Case Study: Crafting a New Website Experience for 77 Plastic Surgery

Dr. Larry Fan is a premier, Harvard educated plastic surgeon based in San Francisco, California. His practice has been the recipient of several awards, including being voted as one of America's top plastic surgeons for 5 years running. Dr. Fan's 77 Plastic Surgery has a stellar reputation, and they needed their online presence to match.

When Dr. Fan approached Lean Labs, he was looking to take his current website, which was doing okay in terms of traffic and leads, and create a significantly more professional and engaging brand experience. After all, Dr. Fan is a premier plastic surgeon and his reputation deserved an aesthetically pleasing website design and buyer's journey that matched his artistry.

Artistry, Design, and Functionality

We began the process to enhance the 77 Plastic Surgery brand experience by setting a couple project goals. The look and feel of the website and branding were critical to the success of the project. But on the flip side of that, a pretty website with no integrated and strategic buyer's journey is still only half a website.

The project boiled down to two goals:

  1. Design a user interface that exemplified the artistry and professionalism of the 77 Plastic Surgery brand.
  2. Design a user experience that facilitated the buyer's journey, providing the information target customers needed, where and when they wanted it.

After diving into the website strategy, we realized that the 77 Plastic Surgery website was going to be a much larger project than most business websites. The sheer amount of information for each and every treatment is staggering to anyone unfamiliar with plastic surgery.

But, we didn't want to cut corners, and both Lean Labs and Dr. Fan decided to take it slow, and ensure we captured that information and presented it in an aesthetically pleasing way for both desktop and mobile users.

77 Plastic Surgery Website Design

We broke the website redesign into two phases:

Phase 1: The Website Layout

For this phase of the project, we focused on the new design, namely the homepage, the website flow, and the layout of the most important pages.

We spent a lot of time considering site navigation, as a site this deep required an innovative approach to provide the essential navigational elements so users could find what they wanted without overwhelming them with options.

Mobile Website Design

We also designed a strategic flow of the core pages, to not only present the right information, but to present it in the right order to better facilitate the thought processes and behavior of the buyer's journey.

Phase 2: Going Deep

Having the skeleton of the site in place with core pages now designed, we set to work taking the large amount of individual pages from the old 77 Plastic Surgery website, and moving it to the new website, merging pages, and extracting pages to turn the vast amount of content into a buyer's journey that made sense.Information

We wanted to allow potential clients to learn about the various procedures, determine which might be the best for them, and then allow them to break down the risks, costs, and considerations on their own. Doing so, required us to work a large amount of FAQ's into each procedure page. We did all of this with the overarching strategy of converting leads and moving them forward to becoming clients.

Building a Website the Clients Like

Beyond just being pretty, and beyond being easy to navigate, there is another element of a Plastic Surgeon's website that can't be overstated: building trust.

In this field, potential clients are understandably cautious. There is a lot of fear and anxiety that goes into the decision to have plastic surgery, especially with news stories coming out all the time about "botched" operations.

Dr. Fan's potential clients are very savvy, and they understand the risks involved. Trust is key, and providing helpful information is the first step in building the client's confidence in both their decision for surgery, and their choice of surgeon.


The information had to be comprehensive. It had to stand out in a space where many competitors have great websites. And, at the end of the day, the website had to instill confidence in those considering Dr. Fan and 77 Plastic Surgery as their plastic surgery provider.

We did our best to turn a complex information architecture, and make it simple. To empower the website to drive traffic to the key pages that best facilitate the decision-making process with minimal clicks.

The end result is a website that is functional for the users, allowing them to easily access all the information they need to make an educated decision. We placed trust-builder content in strategic places to bolster patient confidence, and wrapped it all in a design that mirrors the high-value artistry that Dr. Larry Fan and the 77 Plastic Surgery brand stand for.

See our portfolio page for this website project.


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