7 HubSpot Case Studies to Read When Asking “Should I Buy HubSpot?”

HubSpot is one of the top ranked marketing automation platforms out there, with over 52,000 customers worldwide. Whenever you consider switching solutions or adopting a marketing platform for the first time, it’s on the top of every list and every blog post. However, choosing the best marketing platform for your business needs to be more than reading positive reviews and comparison articles.

If you’re considering HubSpot, you need to trust that it’s going to have the features and functionality to support your inbound marketing strategy. And the best way to get that assurance is from customers who are using HubSpot to get significant success, which you can do with a series of in-depth HubSpot case studies.

7 HubSpot Case Studies to Read When Asking “Should I Buy HubSpot?”

Whether you’re looking to land more customers or create better internal marketing systems, there’s a HubSpot customer who is trying to accomplish the same thing. HubSpot does a great job of documenting a few of these customers in a series of HubSpot case studies with specific examples of growth and success since using the platform.

iGeolise / TravelTime

If marketing automation platforms like Infusionsoft or SharpSpring have left you wanting, check out the iGeolise case study. iGeolise, one of the fastest growing IT companies in Scandinavia, implemented HubSpot to help run inbound initiatives for their platform, TravelTime. They hadn’t had much success with other platforms.

"We weren't as impressed as we hoped that we would be. Infusionsoft wasn't intuitive. We wanted to be able to understand what was working and what wasn't." - Louisa, TravelTime platform’s Head of Marketing

With HubSpot, however, they increased their website traffic by 10X, boosting leads by 22X. The case study explains how they implemented HubSpot’s innovative content strategy tool to help identify and organize topic clusters.

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YouEarnedIt is a flexible employee engagement software platform. During their time as an early-stage start-up, they sought out a solution to help them grow and scale sooner. At first, they used a variety of platforms to run their inbound and email, as well as track their performance.

However, after finding it way too time-consuming, they went with HubSpot, a platform that promised simplicity and ease. Using HubSpot, they got nearly a 250% increase in organic traffic.

HubSpot felt right on a gut-level, they felt more trustworthy, credible based on their success and customer reviews.” - Tim Ryan, YouEarnedIt’s Director of Marketing

In the case study, Tim describes how he uses everything from the HubSpot app to their SEO tool to ensure they get the best results from their marketing and sales initiatives.

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The Australian Institute of Fitness

The Australian Institute of Fitness is the longest standing and most reputable provider of fitness training in Australia. However, the company was struggling with a lack of communication between teams and limited lead tracking. These “disjointed systems” were holding them back from a more customer-centric, data-driven marketing strategy.

“Before HubSpot, marketing and sales operated quite separately, in our own individual silos.” - The Australian Institute of Fitness

HubSpot’s all-in-one solution helped them come into a more modern approach to marketing, with an integrated system that makes communication and tracking a breeze. In the first three months, they experienced a 9% increase in leads.

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InSinkErator makes and sells food waste disposal units and instant hot water taps. Before HubSpot, they used a digital marketing agency with outdated marketing tactics to run their strategy. The team at InSinkErator also lacked regular access to their own performance data.

“All our databases were managed on an Excel spreadsheet, which was housed on a shared drive at the agency. If I wanted to see how many of our B2C contacts had a certain type of hot tap, they would have to run ten different filters on the sheet before they could let me know,” - Christopher Vella-Bone, Digital Marketing and ECommerce Manager, InSinkErator

With the help of HubSpot, they went in-house and embraced the inbound methodology. As a result, they’ve increased their website traffic by 20% and revenue by 27%.

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Red Points

Red Points works with companies to prevent product counterfeiting and content piracy. In 2015, they started looking for a marketing automation solution that would support their marketing efforts to attract more big brand customers. After considering other platforms, they went with HubSpot.

“It was easy to use, and it had all the features we needed. We would be able to sync up all of our activities and start gathering the analytics that we had been missing.
We also looked at Marketo, which our CMO had used in a previous role, but the HubSpot software offered a more straightforward route to success.” - Marc Gassó Busquets, Demand Generation Marketing Manager

After working with HubSpot, Red Points increased their web traffic by 4X, generating its leads by 3X.

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Apruve is a B2B credit network which in 2017, was struggling with keeping a consistent content strategy. They were sustaining some success, so it wasn’t until they learned about HubSpot content clusters and realized they were missing a significant opportunity.

“Our team was just going after random keywords, throwing a bunch of content out there and hoping something sticks.” - Matt Osborn, Sr. Marketing Manager

By organizing and executing a more strategic content strategy with HubSpot, Apruve has experienced 254% growth in traffic since late 2017.

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Inbox Storage

Inbox Storage, a company from the Netherlands, is innovating the storage sector. They manage the storage process completely, picking up items, storing the assets, and bringing them back to the owner when they need it. As the company grew, Inbox Storage quickly found themselves looking for a more robust marketing solution.

“The software we were using, SpaceManager, is designed as operations software for companies operating individual storage units. That was sufficient in the past, but now we were facing a lot more competition. To outplay the large operators in marketing, we had to think differently in order to capture and nurture more leads online.” - Rik Snelleman, CEO

With HubSpot, the team was able to create content and assets for every stage of the buyer journey, helping them increase their leads and its customer numbers by over 300%.

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Getting Started With HubSpot

If you decide to invest in HubSpot, you’ll want to hit the ground running and start experiencing positive performance right away. However, to get the most from HubSpot, you’ll want to ensure you have a great website, well-developed inbound marketing, and sales strategy before signing up. Otherwise, you won’t gain much traction with the platform.

You can also learn more about how to get 60% off on HubSpot with our savings guide. In the savings guide, we’ll share the tactics we use to preserve budget during your first year using HubSpot.

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