5 Best SaaS Marketing Companies for Hitting Growth Goals

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry has increased by around 500% over the past seven years.

With so many SaaS products on the market, how can yours stand out? Arguably, building your product is the easy part. The hardest part is marketing your product, acquiring new customers, and keeping them.

So how do you get in front of the people who matter most without a tangible product? The answer lies in creating a customer-centric SaaS marketing strategy that provides a delightful experience from start to finish.

You need the right partner to provide an incredible experience using a robust marketing strategy. This blog post will highlight the five best SaaS marketing companies that will help drive massive growth for your business.


Hit Your 2024 Growth Goals With these 5 Best SaaS Marketing Companies

Marketing is the same across all industries, right? Not quite.

SaaS products and services aren’t tangible, making them harder to market. Not only that, but SaaS products have over nine competitors on average, making specialized and data-driven design and marketing crucial.

A SaaS marketing company specializes in customer experience and engagement. Buyers have all the power now, and people aren’t just looking for the best product; they’re looking for the best overall solutions to their problems.

So how do SaaS companies stand out? By creating experiences, journeys, and touchpoints to exceed customer expectations. 

A quality SaaS marketing company focuses on customer acquisition. From visitor to lead, to a marketing qualified lead (MQL), to a sales qualified lead (SQL), to an opportunity, and eventually a customer and raving fan, SaaS marketing is involved in all of these touchpoints.

Without a SaaS marketing company, you risk sinking investment into random acts of marketing and jack-of-all-trades agencies who look for quick wins and focus on vanity metrics.

With several SaaS marketing companies in the space, who should you trust? Before we get into it, consider what you’re looking for in a SaaS marketing company:

  • What are your goals and objectives?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Are you looking for a complete overhaul of your marketing efforts or a partner to be an extension of your team?
  • What does your team want in an agency? Talk to them and align your priorities and needs.
  • User stories–what do customers say about the options you’re considering?
  • Are you confident you’ve made the right decision?


1. Single Grain

Single Grain is a one-stop shop that equips your business with an expert marketing team, knowledge, and tools to achieve growth. They promise personalized, data-driven marketing strategies that achieve a high ROI and increase conversion rates.

They work with multi-billion dollar businesses such as Amazon. Other companies include Salesforce and Intuit.

They maximize conversions with marketing growth hacks, the latest trends, and a customized proposal for every client. They also have expertise in promoting products on social media, and their SEO and content marketing helps improve organic traffic, leads, and conversion.

Benefits that customers enjoy:

  • Social Prowess - "They live and breathe social ads—almost to the point of obsession.”
    • Innovation: “The marketing initiative has met CPL objectives every month thus far, thanks to Single Grain’s ability to navigate industry challenges. The team’s dedication, global insights, and consistent achievements continue to add value.”
  • Partnership: “Single Grain enables us to increase our impact without increasing our headcount.”

Pricing: Single Grain offers custom pricing plans based on your campaign goals and needs.

2. Kalungi

Kalungi helps SaaS companies grow through marketing execution. They don’t do anything else–they focus solely on marketing. They serve small to mid-sized technology firms with limited marketing resources but work with companies as they grow.

They start by auditing your marketing efforts through surveys, a review, a research and analysis report, and a scorecard. Customers like this interactive process. They’ve worked with companies such as DataGuard, LeadCrunch, and Beezy.

Their full engagement includes:

  • Marketing leadership
  • Go-to-market execution
  • Content strategy
  • Design
  • Rebranding
  • Marketing automation and operations
  • List building

What customers love:

  • Planning: “We did not have a single dollar in SaaS revenue when we first engaged with Kalungi. They took us from defining our ICP to initial SaaS sales and through our continued growth to this point.”
  • Full Service: “Kalungi offered us speed, agility, and all sorts of marketing resources. We had the product and team to grow but didn’t have the marketing. We needed to grow the pipeline, and that’s exactly what they did.”
  • Personalized: “They work really hard to understand your specific market and any problems you need solving. They look for the right solution for your company at whatever stage you’re in.”

Pricing: Kalungi offers a pay-for-performance model, and another option they provide is a fractional CMO.


