Why Hub Masters Uses Sprocket Rocket for Website Design

What does it take for a brand to build a perfect website for its industry? Is it a matter of tweaking a web page template to get it “just right,” or is it hiring an agency to do it for you? 

Many companies go through a web development loop: they invest a bunch of money with a design company, get burned with a low-converting website design, then try to do it themselves. The problem is that they’re never quite happy with the final result. 

Want to know how to create a fantastic website that’s enjoyable to build? In this article, we interviewed Hub Masters to learn how their team uses Sprocket Rocket to create beautiful, high-conversion websites for their clients.   

Hello Website Design Simplicity: Sprocket Rocket 

What is the best website builder? Is it WordPress, Squarespace, Wix? Here’s what Phill Burrows at Hub Masters has to say: “Sprocket Rocket has transformed the way that we work.” How many tools can claim that they offer a transformative experience? Not many. 

Having a high-converting website is a goal of many brands, but what level of effort does it take to get there? A brochure website that “looks good” isn’t enough to do the trick. A brand’s website needs to be a high-performing beast that makes its competitors look mediocre. 

Hub Masters wanted to streamline their web design process and create websites that their customers loved. Using Sprocket Rocket has changed the team’s approach to website design and has been pivotal in launching successful websites for their clients.

Low Learning Curve and Better Results

The Hub Master’s team is eager to start a new web project, which wasn’t true in the past. When they were on WordPress, they felt frustrated and restricted. It took a long time to build websites from scratch and a considerable budget to customize each template. 

Using Sprocket Rocket has made their work a lot easier. The app is a familiar, albeit much improved, template framework with intuitive navigation. The modular design allows them to build fantastic web pages quickly and under budget—saving time and delivering value faster to their clients. 

Moving to a New Platform

Hub Masters has been through three main website iterations. The team started with WordPress, went to Sprout, and found their home with Sprocket Rocket. At each stage, the site improved, but they had to do many CSS workarounds to make simple website design improvements. 

Since they’ve switched to Sprocket Rocket, making design improvements doesn’t require overrides to get it right. It looks great out of the box. 

What Makes Sprocket Rocket Different?

What Hub Masters likes most about Sprocket Rocket is the pre-built drag and drop modules. The design work is like paint by numbers, making it easy to build elegant pages quickly. 

The page layout builder within the Sprocket Rocket app offers a great user experience that is flexible and impressive. Hub Masters says it best: “the results are amazing and distinct from other templates.” 

Launching and Improving Web Pages

Sprocket Rocket allows Hub Masters to launch individual pages and full-blown websites faster than using other templates. Before, they didn’t have a publishing rhythm. Now they’re delivering new pages every day for multiple clients and improving old ones regularly.  

On average, they’re able to build a complete 10-page launchpad website in a few weeks, which is a considerable improvement from a typical two to three-month timeline. They’re a small company (under ten), so you can imagine what a team of 25 could do with Sprocket Rocket.  

Web Design Without Coding

Sprocket Rocket has transformed the way Hub Masters operates. Before, their team designed visuals and coded everything from scratch, laboring for hours on tasks that couldn’t transfer over to the next project.   

Instead of having to code essential features that a website needs to convert traffic, Sprocket Rocket comes pre-built with them. Out of the box, they get production-ready websites without needing to know a line of code!

Moving to Sprocket Rocket Is a Smart Call

Hub Masters has been managing websites for decades, and for them, Sprocket Rocket is the easiest and most enjoyable tool for website design. But is it right for every business? As Hub Masters points out, it’s not a good fit for companies that only need a brochure-style website. 

If you’re looking for a conversion-optimized website, then Sprocket Rocket beats anything else on the market. In Phill’s words: “It’s a massive leap from WordPress, and there isn’t anything in the HubSpot marketplace that compares in simplicity and results.” 

Ready to take Sprocket Rocket for a test-drive? It’s easy to get started.

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