5 Blog Post Examples You Can Swipe and Use

For any industry-leading enterprise, small business, or startup, crafting a well-authored, authoritative, and compelling blog post is critical to the organization's marketing success. In fact, companies that publish more than 16 blog posts per month generate 3.5 times more traffic than those without a digital content development and deployment strategy.

Is your blog struggling to gain significant traction? Are you having difficulty capturing meaningful leads? Don't miss these high-powered, growth-oriented, and proven blog post examples designed to generate more traffic, deliver more qualified leads, and drive greater revenues.

5 Proven Blog Post Examples


From helpful how-to's, to in-depth interviews, there is a wide variety of blog post types to choose from, each with its own unique, value-driven components and characteristics. Choosing from a proven set of blog post types provides readers with a diverse and engaging diet of content.

"Cooking and blogging — they have more in common than you might think," says Shaun Pinney in 5 Types of Posts to Create a Balanced Blog. "When you make dinner, you take a variety of ingredients and mix them together to create a balanced meal. You should look at blogging in the same way."

Here are the five types of blog posts that you should be writing:

The How-To Post

The how-to post is one of the most powerful blog post archetypes. Readers rely on these step-by-step tutorials to accomplish simple, everyday tasks. The how-to blog post should be succinct, easy-to-read, actionable, and packed with valuable information and insights.

The first step towards building a high-value how-to blog post is to document the challenges that your readers face. Before you start writing your how-to blog post, answer the following questions:

  • What do your readers need help with?
  • What questions do your readers have about your product or service?

The key to writing a truly effective how-to blog post is to differentiate yourself from the competition. Assume that your readers have already read a dozen articles about the topic. Instead of rehashing old content, give your readers something new, fresh, and exciting. For example, if you're writing a how-to on fixing a leaky faucet, instead of giving your readers more run-of-the-mill information, give them the latest time-saving and cost-effective method for getting the job done.

How-To Blog Post Examples:

The Listicle Post

The listicle blog post is a favorite among content marketers. This type of blog post is designed to compartmentalize a lot of information into one easy-to-read and bite-sized article. Above all, the listicle should be original and well-executed.

To build a great listicle blog post, start by mapping out your subheadings. If you're writing about the top tips to find a qualified plumber, for example, do some research and make a list. What special skills or attributes should consumers look for? What makes these qualifications mission-critical to the success of consumer's next big plumbing project? Make these points ultra-specific and compelling.

A simple hack to take your listicle to the next level is to include words like, "top," "best," and "most" in your title. When it comes to information, readers are looking for the best of the best. Position your listicle as the one-stop for all the greatest insights.

Listicle Blog Post Examples:

The Curated Post

The curated blog post is a collection of content sourced from around the web. It might come to you as a surprise, but not all content has to be completely original. In fact, a few diverse and varying opinions can actually bring a ton of value to readers. This type of blog post is especially impactful when teams source information from industry-leading businesses, organizations, and experts. Beyond those benefits, curated blog posts offer some valuable opportunities to get backlinks for SEO purposes.

The first step to building a curated blog post is to identify a few great resources. Is there anyone in your network that you can lean on for some expert tips? Are there any special industry presentations or webinars that you can include in your blog post for a nice value-add?

"No matter what type of content you're curating, quality and relevance should always apply," says Pamela Vaughan in 10 Great Ideas for Valuable Curated Content. "No one wants to access a list of ten mediocre industry blogs. They want the best."

Curated Blog Post Examples:

The Thought Leader Post

The thought leader post is a compendium of world-class knowledge. This type of blog post should be jam-packed with information. The best thought leader posts feature exhaustive overviews; step-by-step how-to's; vibrant imagery and supporting graphics; quotes from industry experts, and more. In many ways, the thought leader post is the complete package, filled with everything that your readers might want or need.

To build a highly effective thought leadership-style blog post, consider integrating a free training program or course. This is an excellent add-on to an already in-depth overview and gives readers an opportunity to apply some of the knowledge and insights gleaned from the blog posts.

HubSpot offers free resources, training programs, and tools to equip readers with a masterful command of the inbound marketing tactics and strategies. When readers want to learn more about the latest marketing practices, HubSpot is their go-to resource.

Thought Leader Blog Post Examples:

The Fun Post

Finally, the fun post is a humorous, care-free blog post designed to excite and entertain readers. The fun post is a casual way to interact with readers in a way that doesn't really feel like marketing. These types of posts are designed to give readers deeper insight into your company's culture, values, and more. The best part about fun blog posts? Entertaining content has the greatest likelihood of being shared!

Fun Blog Post Examples:

Become a Blog Writing Champion

For any growing enterprise, small business, or startup, building a smorgasbord of diverse blog post types provides readers with fresh, new content. With access to a seemingly endless menu of interesting and insightful news and information, readers will be compelled to revisit your blog time and time again. This is a great first step towards building valuable, long-term customers.

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