The 6 Best Verblio Alternatives To Write Home About

Looking for Verblio alternatives (formerly Blogmutt)?

Maybe you've been disappointed with the quality or consistency of the posts you've received. Maybe the style of writing doesn't match your brand. Or maybe you realize you need more help to grow your business than a few blog posts can deliver.

The blog writing services industry has expanded a lot over the last few years, so there are some alternatives you can try out. These platforms, which connect independent freelance bloggers with small businesses, can help get brand new blogs off the ground.

We'll cover some of the legitimate options you can check out including an alternative to going down the blog writing service path altogether (#6).

6 Verblio Alternatives Worth Looking Into

NOTE: This post is not intended as an endorsement of Verblio or any of the writing service alternatives listed below.

The right fit, in our opinion as a company, for blog writing services is if "content" is the goal. If you want cheap content, you can get it there.

If "results" are the goal, blog writing services aren't for you. You need a growth team. Results-oriented content isn't just about the number of blog posts you create. And, it's not just about the traffic you generate.

It's SEO; it's brand; it's message; it's value; it's buyer-journey; it's customer-centric; etc. You can't get that from a $X per word writing engagement. It'll be promised, but it'll never be delivered.

If you're looking for inexpensive content on-demand, blog writing services are for you. If you're looking for customer-centric content that is highly engaging and are ready to commit to organic growth long-term, we'd love to talk.


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1. WriterAccess

WriterAccess launched in 2010 and now claims over 25,000 customers and 15,000 freelancers. Businesses pay a monthly membership fee in four tiers currently ranging from $39/mo to $349/mo. Content quality and pricing fall into two buckets, Basic and Pro, with fees from four cents per word to two dollars per word. Businesses have the option not to pay for content if they aren't "delighted."

WriterAccess has some interesting tools to help you find the best fit in writers. They use features like Casting Calls, Writing Style Contests, and a patent-pending StyleMetrics Matcher to connect businesses with writers.

Ten reviews of WriterAccess on G2 Crowd average four stars and range from two to five stars. Several reviewers mentioned that the writer rating system and quality of content were not consistent.

Owler estimates that WriterAccess brings in $7.2M in annual revenue and has 17 employees.

2. Scripted

Scripted launched in 2011. Monthly plans range in price from $124 to $1,799. Rather than pricing strictly by word, Scripted blog posts are bucketed in three lengths, Short (350-450 words at $45), Standard (550 -650 words at $67), and Long (850-950 words at $98). The company offers several other services including website copy, email newsletters, social media posts, and SEO strategy.

Fifteen reviews of Scripted on G2 Crowd average three stars and range from zero (3) to five stars. Some reviewers commented that the customer service was subpar and the price was on the high side.

Owler estimates that Scripted brings in $6.4M in annual revenue and has 63 employees.

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3. My Blog Squad

My Blog Squad is a smaller blog writing service than Verblio, Scripted, or WriterAccess. Businesses can order a single blog post for $37 to try the service out. Monthly plans are based on the number of posts purchased per week. One post per week costs $127 and three posts per week is $247. Blog posts are all on the short side at 400-500 words.

There are no publicly available reviews of My Blog Squad. The company was founded in 2012.

4. Express Writers

Express Writers was founded in 2011 and is described as a "copywriting agency" rather than a blog writing service. Founder Julia McCoy has hand-selected 90+ writers to produce content for the company. Monthly plans start at $395 and content pieces come in two tiers. Expert content is 500-600 words for $90 and Authority content is 1,500 words for $450. Express Writers offers content and SEO strategy as well.

Five reviews of Express Writers on Facebook are all five stars.

Owler estimates that Express Writers brings in $3.2M in annual revenue and has 73 employees.

5. Copify

Founded in 2010, Copify is a UK-based writing service with a US branch. Monthly plans range from $89 for four posts per month to $329 for 16 posts per month and single posts can be purchased starting at six cents per word. Beyond blog posts, Copify offers email, press releases, e-commerce, and website content. It is unclear how Copify vets writers.

There are no publicly available reviews of Copify.

6. Inbound Marketing Agencies

An alternative to Verblio that you may want to consider is an inbound marketing agency (like us). Agencies often hire and train writers who are knowledgeable in SEO best-practices to ensure you get as much value from the posts as possible. These teams usually provide services to help guide persona formulation, long-term strategy, lead magnet production, keyword research, on-page optimization, and advanced reporting to derive key insights from the results.

When you work with an agency, you'll pay (considerably) more than you will for a blog writing service, but companies that invest in the long term should get a lot more value from the relationship. Here at Lean Labs, we execute organic marketing plans which regularly 10x our clients' traffic, leads, and opportunities. If you're serious about investing in organic growth, let's chat.

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