8 Most Reliable Growth Marketing Services to Hire

Do you want fleeting, mediocre results or explosive and sustainable growth?

If it’s mediocrity you're after, you can stop reading right here. If it’s sustained growth, you’ve come to the right place. Growth marketing agencies provide the services and expertise necessary to help businesses build a reliable growth engine. 

Whether developing a growth marketing strategy, executing campaigns, or analyzing data, growth marketers are dedicated to driving results. By taking a data-driven approach, growth marketers can identify opportunities and make decisions that improve ROI. 

In today's competitive landscape, businesses need the help of growth marketing agencies to stay ahead of the curve. Growth marketing services provide the agility and expertise necessary to make an impact in a rapidly changing marketplace.

But not all growth marketing agencies are cut from the same cloth. That’s why we’ve written this article; to give you a list of agencies with a proven track record of driving profitable growth.


What is a Growth Marketing Service?

Growth marketing is a unique marketing approach. Instead of traditional marketing, which focuses on generating traffic and leads, growth marketing uses a full-funnel approach with proven growth fundamentals to achieve profitable and scalable customer acquisition.

To acquire and keep customers, you must consider the entire customer journey. Awareness, Acquisition, and Activation are levers used to make a sale. Revenue, Retention, and Referral are the levers used to create fans of your business. We call these the 6 Levers of Growth.

Growth marketing is about driving meaningful growth instead of cheering on high traffic and lead generation. And that requires a team that uses its expertise and resources to build tailored, effective marketing strategies that accelerate audience and revenue growth.

A growth marketing service or agency helps businesses achieve their growth objectives with strategic marketing moves. Our process uses experimentation and data analysis to unlock growth avenues and provide a holistic approach throughout the buyer journey.

Without a growth agency, you might be overwhelmed with data, scared to pull the trigger on experiments, and stuck for ideas. But which agency is best for you? Let’s find out.


Growth Marketing Services: Top 8 Agencies to Hire

  1. Ladder.io - best for global brands.
  2. Deviate Labs - best for a growth hacking approach.
  3. Growth Shop - best for Ecommerce
  4. Fantom Agency - best for paid media.
  5. Conklin Media - best for business services and manufacturing.
  6. Disruptive - best for pay-per-click advertising.
  7. Growthcurve - best for on-demand growth team.
  8. Lean Labs - best for SaaS and tech brands.


1. Ladder

Ladder is a modern growth team that provides full-funnel strategies and performance solutions for global brands. They’ve worked with Facebook, Nestle, and Amazon, to name a few.

Using a lean approach, Ladder allocates resources to launch the correct testing volumes on the right KPIs at the right time. They’re data-driven and focus on traffic, engagement, conversion, and retention to build long-term success.


What customers say:

  • Scale: “We’re the 3rd largest eCommerce in the world and leaders in performance marketing. Ladder’s strategic way of thinking – of building and launching testing – that helped even a company of our level.”
  • Data-driven: "They were always researching new things and keeping us up to date on all their findings."
  • Team: "Everyone on the team is fantastic, and I’d like to find more ways to work with them across our business.”


2. Deviate Labs

Established in 2013, Deviate Labs offers a broad spectrum of custom-tailored marketing services, both advisory and execution-based. They were founded by a rocket scientist and Silicon Valley investment banker–who co-wrote an Amazon Seller, “Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret.”

Deviate marries time-proven marketing tactics with creative growth hacks and customizes each customer engagement. They’ve worked with startups such as the Dollar Shave Club and Hello Bello and across industries from eCommerce companies to SaaS companies.

Deviate Labs strategically uses growth hacks to great success. For example, one of their tactics, “Dogs vs. Cats” netted their client 40,000 free email leads in only ten days.


What customers say:

  • Website magic: “Working with Chad was one of the best investments I have made in my business. I still get compliments from clients on my website, which remains fresh and user-friendly.”
  • Rapid growth: “I would recommend Deviate Labs for anyone who wants to expand their business and see a rapid growth.”
  • Connections: “Even though I'm still in the early stages of the start-up and can't use his services yet, he connected me to some valuable people. Overall great experience and I will go back to them once my start-up is ready.”

3. Growth Shop

Founded in 2019, Growth Shop is a relative newcomer to the growth marketing scene, but they’ve driven over $1 billion in revenue growth.

Their focus is on eCommerce brands, and they use a four-stage approach involving dissecting your funnel, growth sprints, optimization, and scale. According to their website, they “10x direct to consumer brands that are currently turning over $5M-$30M.” So if your business falls into that category, you’ll be in good hands.


With a solid blueprint, the ability to execute, technology, and innovative capital, Growth Shop is changing the game for direct-to-consumer eCommerce brands.

What customers say:

    • Talent: “The team’s talent and experience brought a powerful impact to their role leading growth marketing for Resident and our family of brands.”
    • Growth: “With their leadership as part of our core team, the business grew almost 1000% and was named the fastest-growing eCommerce retailer in North America.”
  • Strategy: “They formed the marketing strategy from scratch, led the team, and hit monthly targets without fail, even when involving highly creative approaches and outside of the box thinking.”