3. Bay Leaf Digital

Bay Leaf Digital is a growth marketing agency focused on growing awareness and strengthening the sales pipelines of SaaS and tech companies. They specialize in web analytics, SEO, PPC, and content marketing. They’ve worked with Citigroup, Acctivate, and Angie's List.

They provide multiple service packages that include:

  • A SaaS content strategy to build awareness and attract new customers
  • Sales analytics to optimize lead generation efforts
  • Pay-per-click advertising 
  • SEO growth-focused strategy
  • Marketing automation and lead nurture at all stages of growth
  • Social media marketing
  • HubSpot management

What customers love:

  • Strategy: “Bay Leaf has been instrumental in helping us evolve our Marketing approach to be more strategic and multi-faceted. They assist with SEO, content, and website development. But most importantly, they continually bring us best practices.”
  • Results: “Our experience with Bay Leaf Digital was very positive. Our goals were met.”
  • Customer Service: “Working with Bay Leaf Digital is always an easy, pleasant, and beneficial experience. If something needs to be done quickly, they make it happen. If we have a question, they either already have the answer or know where to find it.”

Pricing: Starts at $6,500 per month for early-stage SaaS startups.


4. Directive

Directive helps in-house SaaS marketers hit their goals and “be the superhero behind the growth” at their organization. They focus on SEO, paid media, creative, and revenue operations to drive pipeline and revenue, not just leads and MQLs.

They combine deep knowledge of your software model with performance marketing expertise, then craft agile marketing strategies focused on filling your pipeline with SQLs. They have offices worldwide and work with mid-level to enterprise software brands. Clients include Samsung SDS, Cisco, and Winmo.

Promises they make:

  • They focus on your goals, not vanity metrics.
  • They strategize for revenue growth.
  • They orchestrate campaigns with agility to overcome challenges.

What customers love:

  • Knowledge: "Their team was thorough and had a vast knowledge about how organic SEO works."
  • Adaptable: "They’re willing to adapt and adjust to our business needs."

  • Teamwork: "I like their agility, the collaborative nature of their team, and their proactive approach."

Pricing: Only available upon request.


5. Lean Labs

Lean Labs are a growth partner. We believe performance gaps in growing companies sprout from talent gaps. We help you fill those gaps and achieve your growth goals. Our growth marketing strategy drives all six levers of meaningful growth instead of focusing on vanity metrics.

We serve as an extension of your sales and marketing teams, working with your team to attract your target customers to your website, convert qualified leads, and nurture those leads into opportunities.

Customer acquisition is our bread and butter, and we build brands with a three-phase approach: engage, convert, and scale. The aim is to convert qualified and engaged leads in volume.

We work with SaaS and tech brands of all sizes and budgets, and clients and partners include HubSpot, Atlantech, and Qualio.

What customers love:

  • Partnership: “If I didn't have Lean Labs, I would need a full-time team of 20 people to do what they do for us. There are so many things that I am proud of working on with Lean Labs.”
  • Quality: "We highly recommend Lean Labs. Our project was completed on time, on budget, and at the highest level of quality."
  • Foundations: "Lean Labs gave us the solid foundation we need to build the best possible website experience for our customers. There’s no substitution for having a well-thought-out plan; when you have this, everything else just falls into place.”

Pricing: Lean Labs’ pricing is transparent and varies based on length of engagement and ROI.


The Best SaaS Marketing Agency for Your Growth Goals

It can be tricky to find the best SaaS marketing agency for your company. Which one from our list is the best fit for you? Revisit the things to consider and make an informed choice. A brief recap:

  • What are your marketing requirements and goals?
  • Do metrics and values the marketing agency cares about most align with your goals and objectives?
  • Remember that low prices are not indicative of value.
  • Look at as many testimonials as possible and reach out to customers to get a real-time review.

At Lean Labs, we pride ourselves on value before profit. There are no one-sided wins. Many agencies provide content and paid ads and celebrate when they hit a home run. But if they don’t, they move on anyway.

Lean Labs work on a performance basis. We win together.

Since we’re all about providing value, here’s our free Growth Playbook that gives you insights into how you can plan, budget, and accelerate growth.

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