6 HubSpot Certification Courses To Attract More Leads

Lead generation is one of the most impactful yet expensive parts of business.

Implementing growth strategies requires investing time, money, and skills that many teams are simply not ready for. A key difference between growth-minded companies and plateaued companies is their ability to adapt to change. With HubSpot’s free certifications, your team can learn new skills to elevate the way your company attracts customers.

In this article, we’ll review the top free HubSpot certification courses that will help grow your teams’ skills and increase lead generation. As a result, you will feel prepared to decide which HubSpot certifications are right for your business.

6 HubSpot Certification Courses To 10X Lead Generation

Many factors influence lead generation. Your website design strategy, social media strategy, and marketing strategy all work interdependently to influence your bottom line.

If your website isn’t optimized for lead generation, you risk potential clients bouncing off your web pages. Likewise, if your marketing strategy isn’t inclusive of inbound marketing, then your leads aren’t being nurtured. Marketing and sales strategies frequency intersect, and this intersection should be reflected in your staff’s skills.

At Lean Labs, we specialize in growth-driven design, growth marketing, and growth strategy. Our go-to training resources for our own staff are from HubSpot. While HubSpot has many different business solutions, we will only review our top picks for free certifications that will directly influence your lead generation. Due to the wealth of knowledge and expertise provided by HubSpot Academy, these certifications have been our recommendations for years.

1. Inbound Marketing Certification 

What’s it all about? 

Developing an inbound marketing strategy for your business requires mastery of the basics. The basic philosophy behind inbound marketing is that your business should be attracting leads to your website. The leads coming from your inbound marketing may be in different stages of the buyer journey. While leads are exploring your website, you are building trust with them by providing helpful information that answers their questions. The real strength of inbound marketing is the ability to pull leads into your website and nurture them along the way. 

Specific skills and tactics covered: 

 The Inbound Marketing Certification from HubSpot reviews different core tactics and techniques of inbound marketing, along with advancing skills in:

  • Lead nurturing
  • Content creation
  • Social promotion
  • Lead conversion

Why do we recommend this certification? 

This course is perfect for inbound professionals and marketers but also is helpful for sales staff to review. The inclusion of sales staff in your inbound marketing strategies helps give you a different perspective and can create new tactics that influence lead nurturing.

Becoming certified in inbound marketing is an efficient way to develop new inbound marketing strategies and tactics. This course includes eight lessons, eight quizzes, 34 videos, and wraps up in under 5 hours. At Lean Labs, we use inbound marketing every day. It’s also one of our most significant recommendations for our clients who want exponential lead generation growth. 

2. Growth-Driven Design Certification 

What’s it all about? 

The traditional website building process leaves much to be desired. Building a website begins with a significant upfront cost and ends with design opinions. To make effective marketing decisions and informed investments, you need analytics and actual user data. So why would you opt in to build your website without analytics to back up your decisions?

Specific skills and tactics covered: 

In the Growth-Driven Design Certification, HubSpot discusses the basics of building and optimizing the best-performing website for your business. The goal of growth-driven design (GDD) is in the name - designing your website to drive optimal growth.

The GDD process starts with a “Launch Pad” website that performs better and looks better than your current website. This Launch Pad website is a chance for your team to collect real user data, gain valuable insights, and adjust accordingly.

This certification course covers the basics of:

  • Growth-driven design
  • Implementation strategies for lead generation
  • Guidance on how to build and optimize your website with the GDD framework and methodology.

Why do we recommend this certification? 

Using a GDD methodology and improving data-backed design has tremendous results. Our Qualio case study is one of the many incredible examples of growth-driven design success at Lean Labs. Inside this course, you will gain access to seven lessons, 34 videos, 15 quizzes in under five hours to improve your GDD skills.

3. Email Marketing Certification 

What’s it all about? 

Successfully using email marketing requires more than sending out quarterly newsletters. Email marketing combines lead segmentation, contact management, email analytics, A/B testing, and much more. The implementation of email marketing assists in lead nurturing, driving traffic to your lead magnets, and increases lead conversion and activation. 

Specific skills and tactics covered: 

HubSpot’s Email Marketing Certification covers the fundamentals of email marketing and sets you up for success when launching your first optimized email marketing campaign. This course includes nine lessons, nine quizzes, 28 videos, all within four hours.

Why do we recommend this certification? 

