B2B Lead Generation Tools: Exploring HubSpot's Marketing Hub

B2B lead generation is guesswork without the right marketing tools.

The marketing tools you’re using for your business should not only make you money but also save you time. HubSpot is the ultimate hub of marketing and sales knowledge, especially when it comes to automation. 

In 2020, HubSpot earned several awards based solely on customer feedback on marketing automation, marketing software, and analytics. The benefits of using HubSpot’s marketing tools are incredible for lead generation. 

Marketing tools help save you manual hours of work using automation and speed the lead conversion process along. Without practical marketing tools, you may be wasting valuable time doing manual labor that your competitors have already automated.

In this article, we’ll review HubSpot’s automated marketing tools solely based on the ability to increase lead generation. Our recommendations are based on years of experience working with HubSpot’s software and seeing our clients at Lean Labs successfully implementing software to 10X their growth. By the end of this article, you will know which HubSpot tools will help increase your B2B lead generation, along with improving productivity and organization.

How to Use HubSpot to Skyrocket Your B2B Lead Generation 

Although B2B lead generation tactics can be done with several different types of software - we prefer to use an all-in-one solution. The key to HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is the comprehensive range of solutions available in one spot. 

At Lean Labs, we’ve found that data is exponentially more valuable when put into context. In addition to comprehensively analyzing the HubSpot Marketing Hub, we’ll also give you an implementation strategy for each B2B lead generation tool.

The HubSpot Marketing Hub includes many perks in the Starter plan:

  • Landing pages
  • Ad management
  • Live chat functionality
  • Conversational bots
  • Website forms
  • Contact management
  • Lead segmentation
  • Email marketing analytics
  • Email marketing platform with templates
  • Follow-up email forms

Using the Marketing Hub the right way for your business is crucial to extract the most value. Marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all, so customizing your marketing tools to fit your business is essential to see results. Let’s put the Marketing Hub into perspective and go over incredible ways to use HubSpot’s tool to drive lead generation.

Inbound Marketing Tools 

Inbound marketing is the secret that makes innovative B2B companies incredibly successful at lead generation and lead conversion. Creating inbound marketing strategies and tactics involves several essential steps.

The first step to developing an inbound marketing strategy is the creation of your blueprint. Before implementing tactics, it’s crucial to have a blueprint for planning sustainable growth. 

The second step is prioritizing your search engine optimization (SEO). Setting up your website to perform well on search engines like Google is the prep work that should be done before significant traffic starts coming to your site. The second step is prioritizing your search engine optimization (SEO). HubSpot has an excellent solution for SEO that helps build your website’s search authority to outrank your competition online. The Marketing Hub SEO tools also help you plan out your content strategy and optimize all the content you produce.

The following steps in creating a dynamic inbound marketing strategy are the content creation process and optimizing your calls-to-action (CTAs). HubSpot’s Marketing Hub enables you to publish content to your blog easily without the help of your website team. With HubSpot’s easy setup for CTAs, you can save your CTA design, links, and information for later use. Within two clicks, you can populate your previously saved CTA into your new blog post. Every blog post should have a CTA to let readers know what to do next.

Simple and compelling content creation tools are crucial in B2B lead generation to increase productivity. By using inbound marketing tactics, you build trust with your leads by answering their essential questions. As you become a helpful resource through content on your website, it sets up the rest of your marketing and sales processes for success. 

Lead Nurturing Tools 

The process of warming up your leads is an integral part of your marketing and sales strategies. Deals that utilize lead nurturing ensure higher conversion rates, higher sales value, increased sales opportunities, and a 45% increase in lead generation ROI. The result of lead nurturing is a “hot lead” who is informed, interested in your company, and ready to buy.

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is an excellent resource to make lead nurturing seamless in B2B lead generation. Using HubSpot’s email marketing tools, you can enroll leads who submitted forms into your email marketing campaign. Through email marketing, you can provide helpful information and answer common questions within your emails to start warming your lead up. 

Marketing Hub also provides analytics and automation to show how your leads respond to your web pages and where you may need some adjustment.



Marketing automation saves you time, frustration, and cost. Implementing automated services into your marketing and sales process also improves your B2B lead generation. Workflows, also referred to as sequences, are also available on HubSpot to align your marketing and sales processes. The marketing automation HubSpot utilizes includes workflows to kick your lead nurturing into high gear.

Once your business has a sustainable marketing framework and a growth strategy, scaling is the next mountain to climb. The inclusion of automation in your scaling strategy helps immensely with productivity and effectiveness. 

HubSpot’s marketing automation can be customized to nurture and score your incoming leads, as well as personalizing your email marketing campaigns at scale. If you are managing data and third-party tools, the Marketing Hub also has automated cross-functional operation management tools along with bulk data analytics.

Using automation and workflows in B2B lead generation leaves tedious tasks to HubSpot’s tools and frees up your time to work on more critical tasks.

BONUS: Customer Relationship Management Tools 

For successful B2B lead generation and management, your sales team needs a centralized and practical CRM. 

HubSpot’s free Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is a dashboard for your sales team to analyze lead data, organize lead information, segment leads, and strategize the next steps. Despite HubSpot’s CRM being a separate software outside of the Marketing Hub, it’s also an essential free tool that we recommend to all of our clients at Lean Labs.

b2b-lead-generation-hubspot-marketing-hubHubSpot’s CRM tools include sales pipeline dashboards, reports on sales activity, sales productivity, sales staff performance, along with easy meeting scheduling links and live chat options. To decrease your sales cycle and align your sales and marketing teams, try using HubSpot’s CRM and the Marketing Hub software.

Find the Perfect HubSpot Tools for Your Business

HubSpot has many great software solutions for you to implement for B2B lead generation. Discovering which of HubSpot’s solutions are the right tools for you is the next step in getting started. 

At Lean Labs, we recommend HubSpot to all of our clients, and we even use it internally for marketing, sales, and training. Based on our extensive experience with HubSpot, we’ve created the go-to guide for finding the right HubSpot software for you.

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