3 Creative B2B SaaS Marketing Strategies with Examples

The right B2B SaaS marketing strategies will light your sales pipeline on fire. If you’re struggling to attract and convert the right leads for your B2B SaaS product, this article is for you. 

Marketing is everywhere; billboards, podcast intros, social feeds. Everywhere we look, we’re being marketed to. Creative marketing campaigns cut through the noise to hit the right prospect with the right message in the right moment.

So, how do you make sure your campaign will actually work ? We’ve collected three top-notch examples of B2B SaaS marketing strategies to inspire you to go build marketing campaigns that will actually work.


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What Makes a Winning B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy

A successful and creative B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy doesn’t appear out of thin air. It comes from countless experiments, brainstorms, and a lot of time doing market research and developing customer hypotheses. Having said that, there are 3 key factors that can help determine whether your SaaS marketing campaign will ignite a fire, or sputter out into the void.

  1. Know your ideal customer better than your best friend.
  2. How well do you know who your customer is? What drives them? What makes them want to buy? Where do they go to look at products?
  3. Crafting a sticky message that attracts and converts best-fit leads
  4. How does your customer want to be spoken to? What kind of language resonates with them? How do you get your customer to want to know more?
  5. Seasoning your strategies and collateral with a healthy pinch of creativity.
  6. How are you doing things differently? Is your approach to marketing new and engaging in order to break through the noise and volume of other marketing campaigns?

A holistic B2B marketing strategy is built to improve all six levers of growth. At Lean Labs, we’ve driven over $100 million in revenue for innovative B2B SaaS companies by leveraging creative, targeted marketing strategies. Through that experience, we’ve tested many marketing strategies. Some flopped, but many have been wildly successful. This article shares a few of the proven, creative B2B SaaS marketing strategies, with examples to help you see how to implement these strategies with your brand.

1. Partner Marketing

Partnerships are a great B2B SaaS marketing strategy to unlock if your product works well with another organization, or has an integration with another tech company. Any sort of partnership or integration is a perfect opportunity to utilize both audiences for partner marketing. This means introducing audiences to how both platforms work together in order to showcase both products, and utilize a much larger pool of people to market to.

Trust is the name of the game with this strategy, and it works exceptionally well if you partner with a larger or more established organization that sells to the same customers that you do. Co-developing the launch campaign can help both organizations capitalize on a larger audience, and also increases the number of eyes and engagement on social campaigns, pushing results for both companies.

Example: Deel x Expensify

Deel launched an integration with Expensify in order to help streamline expense management between both platforms. A relatively new startup in the market, but growing at an exponential rate, Deel utilized their relationship with Expensify and took advantage of both audiences to promote their go-to-market campaign. Their strategy included promoting their partnership and integration through PR, social media, email, and blogs. Since Expensify was an already established SaaS company, Deel’s messaging stuck with audiences because of the association with a familiar name.

2. Modern Direct Mail

Direct mail is dead… or is it? Spammy, boring direct mail is dead, absolutely. However, creative direct mail campaigns can have a huge impact on customers because you get to put something tangible directly in your prospects’ hands. It’s difficult to ignore, and is a personal way to connect with potential customers.

Example: Gusto

Gusto did a direct mail campaign where they sent users a print out of a maze to remind them how difficult it is to navigate starting your own company. The purpose of this campaign was to showcase that Gusto is there to help guide you through the complex process. 

The beauty of direct mail is that you don’t have to worry about them filtering through or accidentally deleting an email or message notification. Having said that, you must be careful with direct mails as anything too personal can frighten customers. 

Another great way to utilize direct mail is to send prospects QR codes to open links to landing pages or your website in order to track engagement.

3. Engaging Social Campaigns

Creating engaging social media campaigns doesn’t just mean posting anything and everything. Volume doesn’t necessarily lead to relevant followers or engagement, and it’s important to create content that is fun, creative, original, and relevant to your product.

Think about what kinds of content your target audience consumes or enjoys, and create something from that. 

Gong.io, a sales enablement and marketing platform that records video meetings and uses AI to collect insightful data, released an advertisement at the Super Bowl. While the Super Bowl may not seem like the most common route for a SaaS company, it was their most successful campaign in regards to developing sales pipeline. It was a fun, quirky ad, that clearly communicated to viewers what Gong.io was all about, and their “winning” messaging really resonated with audiences.

Example: Gong.io


It isn’t uncommon for SaaS organizations to utilize humor in their videos to get engagement. People want to have fun, so make your products feel relatable!

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Steal Our Best B2B SaaS Marketing Strategies

Creative marketing campaigns help you stand out from the noise and connect with your ideal customer. But creative marketing alone is not enough. The best marketing strategies build trust with your target audience by providing value and helping them solve problems. Good marketing creates a connection. The problem is that 84% of marketing campaigns fail to ROI. And the B2B SaaS market is noisier than most. 

So how do you guarantee that your strategy will actually be profitable? 

You follow a proven playbook. 

That’s why we’ve created the Growth Playbook, for marketers like you. This training will walk through exactly how we plan for growth, budget for growth, and execute profitable growth marketing campaigns, reliably.


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