For our own clients at Lean Labs, our go-to email marketing strategy is using the Seinfeld method. Using the baseline knowledge from this certification, along with growth-oriented copywriting and conversion strategies, our clients have enjoyed including email marketing in their strategy and tactics.

4. Digital Advertising Certification 

What’s it all about? 

Digital advertisements drive the interruption of your ideal lead’s routine. The ultimate goal of ads is to redirect leads in your audience demographic to pay attention to your campaign. With the right messaging and accurate audience targeting, your advertisement has the potential to be incredibly effective without a huge budget.

Specific skills and tactics covered: 

Once you access HubSpot’s Digital Advertising Certification, you will learn about:

  • Advertisement design
  • Audience targeting
  • Advertisement optimization
  • Analytics, and more

Why do we recommend this certification? 

In under four hours, you will improve your digital advertising skills with 10 lessons, 10 quizzes, and 34 videos. This certification is perfect for advertising and marketing professionals and leaders who want to rebuild their overall advertising strategy.

Digital advertising can influence outbound lead generation significantly. According to Hubspot, two of the most significant factors for advertisers who want to drive demand are ad placement and audience targeting. Therefore, mastering digital advertising is an excellent resource for your company to launch paid media campaigns and benefit from outbound marketing.

5. Lead Management Training 

What’s it all about? 

Attracting potential customers to your business is half the battle. Converting a potential customer is the complicated part of sales, and it’s where many companies experience bottlenecking. Improving your lead management includes working on your segmentation, nurturing, and lead qualification. Once you have all the essential information about lead management, it’s all about implementation.

Specific skills and tactics covered: 

To learn about lead management, HubSpot has an incredible Lead Management Training certification ready for you.

This course reviews how to:

  • Manage sales leads
  • Use segmentation
  • Nurture your leads
  • Navigate lead qualification and more.

Why do we recommend this certification? 

This short course concludes in under two hours with four lessons, four quizzes, and 13 videos. HubSpot’s Lead Management Training is perfect for your marketing and sales teams to both complete. Lead management is an excellent example of where the scope of sales and marketing cross over.

The benefits of improving your lead management training include increasing your sales team’s ROI, avoiding sales team burnout, increasing referral rates, and cutting down the average sales cycle length. In recent studies, the focus on lead nurturing and segmentation has come to the forefront, as nurtured leads produce 20% more sales opportunities. Using lead management is a crucial step in your sales process that will increase your revenue, client retention, and referrals.

6. Sales CRM & Marketing CMS Certifications

What’s it all about? 

The happiest marriage in marketing is the combination of a Sales CRM and a Marketing CMS. A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that sales teams use to organize lead information, deal data, and more. On the other hand, a CMS is a Content Management System that helps marketers manage content creation for inbound marketing. Using a combination of both CRM and CMS software is ideal for aligning your company across multiple departments.

The Sales CRM certification and the Marketing CMS certification are both critical to your marketing and sales teams. Each team should be familiar not only with their respective area of expertise but also with the other. If both of your teams are not aligned on what a solid sales-qualified lead is, then sales reps end up wasting their time on leads who aren't sales-ready and may not be potential customers at all. These certification courses combined conclude in under three hours with 10 lessons, 11 quizzes, and 49 videos.

Sales CRM: Specific skills and tactics covered

  • How to identify good-fit leads
  • Connecting with leads
  • Closing sales within HubSpot
  • Record organization
  • How to use HubSpot CRM with your Sales Hub

Marketing CMS: Specific skills and tactics covered

  • Fundamental of Website User Experience
  • Creating website pages
  • HubSpot blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • CMS management
  • How to use HubSpot CRM with the CMS

Why do we recommend this certification? 

Utilizing the power of both the CRM and the CMS for your business might just be the last step you’re missing to bring your strategies altogether. Learning about the software is just the first step. Utilizing the software in a relevant way for your business will truly bring your strategies to the next level. 

Get Started With The Right HubSpot Software Today

HubSpot certification courses are an efficient way to keep up and surpass your competitors with innovative strategies. HubSpot is the place to choose the best software and certifications to help your team level up their knowledge and skills for the benefit of your clients. HubSpot is our go-to platform for everything we do, from website builds and growth marketing to sales system setups and more.

To find the right HubSpot software choices that will elevate your business, schedule a meeting with one of our HubSpot experts today.

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