Should I Use a HubSpot Agency Partner for My Startup?

Hubspot is expensive. But if you use the tools correctly, your return on investment goes through the roof. 

To help you do that, why not work with a partner agency full of experts on the HubSpot platform?

HubSpot built its CRM, sales, and marketing platforms to empower businesses of all sizes to create, implement, and manage sales, service, and marketing initiatives that help them grow. It is feature-rich, and in capable hands, can be the catalyst for the growth your startup needs. 

But your team’s time is in short supply, and you either don’t have the means to hire a new person to own your HubSpot account, or that type of role doesn’t make sense for your company. However, a HubSpot Agency Partner can fill the exact role and expertise you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee.

A HubSpot Agency Partner, especially a growth team like Lean Labs, offers more than platform access. From managing contacts and reporting to building out entire campaigns, the platform's various features lend incredibly well to a startup's needs.

We’ll talk through the most important features and the benefits they provide to you and the agency partner you chose to work with.

5 Advantages of Using a HubSpot Agency Partner

There are many similarities between startups and growth teams like Lean Labs that are HubSpot Agency Partners. Startups need to be agile, run experiments with their product, be data-driven, and have a growth mindset.

Growth teams are agile and experimental by nature. They use data to drive their decision making, and growth is their North Star metric. 

Here are five ways that HubSpot plays to these similarities and why you should use a HubSpot agency partner.

1. Building and Launching High-Performing Webpages Quickly

HubSpot’s CMS allows marketers and non-developers to build pages quickly and push them live without involving designers and developers. 

Benefits for your HubSpot Agency partner: Agility is key in keeping team efficiency high and going from a webpage idea to launching that page without typical slowdowns. You can propose an experiment to increase conversion rates on a key page today and see the page up and launched in a day or two. 

Benefits for you as the client: Since developers don’t have to touch every page going live, you get a faster turnaround from your HubSpot agency partner. Product pages, lead magnets, and experiments get up and running faster and keep your momentum going. 

2. Campaign Assets in One Place

Collecting and organizing campaign data from separate platforms is a time-intensive nightmare. For example, without Hubspot, you would have to:

  • Export website and blog data from Google Analytics
  • Grab landing page performance stats from Google Analytics, Instapage, or other software.
  • Export and organize data from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (hint: they name metrics differently and don’t all measure the same thing)
  • Pull email performance data from your email marketing platform. 

With HubSpot campaigns, you can pull all together all of this and more in one spot.

Benefit for your HubSpot Agency partner: Your agency partner spends their time looking for insights and opportunities in your HubSpot campaign data instead of wasting hours exporting and organizing data from different platforms into one spreadsheet. 

Benefits for you as the client: Greater efficiency of your marketing spend with your agency. Instead of paying them to export, cut, and paste, you’re paying them to find new growth opportunities. 

3. Robust Reporting and Dashboards

Since all of your campaign data is in one spot, reporting and dashboard creation is comprehensive. It goes above just your marketing initiatives, too. You can keep tabs on your sales pipeline, deals, quotes, and customer support requests as well.

Benefit to your HubSpot Partner Agency: They better understand what’s working, what’s not, and where new opportunities may lie. The more they know about what’s creating progress for your startup, the more they can optimize to drive results for you.

Benefit to you as the client:  Your partner can build the dashboards of key metrics you need to ensure your startup is developing new business, closing deals, and serving current clients. And because your agency team is more efficient with reporting, you pay for less time exporting and combining data and more time reaping the benefits of organized data. 

4. Automated Workflows

Automation is table stakes for modern marketing software. It’s also key in your buyer journey, servicing and upselling current clients, and sales process. Workflows can be set up to send emails, add contacts to certain lists, and more based on various triggers. 

Benefit to your HubSpot Partner Agency: Workflows give your agency the power to tie together front-end marketing initiatives with your sales process. They can automate the processes that break down silos and increase efficiency across sales, marketing, and service.

Benefit to you as the client: You and your team get valuable time back. Workflows replace manual marketing, service, and sales tasks. They can also be added to and tweaked over time as you and your HubSpot partner review performance data.

Workflows used to nurture and help qualify leads ensures your sales team spends time on qualified leads, not trying to qualify them.

5. Running Experiments with CTAs and Landing Pages

You will often need to experiment with marketing tactics to figure out what works best to drive your key metrics. Your website pages, CTAs, landing pages, and emails can all be used for A/B tests and other experiments within HubSpot. 

Benefit to your HubSpot Agency Partner: Being able to launch experiments quickly is a huge advantage over waiting days and weeks for developers to hand-code pages. Cloning CTAs and landing pages, making a quick tweak, and launching assets live and means you begin accruing data to see what’s performing best. 

Benefit to you as the client: Instead of creating multiple versions of a landing page to test yourself, your agency partner can do it in a matter of an hour or two (depending on the level of changes).  The experiments are all about finding what drives your key metrics, whether that’s traffic, leads, or MQLs.

Lean Labs is the Ideal Agency Partner for Your Startup

If the question is, “Should I use a HubSpot Agency partner for my startup?” the answer is yes. The platform is designed to mesh with the agile, data-driven needs of a startup. 

And when paired with an experienced outsourced growth team, HubSpot is the all-in-one platform your startup needs to acquire customers, convert them, and retain them. 

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