3 SaaS Marketing Areas to Invest In for Better ROI

The saying “Money not spent is money earned” does not apply to SaaS marketing. Often the opposite is true: Money not spent is an opportunity lost.

Although marketing investments are necessary for growth, marketing strategies are not universal. A marketing strategy used by your competitor might not work for your business. 

The key to increasing your return on investment (ROI) is coupling the goals you want to achieve with the right SaaS marketing strategies. Finding the perfect SaaS marketing strategy can cost you valuable time, money, and missed opportunities without expert guidance.

In this article, we’ll provide you with our top picks for areas to focus your marketing efforts. Our recommendations are optimized to recoup your investment plus profit. Using Lean Labs’ expertise in the field of tech and SaaS, we can vouch for each strategy using our own results-driven data. By the end of this article, you will be ready to start implementing new strategies on the path to increasing your ROI exponentially.

SaaS Marketing Investments That Earn ROI 

Before diverting resources to a new marketing idea, you should be asking yourself several questions:

  • Have others implemented this strategy with success?
  • Is this the right focus for my business?
  • How will I track the success and the effect on my ROI?

SaaS marketing starts and ends with results-driven data. Analyzing which marketing strategies are worth the investment for your company requires a unique approach. Using the Lean Labs approach, we will answer the above questions for each strategy. We will give you examples of successful implementation, our analysis of who this strategy would work for, and how it would improve your ROI.

Results-Driven Software 

Measuring your improvement requires a comprehensive understanding of your baseline performance. To measure your future performance, it’s essential to have a baseline of where you started. Marketing software also functions as a way to automate manual actions and optimize the content you’re publishing. This is why choosing the right software is critical.

At Lean Labs, our go-to choice for software is HubSpot, whether we recommend software options to clients or for internal use. The reason we recommend HubSpot for SaaS marketing is that it’s flexible and scalable for any business. From free options to paid options, there is a level for a business of any size to improve their marketing and drive results.

HubSpot software that is worth your consideration for investment includes:

Using the right software that is best for your business needs is crucial. These software options are incredibly useful individually, but you may not need all of these options at once. To find the best HubSpot software solutions for your business, schedule a call with one of our HubSpot experts to answer all your questions.

Growth-Driven Design 

Traditional website design projects tend to be delivered late and running over budget. The reason why traditional web design has issues is because of the methodology. The average SaaS web design is set up for failure due to the methodology of conventional websites. Websites are often considered “finished” when decision-makers approve the setup and design of the website. For growth-driven design, that is where the work truly begins.saas-marketingImage Source: HubSpot

Growth-driven design (GDD) is a methodology of designing your website with the sole purpose of improvement over time. This improvement is always geared towards growth. Instead of stopping with a “finished” product, GDD starts with a “Launch Pad” website. This Launch Pad website is an improvement of your current website and functions as a source of real user data. When user data starts to come in, it’s time to start testing and tweaking what version of your website drives the most growth.

In SaaS marketing, utilizing growth-driven design is a strategic investment based on data-backed results. Through numerous GDD case studies, this strategy has proved time and time again that GDD cuts down on initial website launch time and performs better overall. 

Growth-driven design is perfect for companies looking to redesign their website but also optimize it for performance. Several of the topics discussed in the GDD framework include optimization for initial website builds, landing pages, call-to-action (CTA), user experience (UX) design, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Growth Marketing 

The most significant difference between growth marketing and traditional marketing is the process of how each attracts leads. Traditional marketing may use some of the mediums that growth marketing uses, but the difference is that growth marketing’s efforts compound.

Growth marketing attracts qualified leads and nurtures them along the way through the buyer journey. This way, when a lead enters your sales funnel, you can quickly know if they are qualified. In SaaS marketing, this is especially important because of the need to build sustainable and compoundable growth. 

To get started on your own growth marketing strategy, download our free Growth Marketing Strategy Kit. Our kit includes all the tools you need to start your growth marketing journey.

The Growth Marketing Strategy Kit includes:

  • Growth Grader: This tool explores the six levers of growth and gives you ideas on utilizing those six levers to increase sales and marketing ROI.
  • Growth Playbook: The Growth Playbook shows you exactly how we implement the six levers of growth to drive results for our clients.
  • Repurposing Toolkit: If you’re finding that content creation is challenging for you, this toolkit will help you find your way.
  • Ultimate Guide to Increasing Website Organic Traffic: This guide is the perfect solution for you if you’re ready to start creating serious website traffic to complement your inbound marketing strategy.

How To Improve Your SaaS Marketing ROI

Every day and every dollar counts in business, especially in SaaS marketing. Maximizing your ROI and getting a competitive market advantage can make the difference between sustainable, profitable growth and temporary success. 

After seeing the results of applying these top 3 SaaS marketing strategies to our SaaS clients’ marketing strategies - we knew this needed to be shared with everyone. Whether you’re interested in learning more about growth-driven design, growth marketing, or results-driven software, the important thing is that you start today to see fast, improved ROI.

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