providers to review for this article. 

For each service, we will provide a brief synopsis of the business and share an excerpt from one of the awesome case studies showcased on their site. By the end, you’ll be ready to connect with the B2B marketing service that is best positioned to help you achieve your specific goals.

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1. Smartbug Media


Smartbug Media remote marketing team with over 180 members. They’re  an inbound marketing agency and Hubspot Elite Solutions Partner. Services include paid media, sales enablement, web design, SEO, and public relations. If you already have a strong offer and dialed messaging, then Smartbug can reliably help drive awareness.


Example of Result

Worximity Technology Inc. provides Smart Factory analytics to help food and beverage processing manufacturers make better decisions with real-time monitoring solutions. They hired Smartbug to help them better leverage Hubspot and drive organic growth. By optimizing existing content and publishing additional new articles, they were able to able to increase organic traffic by 244% in 15 months. 

Client Testimonial

“It’s a pleasure to have a partnership with SmartBug. During this training, we received a lot of tips and advice to maximize the navigation experience in HubSpot. Now, it’s simpler, and my team knows which fields we need to complete.”

Charles Boivin, Operational Excellence Specialist, Worximity

2. Sculpt 


Sculpt is a B2B social media marketing agency. They train internal teams to leverage social media and also take on retainers to run social media campaigns, both organic and paid. They are a Hubspot Gold Agency and a Drift Partner. 

Example of Result

Collective Data has worked with private companies and government agencies for the last 20 years. Their software gives leadership greater visibility of their day-to-day, so they can work on their business, not in it. Sculpt worked with them to clarify their buyer personas and customer journey, and created targetted Google and LinkedIn ads to attract and convert ideal fit leads. Sculpt was able to drive the average cost-per-lead down by 70%.

Client Testimonial

“What is most impressive is their willingness to help, and they truly look at our partnership as a PARTNERSHIP. They are not just providing a service, but they are succeeding with us, and we are one team.”

–Seth Pennock, Collective Data

3. Earnest  


Earnest is an award-winning B2B marketing agency based in New York. They work primarily with enterprise brands like Google, Oracle, and Samsung. Services include brand development, marketing strategy, content marketing, and influencer marketing. 

Example of Result

Mastercard recently launched a new payment platform meant to innovate with modern fintech. They partnered with Earnest to build a marketing campaign around the launch. Together, they launched a campaign called “Frinctionless Futures”, which included a podcast series that brings stories of the imagined future of payments to life. This campaign drove over 300 thousand social media impressions and 60 sales opportunities. 

Client Testimonial

"We worked closely with Earnest to develop a campaign that would really set Ericsson apart and get cut-through. It was an ambitious programme- one that helped us not only demonstrate that 5G is very much here and now, but also to build relationships with the influencetial people at the fore front of industry." 

Marko Jovanovic – Head of Marketing, Ericsson

4. Velocity Partners   


Velocity Partners is a B2B marketing agency specializing in brand development and content marketing for enterprise brands. They refer to themselves as “an odd bunch of international misfits” who have been in business for over 14 years.  

Example of Result

Constellant is a B2B “Ecosystem Management-as-a-Service” company. They worked with Velocity to undergo a total rebrand, including name and visual identity. Velocity helped them develop and clarify their position, and rename the company to Constellant.

Client Testimonial

Velocity Partners don’t currently have testimonials published on their website. 

5. Quarry 


Quarry is a B2B marketing service based in Ontario, Canada. They specialize in account-based marketing (ABM) for enterprise B2B technology companies. They’ve worked with well-known names like eBay, Shopify, Equifax, and Cisco. 

Example of Result

Oracle HCM Cloud hired Quarry for a sweeping ABM campaign targeting HR professionals. They drove prospects to a personalized landing page with content based on vertical and subject interest. They followed up with a personal direct-mail gift. The campaign beat its pipeline goal of $5M by over $1M in pipeline.

Client Testimonial

“We saw a 38:1 return from working with Quarry. This means that for every dollar that we spent, we got $38.00 in pipeline. I feel like that’s a good investment of our money.”

-Quarry Customer

6. Proper Expression  


Proper Expression is a B2B and SaaS marketing agency and a Hubspot Gold Partner Agency. They specialize in demand generation, growth marketing, and sales optimization. Some services include B2B marketing strategy, lead nurturing, and B2B content marketing. 

Example of Result

DeskDirector is a service automation software and client portal for IT MSPs that offers a user-friendly interface to centralize all communication while creating powerful automation that enables faster, more reliable services.
ProperExpression worked with them to restructure their sales process to be more efficient and transparent. They then conducted email nurturing and content campaigns to drive a 104% increase in contacts worked by sales and a 65% increase in monthly revenue. 

