The Best Sales System Your Team Will Want to Quickly Adopt

Are you looking for the best sales system your team will quickly embrace?

You need a sales system that moves prospects from new leads into paying customers. But, if even one of your six levers of growth is broken, no amount of marketing or awareness will fit it.

On top of that, it’s not uncommon for sales teams to have a hard time adopting a new strategy because the old methods are deeply ingrained. Because of this old vs. new way of thinking, it's imperative to make sure the entire team wants the implemented sales system.

Keep reading to learn how you can get the best sales system your team will quickly embrace.

The Best Sales System For Your Business

The best sales system unifies marketing and sales to work together as a team, rather than the past’s separate siloed teams.

  • Sales teams get the information they need on their qualified leads to close a high rate of opportunities.
  • Marketing teams get the insights they need to deliver the right awareness, acquisition, and activation to hand the sales department a high volume of ready-to-buy leads.

What is a Sales System?

A sales system is a way for a company to streamline its overall sales processes from start to finish. Without a system in place, your sales team will go in different directions, which causes marketing to produce weaker leads — resulting in stagnant sales.

The right sales system, coupled with the right processes — on the right platform — maximizes your entire team's performance. A sales system helps you plug the holes where you're losing revenue along with streamlining and systemizing complex sales.

Why You Need a Proven Sales System

It’s typical to see a company in a situation where the sales team blames marketing and marketing blames sales. Both teams may have valid points, but this is a problem for you. When sales and marketing aren’t working in unison, you are leaving business revenue on the table and giving your competition the edge.

To make matters worse, some businesses believe that investing in more traffic is the solution to their problem. They want to pour more traffic into a leaky bucket without first plugging the holes.

We know better. We know that the situation is solvable, but you need the right solution.

That’s why we introduce a sales system that generates opportunities for better leads that your sales team can close faster. Your leads won’t become stagnant, and you’ll be able to scale growth.

We've optimized our sales system over years of execution, and we've developed everything you need for successful sales. Together, we help companies scale in every aspect of their business. We believe that increasing your business sales goes beyond getting traffic and gaining leads.

We outfit your business with battle-tested processes, built on a trusted platform. We know this system works because it's the same one we've used with clients — as well as our own business.

This system includes the platform your system is built on, processes to increase your sales velocity, and the performance steps necessary to maximize your sales team’s efficiency.

The Lean Sales System Framework

Lean Sales System Framework

Our battle-tested sales system gives you all the tools and strategies necessary to leverage growth for your business. Our process isn’t cumbersome. We’ll weed out all the tools and tasks in your system that don’t add value — resulting in a custom-built process.

We explored all the top tools on the market to develop the best platform to streamline your sales efforts. Once in place, we’ll work with you through the steps to make sure your sales system is working optimally.

The Platform

When developing and implementing the platform, follow these three steps:

1. Define It

Defining your sales system involves knowing what your company needs to grow in sales. You need to take the time to map out your buyers’ journey so you know what steps your prospects will take in becoming customers, and at what point marketing should hand the lead over to sales.

2. Installation

The sales system must be installed and configured so that leads don’t get lost or become bottlenecked. Do this by defining each point in the buyer’s journey where they get marked as a prospect (simply browsing), and a sales-qualified lead (they’ve followed through on a call to action). These are all things you’ll need to solidify during installation.

3. Orientation

Your teams must be well-versed in how the system works and what their roles and responsibilities are. Once the sales system is installed, you’ll need to have a walk-through orientation of the new sales process to show them how everything works.

For example, If you’re on Hubspot, and a salesperson is supposed to switch someone from being a sales-qualified lead to an opportunity, your team needs to know what to do inside that system (the software or platform that you’re using.)

Your team needs to have clear instructions on what to do to make it all work. If you have a team member who isn’t doing that, your system will not show the right SQLs or MQLs, causing the opportunity numbers to be low.

The Process

When thinking through your process, you need to focus on the following:

  • Metrics: Know what success looks like. Having the right metrics will help us determine if you’re getting to that objective. Are you unsure of what metrics you should be paying attention to? There are six website performance metrics you should be monitoring in Hubspot.
  • Meetings: You need the right meetings in place between the right people to ensure you’re running the sales system effectively. You need the notes on what’s supposed to take place and what you’re supposed to be covering in the meetings.
  • Pipeline: Your pipeline is what you’re building and what you’re running. You’re filling the pipeline with sales-ready leads. Get a clear understanding of your sales pipeline by uncovering when someone hits an MQL, when someone hits an SQL, and when someone hits an opportunity.

The Performance

Once your sales system is built and installed, you’ll need to monitor and tweak it for optimal performance. Look for opportunities to:

  • Automate: Is there anything in the process that can be automated using the software? If so, it will make your team more efficient and reasonable for your customers.
  • Elevate: Scale it up. Make it more powerful and more engaging for the customers.
  • Optimize: Improve it over time through iteration.

The Benefits of the Lean Sales System Framework

When you use our Lean Sales System Framework, you’ll reap the benefits of:

  • Generating Better Leads: Your sales team can quit wasting time with leads who won’t spend their money on your product or service. With our better messaging system and developed feedback from your business sales team, you can bring in high-qualified, highly-valuable leads with minimal effort.
  • Closing Deals Faster: With our sales system, your business will move leads through a pipeline built just for your business, correlating the time from new lead to a closed deal. With our process mapping, we’ll identify every step and optimize it for the best results.
  • Unifying Your Team: Having the right sales system brings your marketing and sales teams together, giving them a common goal. Having this unity in place will increase team contributions while encouraging individual initiative. Having a unified group will also streamline the workflow across your business.

Build for Dramatic Long-Term Growth

Many businesses have a sales system in place, but it does not allow for maximum performance and efficiency between sales and marketing.

Are you ready to have a battle-tested sales system installed?

Schedule a call with our customer experience team, and we’ll show you where and what your business needs in its sales system.

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