4. Fantom Agency

Founded in 2017, Fantom Agency specializes in paid media, focused solely on growth. They've managed over $10 million in ad spend for a wide range of SaaS products and put their efforts into unique value propositions, target markets, and advertising strategies.

They promise to get ads up and running in four weeks, which is no easy task.

As Meta, Google, and Microsoft partners, Fantom pinpoints growth opportunities via deep research and chooses the right platforms to bring in new customers profitably.


What customers say:

  • Possibilities: "With Fantom Agency, you literally have the impression that everything is possible."
    • Save time: "We're getting the results we want without a lot of extra time."
  • Well-structured: "Their workflow was super well-structured, and their response time was quick."


5. Conklin Media

Conklin Media is the most experienced company on our list, founded in 2007. They use digital marketing to help businesses generate more leads, close more sales, increase customer retention, lower costs, and make their teams more efficient.

Conklin provides growth services for all funnel stages and ensures your company communicates value to potential customers. Also a fan of Facebook advertising and paid traffic management, Conklin scales businesses by targeting customers with relevant ads and retargeting.


What customers say:

  • Relationships: "I value relationships. Attention paid to customer needs reflects our partnership."
  • Communication: “They really understood our business problem, and we were able to communicate very comfortably.”
  • Helpful: “Online marketing is pretty foreign to me. Thankfully we have Dave and Conklin media to figure it out and walk us through it all! Their wisdom and insight are invaluable!”


6. Disruptive

Disruptive works across various industries, from legal to healthcare. They focus on paid advertising, lifecycle marketing, and website optimization to achieve sustainable growth. 

Another agency that sees itself as a partner, Disruptive puts impact above financial results and focuses on the relationships they build with companies.

They’ve done their research, too. They audited over 3.000 digital strategies and found that 76% of digital marketing budgets are wasted. They plan to save those wasted dollars by setting up a foundation for lasting growth with robust analytics that accurately depicts how each marketing channel is performing.

Disruptive work mainly with mid-market and enterprise companies and have over 300 reviews on Clutch.


What customers say:

  • Top-tier: "I’ve worked with many agencies throughout my career—big and small. Disruptive is top-tier."
  • Impressive: “Disruptive’s strategy, teamwork, and ability to help me see past my blind spots are impressive.”
  • Improvement: "They're constantly working to improve our ads and looking into other areas we can improve in."


7. Growthcurve

Founded in 2017, Growthcurve works with companies of all sizes to form tailor-made marketing teams on-demand and scale them up or down. With this model, customers get access to top experts in customer acquisition, growth marketing, and design for a fraction of the cost of recruiting internally.

Growthcurve has scaled tech startups, acquired millions of players for mobile gaming titles like Monopoly, and grown profitable direct-to-consumer brands. In other words, they’ve been around the block and work across various industries.

Growthcurve has big plans. They already have offices in London and New York and want to build more global offices dedicated to growth marketing.Growthcurve-growth-marketing-services-to-hire

What customers say:

  • Full-stack: "They're a full-stack performance marketing team with relevant experience despite being in completely different places."
  • Up-to-date: "Growthcurve used the newest techniques and advertising strategies to deliver great results."
  • Passionate: "They are very professional and passionate about what they are doing."


8. Lean Labs

Lean Labs is a growth partner. We believe performance gaps in growing companies sprout from talent gaps. We help you fill those gaps and achieve your growth goals. Our growth marketing strategy drives all six levers of meaningful growth instead of focusing on vanity metrics.

We serve as an extension of your sales and marketing teams, working with your team to attract your target customers to your website, convert qualified leads, and nurture those leads into opportunities.

Customer acquisition is our bread and butter, and we build brands with a three-phase approach: engage, convert, and scale. The aim is to convert qualified and engaged leads in volume.

We work with SaaS and tech brands of all sizes and budgets, and clients and partners include HubSpot, Atlantech, and Qualio.


What customers say:

  • Partnership: “If I didn't have Lean Labs, I would need a full-time team of 20 people to do what they do for us. There are so many things that I am proud of working on with Lean Labs.”
  • Quality: "We highly recommend Lean Labs. Our project was completed on time, on budget, and at the highest level of quality."
  • Foundations: "Lean Labs gave us the solid foundation we need to build the best possible website experience for our customers. There’s no substitution for having a well-thought-out plan; when you have this, everything else just falls into place.”


The Best Growth Marketing Services for Your Growth Goals

If you want to achieve your growth goals, you must partner with a growth marketing services provider that understands your unique business and can help you execute a winning strategy. 

The best growth marketing service providers understand the latest digital marketing trends and are well-equipped to help you reach more customers and drive more sales.

At Lean Labs, we pride ourselves on value before profit. There are no one-sided wins. Many agencies provide content and paid ads and celebrate when they hit a home run. But if they don’t, they move on anyway.

Lean Labs works on a performance basis. We win together.

Since we’re all about providing value, here’s our free Growth Playbook that gives you insights into how you can plan, budget, and accelerate growth.

The next step is to book your Growth Mapping Session to discover how you can drive massive results.

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