Client Testimonial

“ProperExpression has totally revolutionized our business. ProperExpression’s work helps improve conversions. The team is stellar with communication and they’re proactive with new ideas. ProperExpression’s ability to advise as well as execute sets them apart from other vendors.”

–Chelsea Parsons,  Sales & Marketing Officer, DeskDirector

7. Jellyfish


Jellyfish is a Salesforce partner, Meta Business Partner, and are Amazon Ads Certified Experts. They specialize in media creative for global enterprise brands like Canon, LG, Disney, and Durracell. 

Example of Result

Rackspace is a cloud computing company that transforms the way companies do business by helping them adapt to tomorrow’s technologies. Jellyfish helped them enhance media data measurement to make smarter decisions and improve media cost efficiency. These improvements reduced cost-per-opportunity by 16% and increased revenue by 11%. 

Client Testimonial

Jellyfish don’t currently have testimonials published on their website. 

8. Hey Digital  


HeyDigital is a marketing agency for B2B SaaS startups. They specialize in driving leads through PPC advertising. Their core values are extreme ownership, no corporate BS, and always be growing. They’ve worked with companies like Hotjar, Pitch, and CXL.  

Example of Result

Lokalise is a cloud-based localization and translation management system for agile teams. It helps growth-minded businesses expand their apps, software, and digital content into multiple languages. HeyDigital worked with them to launch Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and YouTube paid advertising campaigns and drove a 250% growth in trial conversions.

Client Testimonial

Hey Digital don’t currently have testimonials published on their website. 

9. Hinge Marketing  


Hinge Marketing specializes in helping professional services firms with market research and positioning. Services include research, design, branding, and marketing strategy. 

Example of Result

Data-Clairvoyance is an enterprise data management firm. They hired Hinge because growth had slowed. Hinge came in and helped sharpen the firm’s positioning, refine its messaging into plain English, and revamp its website to be more user-centric. Through these efforts, they were able to 7x the sales pipeline.

Client Testimonial

"Thanks to Hinge, we now look and present like a top-tier firm. And we’re more appealing to prospective hires and clients than ever before."

– Robert Sanchious, Founder & CEO, SHR Consulting Group

10. Lean Labs  


Lean Labs is an outsourced growth team for innovative B2B SaaS & tech startups and scaleups. We focus on driving organic growth and building high-converting user experiences. We’re best for B2B tech companies selling high-ticket products via a sales process. Our clients appreciate that we leverage proven growth plays to build a reliable growth system within their company. 

Example of Result

Qualio helps medical and pharmaceutical companies bring high-quality, life-saving products to market. Their software helps unite teams, data, and processes. They hired Lean Labs as an outsource growth team, to drive traffic, leads, and customer conversions. During the first two years of the engagement, we were able to drive 740% revenue growth, with a 109% increase of organic traffic from high-value keywords. 

Client Testimonial

“Lean Labs is an agency that partners with us. They push us the right way, they push back in the right way, and they deliver every time we need them to.”

-Rich Taylor, VP Marketing Qualio

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The Best B2B Marketing Service Meets You Where You Are

Whether you launched your product last week, or you’ve been serving business clients for decades, you can find a B2B marketing service to meet your unique needs. The key is to first know what you’re looking for: what problems are you facing? What KPIs are you hoping to hit in the next 3 years? Having clarity on your goals and where you’re at in the growth process will help you better understand which service is the right provider for you. 

One important thing to note, regardless of who you choose to partner with,  is that growth happens in stages. No agency is perfect for every stage. Some B2B service providers reviewed here are experts at helping brand new B2B companies find their first clients. Others are better suited for fortune 500 enterprise companies. Some are great for amplifying a message that already converts, while others are suited to helping you improve your positioning and dial your message. 

The key is to have clarity about where you are in the Growth Journey. And lucky for you, we created a playbook to help you do exactly that. The Growth Playbook is our single most valuable resource. With years of hard-won learnings baked in, the Growth Playbook will help you recognize what stage of growth you are in and give you step-by-step guidance on how to grow to the next stage and ultimately become the growth leader in your space. 

If you happen to be a leader at a B2B SaaS or technology company, who is looking to nail your B2B go-to-market strategy, attract the right prospects funnel, and activate them consistently into your sales pipeline, then we’d love help. Book a growth mapping session so that our growth expert can evaluate your current growth metrics and provide personalized advice on how to grow from where you’re at to the next level.

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